Ever since our Otaku no Baka days, All Cool Things™ has strived to bring you interesting products at an affordable price as well as interact with our community in a positive way.

Lately we have been focusing on media, reviews, and interviews with other members of fandoms and lifestyles, but at our heart we still want to provide you with fun things and experiences at a great price.

Here are some folks that have helped us in our many projects.

He's the founder, owner, and CEO.  He's also the web designer, content provider, and site journalist.  In fact, if you've ever read anything on this site, bought anything from it, or seen us at any event, you will find this man was intimately responsible in that experience.

As always he is looking for people that want to help bring his vision to reality and help maintain the standards and services that make All Cool Things™ what it is today.

She has been with the site since it's first vending and sponsorship at Anime Weekend Atlanta in 2011.

She has been a constant part of the vending crew and also helps scout out new products for All Cool Things™.  She has been directly responsible for our implementation of LED products which are a big part of our retail business.

Our Road Crews

MegaCon Tampa 2018

In late September of 2018, All Cool Things™ attended MegaCon Tampa 2018 in Tampa, Florida.

MegaCon 2018 was not like most cons we have attended as it seemed to have a strong element of horror and fans of horror.

There were many special headlining guests but I found the con to be lacking.  It was very expensive to get autographs and signed pictures and the accommodations for food could have been handled much better.  On Sunday, lines lasted for hours just to get a $10 confection burger and fries or con pizza.  There were also a lot fewer attendees than I expected.

By the way, I was very impressed with the Teddy Bear Walker Girl.  WhenI commented on how well her face looked like a zombie, her mother replied, "Oh that's how she usually does.  That's just teen angst!" When they walked away, sure enough, that's just how she still looked.



Final Round 2018

All Cool Things™ was very proud to attend and volunteer for Final Round in 2018.

Final Round is the Southeast USA's largest competitive video game tournament with professional and amateur gamers from all over the world attending.

Final Round has had competitors such as Diago, Justin Wong, Low Tier God, and groups such as Team Spooky participate.

All Cool Things™ hopes to be involved in a greater capacity in 2019.


AniBlaze Mini-Con 2016

When we had partnered up with AniBlaze we threw our one and only one day convention at the Sheraton Atlanta in October of 2016.

We had guests, vendors, and artists, as well as contests with prizes.

Road Crew of HERETICPRIME, Jennifer Rossiter Strength, and Stewart Strength Jr.

Cosplay Night at Battle & Brew March 2016

On March 12, 2016, All Cool Things™ attended one of many of Battle & Brew's Cosplay Nights.  

Even though any night is welcome to cosplay, Battle & Brew will host nights especially dedicated to the art and lifestyle.  Sometimes the nights are themed.

 I think that night's theme was Superheroes and Supervillains


Anime Weekend Atlanta 2015

All Cool Things™ had an awesome time at the Anime Weekend Atlanta 2015 and it was the first time I went to a convention in cosplay!  On Friday I went as Darth V, a mashup of Darth Vader and V from V for Vendetta.  On Saturday I went as Popo Mr. Popo, a mashup of Mr. Popo from Dragon Ball Z and a cop. (Get it?) I got to hang out with the Swaggin' Ball Z crew as a Mr. Popo from an alternate dimension. (We had Mr. Popo's from both sides of the law!)

This was the BEST time I ever had at an Anime Weekend Atlanta!  There always seemed to be something going on and we got to hang with our business partners at True Total Empire Inc.

Road Crew of HERETICPRIME and Jennifer Rossiter Strength

Geek Trivia Night at Battle & Brew June 2015

On June 24, 2015, All Cool Things™ donated a NECA 18 inch LED T-800 Terminator model to the winners of the Battle & Brew's Geek Trivia night.

J Cosplay came in full cosplay as the Terminatrix Model T-X to present the collectible to the winners, as well as pose for pictures with guests and diners.

J Cosplay is also a business partner and friend of the site.

Road Crew of HERETICPRIME and J Cosplay


'All Cool Things at Anime Weekend Atlanta 2014.  'Pretty much it.  'Nuff said.


HBO Presents Game of Thrones Season Four Premiere Festival

In May of 2014, All Cool Things™ attended a private screening of HBO's Game of Thrones at the Plaza Atlanta Theatre.  

After the screening certain guests were shuttled away to attend a festival in honour of the season four premiere with live performances by belly dancers, musicians, actors, as well as displays of puppetry arts.

Merchandise was also on hand for purchase as well as sneak previews of things to come in the Game of Thrones Universe.


The food was delicious!

Anime Weekend Atlanta 2012

All Cool Things™ vended at Anime Weekend Atlanta 2012 as Otaku no Baka, the name of our LLC.

It was our busiest time as vendors at Anime Weekend Atlanta.

Road/Vending Crew of HERETICPRIME, Jennifer Rossiter Strength, Stewart Strength Jr, Kelly Lorraine, Rei Ling, Trayce Blake, and Tara.

Anime Weekend Atlanta 2011

This was our first convention we had ever been to, vended at, and sponsored!  We went as Otaku no Baka.

We went primarily as a cosplay vendor with a lot of Bleach cosplays.

We learned a lot about running our private retail company and met a lot of great people.

Road/Vending Crew of HERETICPRIME, Jennifer Rossiter Strength, Jeffrey Wade, and Nicholas Bray.

We got so many great pictures at this con!  The sad thing is that the pictures are low res, as it was 2011 and most low to mid range priced phones did not have great high res cameras, yet.  If you want to see more pics, check out our Gallery.  We have lots of awesome pics from different conventions and events.