These chums have shown themselves worthy of this place in our hallowed halls of links!  Work with confidence when you work with them!  Like the buds in the picture you'll be a match made in Heaven!

Unless you've been living under a rock or hiding out from the Mafia, I'm pretty sure you know what Cosplayers are.  Here are some pretty talented and humble ones.  Enjoy.

(Giu Hellsing as Bowsette)

These are places we found interesting enough to suggest for our readers and viewers.

While Retrogaming is here for all, some of you will never know the feeling of joy and satisfaction in shoving $5.00 worth of quarters into an upright machine to experience low res digital pleasure in 2-10 minute intervals.  Later there was the pride in being able to enjoy those same games, but in much lower resolution and compromised gameplay.  Yes, I'm joking, but I'm really not, and even though this sounds terrible to some of you, the rest of us know that if we had to do it all over again, the only thing we'd change is we'd bring more quarters!  Welcome to RetroGaming.

These are the creators that everyone needs to make things happen.  They might not be out in the spotlight, but they are visionary actualisers.  Behind the scenes are the Industry Professionals!

While they are still industry professionals like the folks in the above category, these talented people make and become the faces of things.  Many of them are Industry Professionals behind the scenes in their own rights, but all have shown great success in helping to make the Entertainment Industry look good!

'Money burning a hole in your pocket?  Spend it here!  What?  You don't want any of our stuff?  Well...Try these sites...

Georgia has got conventions, festivals, and tournaments galore!  Here are a few of those places that we thought were cool and were also cool enough to say "What's up!?"

Yup, like the old Jewish saying, "It was good, but it's good that it was."  

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