This is the official Facebook page of Ivy Doomkitty. Ivy Doomkitty carved a niche for herself in the cosplay community because of her stance on body confidence. At one time she was overly self-conscious of her body, and was initially reluctant to start cosplaying. What she found out was that people not only embraced her exotic, curvaceous, and buxom body, but respected her creativity in cosplay as well. Also a bellydancer, Ivy Doomkitty is a bourne performer who takes great photo shoots in unique locations. Ivy Doomkitty seems to work a lot with cloth, as the vast majority of her costumes are products of tailoring and seams work. Ivy Doomkitty has shown some limited armour crafting in the accents of some of her cosplays such as her M. Bison (Street Fighter Series), Wonder Woman (DC), and her signature Dr. Doomkitty (Marvel inspired). Ivy Doomkitty has earned her place as one of the ambassadors of cosplay with the example that she sets for cosplayers everywhere.

This the official Facebook page of Rose Noir. Rose Noir is a gothique and alternative model and performer. Rose Noir is also a vocalist and poet. Rose Noir also takes pride in crafting jewelry and unusual costume accessories. Rose Noir is a gamer, like many cosplayers, but especially loves RPG's.  Rose Noir cosplays and models as many things, usually dark, she is best known for her Purgatori cosplays.

This is the official Facebook page for BellChere: veteran cosplayer. I remember seeing her Mam'selle Hepzibah cosplay back in the MySpace days and having my jaw drop. BelleChere's costumes have always had a charm to them. Even when BelleChere's reproduced costumes may have deviated a little from the original, the deviations have always suited her style and body. BelleChere has show great proficiency in tailoring, seaming, and leather working. BelleChere does a lot of superhero and supervillain cosplays, and therefore does a lot of work with various materials, turning them into all sorts of leotard and jumpsuit-like costumes. BelleChere also armourcrafts for accents on her costumes. I think that BelleChere truly shows her cosplay mastery with her "body work." BellChere's cosplays always have flawless hair and her body paint jobs, with which many of her copslays require, like her She-Hulk, Lady Death, and Mam'selle Hepzibah. BelleChere is a makeup artist and produces very realistic makeup effects. BelleChere also has a lot of practical knowledge as to negotiating fantasy with reality such as keeping costumes in place on the human body where gravity and movement would compromise them, as with her Goblin Queen (Marvel) and Vampirella (Dynamite). She is a true sweetheart and graciously donates half of her sales to Hero Initiative.

This is the Facebook page for Alyson Tabbitha. Alyson Tabbitha gained YouTube fame after her cosplay of Captain Jack Sparrow (Pirates of the Caribbean) went viral. However, Alyson Tabbitha has earned her continued respect in the cosplay community by displaying great skills in makeup, makeup affects, hair, and costuming. Even before her Edwards Scissorhands cosplay was complete and she was only posting the makeup tests, I was blown away. That being said, I do not want you to think Alyson Tabbitha slouches in the costuming department, either. Alyson Tabbitha appears to prefer working with heavier fabrics and leathers, and the end result is a truly sturdy and authentic looking costume. Besides Captain Jack Sparrow, Alyson Tabbitha has also made flawless cosplays of Vincent Valentines (Final Fantasy VII), Gaara (Naruto), and the Female Titan (Attack on Titan).

This is the official Facebook page of Griffin Cosplay: A Dayton, Ohio native, and all around great guy! Griffin Cosplay writes for GhettoblasterMagazine.com, and is also the founder of Fighters Cause, a charity organisation of cosplayers that give back to the community. Griffin Cosplay does a lot of great comic book characters in his cosplays, and seems to have an attraction to strong and gritty characters with awesome bodysuits and helmets. Well, that's a good thing, because Griffin Cosplay is great at costuming the bodysuits and armour, and has a really great eye for making the headgear, as well.

This is the official Facebook page for Hailey S Cosplay, aka ComicCon Cutie Hailey. She, like Griffin Cosplay, is a part of Fighters Cause, a charitable group of cosplayers and fighting game enthusiasts. Hailey S Cosplay has a skill, beauty, and keenness of eye for cosplay, plus sincerity and modesty. Like so many other cosplayers, Hailey S Cosplay is a natural when it comes to gender bending cosplays, but I think her best qualities as a cosplayer is her ability to make grand and beautiful gijinkas and to model herself in those cosplays. I know that I mentioned Hailey S Cosplay's beauty before, but her presence and modeling charisma makes her sexy, adorable, and unreal at the same time. If you don't believe me, Hailey S Cosplay has PLENTY of pictures up from her many very professional shoots that she has done. In fact, Hailey S Cosplay has become one of the mistresses of sexy cosplays! Oh, and before you think about any funny business, just know that Hailey S Cosplay is an avid weapons collector, and is very familiar with handling her steel!  Hailey S Cosplay does fetish, lewd, and nude modeling as well.

Variable is an Australian cosplayer and one of the first cosplayers I met online in my endeavour to list and catalogue all of the cosplayers that I thought were special in the budding cosplay world. There is a softness to her cosplays, which is probably a projection from her, as even her more "serious" cosplays still carry her soft charm.(Although I think the vast majority of her cosplay choices tend to be cute or beautiful, in themselves.) On her site you can shop her store, look at her blog, and follow her on her myriad social media accounts.

This is the official Facebook page for Shikabane-Hime. Shikabane-Hime is an extremely active convention attending cosplayer in Northern California. Shikabane-Hime caught my attention with her Chun Li cosplay; I was impressed and charmed in an instant! Since then, Shikabane-Hime has grown a lot as a cosplayer, making alternate versions of characters, as well as some really great gender bender cosplays. Shikabane-Hime does not craft armour or a lot of props, but does great work on bodysuits and other things that comic book superheroes tend to wear. Shikabane-Hime is also very good with some creature effects and body paints. Shikabane-Hime's best cosplay, in my opinion, to date, is her Nightcrawler, from The Uncanny X-Men, which some might argue is genderbent, but has no female specific alterations or interpretations; it is merely well-made in fit, detail, and cosmetic effects. I would love to see her progress and try some prop and armour crafting, in the future, and expand on her creature effect skills, as well.

This is the official Facebook page of Lonstermash. He is a comedian, actor, and cosplayer that uses all of his talents to compliment the others. He's great guy with a sense of humour and personality to match! Also, he has to be the best Hugh Jackman Wolverine impersonator in the world! I mean, Heaven forbid if Hugh Jackson bites the big one. Lonstermash could take over, 'no problem and half the people watching wouldn't even notice, and the other half wouldn't care! Not content to be a one trick pony, Lonstermash makes his own cosplays and has quite a few others that he is known for like his "T2" Cyberdyne Systems Model 101 T-800 Terminator, Rocky Balboa, and his many variations of Wolverine, like  Jedi Wolverine, Santa Claws, and Old Man Logan.

This is the official Facebook page for Micheal "Knightmage" Wilson. Knightmage has only been cosplaying since 2012, but you wouldn't know it from the quality of his work and passion in what he does. He is a stuntman that works in film, and off, but there's more! He is a 19 year veteran deputy sheriff that finds the time to do REAL charity work in the name of cosplay. I don't mean donating a portion of money from prints to a cause, but actually doing good deeds like helping to pay off layaways at Toys R Us in time for Christmas, and being a part of fellow activist and cosplayer, Griffin Cosplay's, Fighers Cause. He is as close to a true superhero with a cape as I have ever seen! Knightmage seems to work mostly with cloth, but has been known to work with armour and creature effects, as seen in his Cyborg and his Candyman. (His Candyman almost made me drop my camera. He's going to haunt people's dreams with that one!)

Peach Milky Tea is more than a an otaku and cosplayer that enjoys kawaii lolita fashion.  Peach Milky Tea is a Westerner living the life in Japan that likes to share her tips on fashion, food, cosplay, and other things.  It is hard not to compare her to Venus Angelic, but she is much more than a pretty face. Peach Milky Tea is also a clothing, decorations, accessory, and graphic designer who sells her original creations.

This is the Facebook page of Yume-tan. She is relatively early in her career, but shows great potential. I have never observed a cosplayer whom's cuteness actually transcends into beauty. Hailing from Arizona, Yume-tan is extremely photogenic and a natural model.

This is the official Facebook Actor/Director page for Mick Ignis. I usually write the descriptions myself, but he frames himself in his own words, that I would be doing Mick Ignis a grave misjustice in finding the words, myself. "I'm Mick Ignis, somewhat professional acting type person. Portrayer of perplexing people, mystifying monsters, and all that lays in between. As an actor of unusual slenderness and a penchant for surreal and contorted movement, I have the remarkable opportunity to portray an endless amount of fantastical, and often terrifying, creatures. Both human and not-so-human. Each character is a collaboration between myself and a number of highly talented practical effects artists on a mission to bring something unique, unexpected, and unforgettable in to the world."  Okay, 'that being said:  Mick Ignis is effing brilliant!  As soon as I first saw his work, I knew that Mick Ignis was professional grade talent!  Mick Ignis is one of those cosplayers that is beyond top tier.  Mick Ignis is legendary!

Maid of Might Cosplay is a California cosplayer who gets tremendous inspiration for her craft from comics, Disney, and Star War, and the other fandoms that she collects from. She also does otaku cosplay. However, what makes her stand out, in my opinion, is her imagination and sense of fusion that she uses in her Disney princess/Slave Leia mash-ups. Maid of Might Cosplay is also an enchanting model.

This is the official Facebook page for mother and daughter cosplayers, MewPuff and MiniPuff CosSlay. MewPuff has made some impressive cosplays, most of which seem to do with brutal fighting characters. Despite her cosplay, she is in fact prone to making silly videos and sharing them with her followers. Memorable cosplays include Lady Spawn, Fem Noob Siabot, and Predator Huntress.

This is the official page of Freijya: UK based cosplayer, costumer, and prop maker. Frejjya does a lot of costuming with jumpsuits and latex-like materials and cosplays primarily as comic book superheroes. She does great prop crafting and was the first cosplayer I've ever seen to make a believable three dimensional maneuver device from Attack on Titan. My favourite cosplays of Frejjya's are her Angela (Marvel) and her gender bent versions of Kid Flash (DC) and The Vision (Marvel).

If you can believe it, JSG Cosplay used to be concerned about how people might perceive her for her love of cosplay, but she has earned a loyal internet following.  Her favourite cosplay is that of May "Mayday" Parker's alter-ego, and may I say that she does it very well.  However, my fan favourite cosplays of JSG Cosplay include her Starfleet Vulcan and Raven of the Teen Titans show.  JSG Cosplay is into education and fitness, and hopes to get into the movie business. JSG Cosplay is also a very nice and funny person that takes time to talk to her fans and admirers. Prints and posters are offered on her Facebook as well.

This is the official Facebook page for comedian,  Robert Franzese, also known as Real Life Peter Griffin. Real Life Peter Griffin is a cosplayer and the foremost impersonator of You-Know-Who! Unbeknownst to many is that his Sergeant Slaughter impersonation is equally impressive, down to the chin and point! The thing that best describes this cosplayer is that he genuinely loves to make people smile!

This is the official Facebook public page of Loki Hates You. Not since Lonstermash have I seen such awesome impersonating actor that captures all of the charisma of the original! If he and Lonstermash went out on the town, they'd get blinded by paparazzi. Loki Hates You also pairs up with ThorTV, quite regularly, and has great comedic synergy. In fact, I think it could be said with no stretch of the imagination that Marvel Studios took that chemistry and retooled Thor and Loki in their films after it; the brothers are no longer enemies, but arguing siblings that still care for each other, deep down inside.  Loki hates You is also a member of Nerdbot, a group of kindred spirits that celebrate "The Nerd Side of Life." I would really like to see Loki Hates You expand his performance presence into the Big and Little Screens.

This is the official homepage for Ivy Tenebrae. Ivy Tenebrae is a costumer, cosplayer, and specialty model from the UK. She models fetish and geek sheek, but has also begun to explore an interest behind the camera. Besides being a published model, she also takes the time to host a Twitch channel. And yes, she does have special place in her heart for video games and zombies, alike.

This is the official Flickr page for Drossel Tira, also known as Tira Eiserne Drossel. Drossel Tira is a university student from Milan, Italy that has been cosplaying for four years, as of this entry. Drossel Tira has a very unique variety of cosplays she portrays, and puts a lot of great work into her costumes and makeup. What I also found very refreshing is that she not only has a knack for creativity in her cosplays, but that she also has a great sense of realistic balance in her female versions of cosplays without the need to over-sexualise them. A great example of this is her Forsworn cosplay from The Elder Scrolls. (I have no doubt that if Yaya Han had done that cosplay that the front would have a "V" cut in it, down to her stomach.) Drossel Tira is a very kind, but very private person. She appreciates her fans as a cosplayer, but does enjoy separate personal life.

Old Trenchy is a costumer and cosplayer that specialises in big armoured cosplays, as well as large and muscled characters. In fact, Old Trenchy is the first notably and credibly truly prolific armour crafting costumer and cosplayer that I ever encountered. Old Trenchy's armour plating and padding work that he puts into his costumes is very impressive and have become towering masterpieces. I think the first cosplay I saw of Old Trenchy was a picture of him as Optimus Prime, and I could only imagine the presence it must have commanded. Something that I also think is impressive about Old Trenchy is that makes a point to use what he has on hand or what he has ready access to rather than ordering expensive materials and wowing with a costume with an extremely expensive build. Unfortunately, Old Trenchy does not do commission work for the public.

This is the official Facebook page for PandaZMafia. This might sound strange to the novice, but what truly attracted me to PandaZMafia's cosplays was the work that she puts into making costumes look so durable. Yes. I applaud their durability. When PandaZMafia makes her costumes, they are uniforms. When you look at the material of PandaZMafia's She-Hulk or Zero Suit Samus Aran costumes, the very thickness even lends to the luster and sheen. PandaZMafia's Bison Cammy is one of the best Cammy costumes that I have ever seen! The shoulder armour, gauntlets, and boots look tough and combat ready.  PandaZMafia also has a uniquely beautiful and adaptive body. When PandaZMafia cosplays She-Hulk, she looks strong. When she cosplays Zero Suit Samus Aran, PandaZMafia looks sleek. When PandaZMafia cosplays Bison Cammy, she looks small, yet formidable. When she cosplays as Morrigan Aensland, she has curves that Capcom forgot to give the original.

This is the official Instagram page for Arin Sinclair, also known as Charlotte Sinclair Cosplay.  Charlotte Sinclar Cosplay is a SoCal cosplayer and self-proclaimed dweeb and master of bad puns. The thing that I love about Charlotte Sinclair Cosplay's costumes is that they are cartoon correct! The colours might not be exact as per live action or comic, but they WILL be spot on for the cartoon. Examples of this excellent attention to cartoon detail include her Psylocke and Marceline the Vampire. Overall I think she tends to cosplay as very feminine and pretty character and does enjoy the occasionally sexy cosplay as well. Charlotte Sinclair Cosplay also also has a very exotic look to her which can appear Latin with some cosplays and Asian in others.  Charlotte Sinclair Cosplay also models.

This is the official Facebook page of cat and kitten lover, Cap Santiago. Cap Santiago is a model, costumer, and cosplayer that has received many awards for the accuracy and detail of his various Marvel Comics superhero cosplays. in fact, Cap Santiago has even worked with Marvel Comics in a professional capacity because of his superhero expertise. One thing that he does have to match with his great costuming ability is that his body has been chiseled like a superhero, as well. Who knows, maybe Marvel Comics will make him into a superhero, too?

This is the official Facebook page for Kaluohs. No longer new to cosplaying, Kaluohs is not only a veteran because she "never outgrew playing dressup," but is also an accomplished model and body paint cosplayer.  What truly sets her apart from most other cosplayers is her unique tendency to not just cosplay everybody's favourites, but also obscure characters that stick out in a just a few people's minds. Kaluohs did the female Mangalore infiltrator's cosplay, from "The Fifth Element," and I felt special just for recognising it for what it was! (And yes, she did it WELL!) It's like I'm in some secret cool club for figuring it out! She is one of the few cosplayers that I wish I could give a grant to, to advance her craft.

We're going to have to start a club of cosplayers that could replace their Marvel Studios counterparts!  Han Jones "Cosplay," named after the two iconic Harrison Ford characters, is a cosplayer that specialises in movie and television characters. One might think that this talented cosplayer might be USAmerican from his choice of characters, but Han Jones "Cosplay" is, in fact, French. Upon meeting Han Jones "Cosplay," it would be easy to assume that he started cosplay doing Captain America because of his striking resemblance to Chris Evans and all of the coverage Han Jones "Cosplay" has garnered because of it, but he is cosplay veteran of close to 10 years. Han Jones "Cosplay," like most cosplayers, is multi-faceted and enjoys acting, singing, dancing, and illustrating.

This is the official Facebook page for Bby Chan Cosplay. She is not quite a veteran in terms of serious cosplay, but she has talents that set her apart from some of the most seasoned veterans. Even though she lives in Michigan (as of the writing of this entry), she has been accepted to a dance school in England, and may be relocating there to pursue both arts. She professes that she has a lot to learn about the custuming aspect of cosplay, but her dance training puts her on a top tier in the role playing side of it. Already, she is perhaps the best Spider-Gwen cosplayer on the face of the Earth, and her pics prove it. I would LOVE to see her make some more costumes of agile characters to see her interpretation of them!

This the official Facebook page for the actor, photographer, and cosplayer, ThorTV. ThorTV is primarily known as primary character cosplayer of Marvel Comics's "The Mighty Thor." In fact, he is one of a growning number of cosplayers to be known for a particular character that they do so well that the popular demand of the public would make you think that they ARE that character. ThorTV is also a YouTuber and active cosplay mate with Loki Hates You.

This is the homepage of cosplayer and model, Tali xoxo. While a lot of cosplayers also models, the feeling I get from Tali xoxo is that she is a professional model that got into cosplaying, but found out that she was extremely good at it as well, and thrived in it. I think her modeling background gives hers a definite edge in cosplay. There is also an industriousness to her that is very comparable to Yaya Han's, both in the magnitude and vision in her costuming, and in her goal to become a brand name in cosplay and costuming, as well. With the right PR, marketing, and exposure, she could be another "ambassador of cosplay." 'Very promising.

This is the official homepage for Kassandra Leigh, a very talented photographer, alternative model, and cosplayer based out of New York. I knew that Kassandra Leigh was a cosplayer, and I was not surprised to know that she also modeled. While it is also not unusual for a cosplayer to be a photographer either, I was gobsmacked when I saw how superb a a photographer and model she was. Just by looking at her work I can tell that she has passion and intuition for eroticism in many forms and fashions. Being a person that did work in the "adult entertainment" community, I would be very interested in seeing her vision in a more prolonged medium, such as a coffee table book or video. It is EXTREMELY rare to find a true erotic artist, and Kassandra Leigh IS one.

This is the official Facebook page for Miss Gidget. Miss Gidget is a cosplayer in the New York/New Jersey area. Along with the usual hobbies that most cosplayers share, Miss Gidget also enjoys writing, sewing, crafts, and physical training; the latter most notably contributes to her cosplaying style. Miss Gidget tends to cosplay very fit and powerful characters, and her physique and flexibility lend themselves to her portrayals very well.

This is the official homepage of Magic Wheelchair. The founders of Magic Wheelchair decided that they wanted to do something very special for the three of their five children that were bourne with Spinal Muscular Atrophy, a unique form of Muscular Dystrophy. To keep them from feeling left out from Trick or Treating they started making wheelchair friendly costumes that actually made them the envies of Halloween. With this same desire to empower all children in wheelchairs, Magic Wheelchair was bourne. Now all the children with wheelchair cosplay dreams can feel special, too.

This is the official Facebook page for Gina B. Cosplay. Gina B. Cosplay is a master of luster: Part of what makes a costume great is matching the the colours, textures of the materials and surface qualities so that the costume has the same brightness and sheen as we are used to seeing whether it's from a cartoon, video game, or live action. While most cosplayers strive for accuracy in detail, I think a lot of cosplayers, including the greats, do not understand the importance of luster. She balances her crafting with her sensuality that is not as overt and blatant as many cosplayers, but natural and abundant, nonetheless.  Costumes of hers that especially capture medium luster include her Justice Leage: War Wonder Woman, Hawkgirl, Sango from InuYasha, and Akuma from Street Fighter IV.

This is the official Facebook page for Maki Roll. Maki Roll is a part of a growing number of burlesque performers to integrate her passion for costuming and cosplay with her art. I thought that Maki Roll was just a burlesque performer that put on (and took off) costumes. I was WRONG. Maki Roll is the real deal, folks, with an impressive catalogue of cosplays. Maki Roll incorporates all of her energy and charm into her cosplays and expresses it as only a performer can. However, performing is not the only thing that Maki Roll is passionate about.  Maki Roll is a regular and very opinionated blogger, especially when giving an inside perspective on her jobs and hobbies that she enjoys.  Along with the usual cosplayer hobbies, Maki Roll also enjoys photography, go-go dancing, and WWE.

This is the official Facebook page for Holly Brooke. Holly Brooke is an expert in costuming with body suits and corsets, which she uses to create very impressive superhero and character cosplays. I like the detail, luster, and durability of them; she makes great choices in materials. I would say that Holly Brooke's costumes are a great compromise of the durability found in Pandazmafia Cosplay's and luster of Gina B. Cosplay's. (I think her Batgirl and Zero Suit Samus Aran show this very well.) I also think that Holly Brooke is very creative in some of the choices in her cosplays and how she reproduces both the details and spirit of her subjects with hair and makeup effects. (The hair and eye of her Turanga Leela and hair and makeup of her Ghost Rider display this.) Holly Brooke also works hard to achieve a career in veterinary medicine.

Holly Wolf is a world-wide internationally recognised professional model and cosplayer. Holly Wolf has done work for Playboy, FHM, and Geek Fantasy. Her accolades for Playboy include being named Playmate of the Year: Czech 2014 and covergirl for Playboy Slovakia October of 2014. For Geek Fantasy she received the honour of being the first ever covergirl and being named Geek Fantasy Woman of the Year 2015. Holly Wolf travels extensively, promoting both her modeling career and her cosplaying lifestyle. Holly Wolf works an exhausting and highly dedicated schedule and prefers to commission costumers and other cosplayers to collaborate with her on her cosplays.

When I first found out about Yuichi Shadow (formerly one of the many cosplayers known as Shadow Cosplay), I honestly thought that she was a man that walked straight off of the cover of a yaoi manga. Yuichi Shadow's work with makeup and wig styling is so spot on then when she cosplays as male characters, they aren't gender benders. They are the real thing, and as impressive as Yuichi Shadow's makeup and wig styling skills are, Yuichi Shadow's costuming skills are just as good, if not better. Yuichi Shadow is an expert with ornamental flair like tassels, cuffs, and medals, which makes her an ace with uniforms of all types. As enterprising as she is skillfully creative, Yuichi Shadow also owns her own wig styling business and custom styles wigs on demand. However, before you get out your credit card, Yuichi Shadow only does work for people in Europe. Yuichi Shadow lives in Denmark.

This is the official Facebook page for Donttouchmymilk Cosplay. I imagine that Donttouchmymilk Cosplay grew up on horror films and mind-stretching media like i did. Also, like me, she grew up with the imagination and love of both things intact into her adulthood. Well, that's where it ends, because she is MUCH better than I am in translating that into cosplay. Her makeup effects have to be seen to believed! Her Sugarplum Fairy from "The Cabin in the Woods," and Demon Nurse from Silent Hill 3 could give you nightmares or even kill you in your sleep! Like most cosplayers, she has many sides, and also has some pretty nice family friendly cosplays including Mrs. Incredible from "The Incredibles," and Penny from Inspector Gadget the cartoon series. Donttouchmymilk Cosplay is a shining example of how cosplay is raising the bar on so many other arts because it encompasses so many. I hope to see her making creature effects in movies, someday.

This is the official Facebook page for NightCold Creations. NightCold Creations is a master of armour and hard surfaced costuming. Whether it is steampunk builds with bolts and cogs, warrior armour , or high tech exoskeletons, NightCold Creations puts amazing detail into his costumes. One of his most impressive armour pieces I have ever seen is of NightCold Creations's Batman Beyond armour. Made with what can only be high-impact materials, NightCold Creations's Batman Beyond armour looks like you could really fight crime in it. If you have not looked at his album of his Batman Beyond armour, then I strongly suggest you do. NightCold Creations shows, step by step, the progress in which he made each piece of armour. I'm hoping that he makes an appearance, here in the USA, but for now, if you want to see NightCold Creations's work, you'll have to go to his home in France.

Misa on Wheels's Facebook page describes her as "New England's most notable cosplayer on wheels," but she is so much more. Misa on Wheels is a role model for all people for full and positive living. Her posts are always uplifting and inspirational, and her advice practical. It is unknown if she really is the Misa from "Death Note," but it should be noted how closely she looks like Ms. Amane, and she DOES have a Death Note. And no, despite what you may have heard, Misa on Wheels is not a figurehead. She is a beloved ambassador of cosplay.

This is the official Facebook entertainer page for Khainsaw. I must confess that I do not know why I had not added Khainsaw to my Cool Links a long time ago. If cosplay was a competitive sport, Khainsaw would be one of the cosplayers that has the heart, style, and ability to be one of the greats. In fact, the only reason I think Khainsaw isn't considered one of the greats is that she is not in one of the Meccas of cosplay like New York, Atlanta, or South California. Khainsaw is equally adept at both bodysuit and cloth costumes. Khainsaw's costumes are not only accurate but well fitted. Another thing that I also noticed about Khainsaw is that I don't think there is any cosplayer out there that consistently works with so many other talented people. When I say that, not only do I mean that a lot of Khainsaw's photos are with other really good cosplayers, but she works with excellent photographers and editors; Khainsaw's pictures are always sharp, crisp, and clean! I dare you to find a bad picture of Khainsaw, even a selfie. With all of these things said, I think the thing that makes Khainsaw such a great cosplayer is her taste in characters. Khainsaw's choices are diverse, vibrant, and well picked. Khainsaw's cosplays carry a presence, and and her joy in cosplay carries through as well.  As of late, Khainsaw seems to be indulging in lewd and boudoir modelling.

Lyonegra is an award winner and judge of cosplay in her home of Trinidad and Tobago, as well as the Caribbean.  As a cosplayer, Lyonegra has always been very daring in her craft, daring to create complex creature effects such as gaping maws and severed heads to compliment her accurately made cosplays.  Now Lyonegra creates these for others as creator, owner, and chief costume fabricator of Lyonegra Costuming, a premiere costume, prosthetics, and creature effects creator of cosplay for commission.  Lyonegra is a strong advocate for environmental conservation and teaches physics, while also studying photography.

Walkin' & Rollin' Costumes is a non-profit organisation very similar to Magic Wheelchair, in spirit. Walkin' & Rollin' Costumes provides costumes for children in wheelchairs through partnerships and donations. In fact, for their first Halloween, Walkin' & Rollin' Costumes started a Kickstarter campaign in hopes of raising $1,000.00 for five costumes. They met their goal in two days and managed to make over $3,000.00 for many more costumes that year.  In fact, Walkin' & Rollin' Costumes depends heavily on the work and dedication of hundreds of volunteers and the kindness and charity of others to provide these costumes for cosplay for no cost to the families of the children that receive them!

This is the official Tumblr modeling page of the cosplayer and alternative model known as Pigeon Foo. I was actually blessed to see Pigeon Foo at Anime Weekend Atlanta 2015 as the cutest and most beautiful Lilith (Darkstalkers) I have ever seen. Pigeon Foo is also known for her Magick (New Mutants) and Harley Quinn (Batman) cosplays. Pigeon Foo is a respected and well-known model in in alternative, fetish, and geek communities, working with Kassandra Leigh, Vengeance Designs, and Hollow 2.5. In fact, Pigeon Foo not only works with Hollow 2.5, but is also the model liaison for NookieCutter, which is his brainchild.  Pigeon Foo is also a very well known and respected in some circles for her fetish pornography.

Sidekick Cosplay is a cosplaying duo in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Sidekick Cosplay consists of Jillian, and her dog, Teddy. I had never seen an exclusive human/dog partnership in cosplay, and was pleasantly surprised by what I learned about Sidekick Cosplay. Right now Sidekick Cosplay has a modest, but growing list of cosplay routines, and takes photo shoots to capture them. Sidekick Cosplay loves to give advice on cosplaying with pets and animals. Sidekick Cosplay also enjoys making appearances at birthday parties, classroom show-and-tells, and hospital visits. While Sidekick Cosplay has a deep connection and devotion to cosplay, Sidekick Cosplay has an even deeper partnership than that. Teddy is also a service dog, family member, and friend to Jillian. Yes, Sidekick Cosplay is a family act. When not cosplaying, Sidekick Cosplay enjoys their business venture, Dream It, where they and other performers do parties and shows for the public!

This is the official Facebook page for Panterona Cosplay. Panterona Cosplay is an excellent costumer. Panterona Cosplay's costumes pay great attention to detail, especially with ornaments and jewelry. Some cosplayers gain my respect by choosing difficult cosplays, seldom chosen characters, or unique interpretations or mashups. Panterona Cosplay's gift is that she is just as likely to cosplay characters outside her race and sex, as within. Cosplays that really show off her skills are Queen Akasha from "Queen of the Damned," Prisoner Loki from "Thor: Dark World," and Cammy White from the Street Fighter sereis. She also does a great job with her original characters like Kuro Kaze.

Pink Justice Cosplay is a cosplay troupe of beginners that uses their combined backgrounds and passions to make almost any cosplay possible. Pink has experience in painting and leather working, with some in sewing. Jace is an armour crafter and prop maker bourne of a love in LARPing. Tora is a new costumer that shows great promise and is quickly learning her craft. Together, they are able to make costumes beyond each others' solo skills and make some very masterful creations.

Gravimetric Rush is one of the most creative cosplayers I have ever encountered. Gravimetric Rush may not usually cosplay flashy main characters, but every character she does cosplay is an awesome choice because she makes it so. I had never seen someone cosplay Rita Repulsa before I saw hers, and it was brilliant. Other cosplays that Gravimetric Rush has done, that I have seen no one else do include Short Round, Scooby-Doo, The Clawed Girl, Yung Hee, Marvin the Martian, but I could go on. While I have seen Power Girl done many times, I have never seen the version that Gravimetric Rush chose to do, which is more than just a leotard with gloves, a cape, and the Boob Window. Gravimetric Rush made an anime Jawa cosplay and the cutest Ewok I've ever seen. Gravimetric Rush is that special kind of cosplayer that has great costuming aesthetics and a creative sense of choice. Gravimetric Rush has a keen sense to use her skills on characters that not only suit her, but also some that a person might think does not suit her, and make it hers.

Trey Maxx is a master armour costumer. My first encounter with Trey Maxx's work was his now-famous Deathstroke the Terminator cosplay, and I was blown away. Not only did it look like it was battle ready, it looked like it had been through some. Trey Maxx's armour work is right up there with NightCold Creations, but where NightCold Creations's work is small in detail and insanely smooth, Trey Maxx seems to prefer the appearance of armour that is meant for straight up durability and getting the job done. In fact, I would say that his choice of armour is somewhere between that of NightCold Creations and Old Trenchy. But don't think that Trey Maxx is all "metalhead." He can also throw down with props, weapons, masks, and cloth costumes, and his Skeletor cosplay shows this. In fact, Trey Maxx's Skeletor and Havoc Staff are the best I've ever seen. Trey Maxx is truly a master in his work.

This is the official Facebook page of Keltonfx, formerly known as Kelton. The first cosplay I saw of Keltonfx's was of Shinichi Izumi, from Parasyte, and he pulled it off eerily and brilliantly. Keltonfx has made creative gender bender cosplays such as Poison Oak (Poison Ivy from Batman), Morrigan Aensland (my personal favourite), and perhaps his most famous one, The King of Blades (Kerrigan from Starcraft II). Keltonfx is a master of cosmetic prosthesis, body casts/suits, and creature/makeup effects, all of which Keltonfx usually prepares, himself. While Keltonfx gets his inspiration from all forms of media, but I have noticed that he has a keen liking for characters from the Blizzard Entertainment universe. Blizzard Entertainment: 'Word to the wise - You better snatch Keltonfx up now, before he becomes obscenely famous! He would make an invaluable conceptual creator, as well as BlizzCon head and promoter. He's already one of your best promoters and he isn't even on the payroll.

Blue-Cereal was a very friendly, lovely, and talented costumer and cosplayer, from Atlanta, Georgia, that was in a car accident on October 18, 2015, early on Sunday morning, that tragically cut short her very bright future. Blue-Cereal had one of the most infectiously contagious smiles that was only surpassed by her laughter. Blue-Cereal was just as comfortable cosplaying cute and cuddly characters as she was with sultry and sexy ones. Blue-Cereal was a very ornament and accessory oriented costumer, that enjoyed cosplaying in things like wings, halos, ears, tails, and other adornments. I know that I, like many other folks in Georgia, feel a void in her absence, and lament the fact that we will never see her in conventions like Anime Weekend Atlanta again. RIP Blue-Cereal: "Lucky Charms 4 Life."

This is the official Facebook page for Becka Noel. Becka Noel is a costumer, cosplayer, blogger, and entrepreneur that not only fulfills commissions for costumes and props, but sells crafts, her own line of makeup, and original art. Becka Noel seems to prefer costumes that are armour based, or with armour accents and highlights, which go very well with her props and weapons. Of her fellow armourers in the costuming and cosplay community, I would say that she seems to prefer medieval styled armour with nice raised embellishments, but is also proficient in high tech styled armour, as well. I have also been impressed with Becka Noel's leather working as of late.  Becka Noel is extremely talented and deserving of recognition for her myriad skills.

This is the homepage of the cosplayer known as Dhareza Cosplayza, whom I consider the Master of Mashup Cosplay!  Dhareza Cosplayza was a creative director for Pulse Creative, and whom's clients included Disney, Sony Music Entertainment, and CNET. Dhareza Cosplayza is also a photographer and gamer. Dhareza Cosplayza seems to prefer armouring in his costuming. While Dhareza Cosplayza is exceptional at this, what truly sets him apart is his drive to not be content with merely reproducing armoured characters, but also remaking them as alternate versions and mashups. In fact, Dhareza Cosplayza is the creator of Captain Spider-Man, who has been duplicated by other cosplayers. While I think most people like Dhareza Cosplayza's Captain Spider-Man, Armored Batman, or Samurai Deathstroke cosplays, best, I have to say my personal favourite is Spartan Batman. There's something about it that is just so bad-assed, and if there was anyone that do Leonidas's job, maybe even better, who who else but Batman?

This is the homepage for NadyaSonika. NadyaSonika is primarily a cloth working costumer that also does some leather working. I have yet to see any armour work from her. The first cosplay that I saw of NadyaSonika's was of a gender bender Vega. It was a beautiful interpretation with flawless hair, makeup, and armour embellishment. Like many of the great and internationally recognised cosplayers of the world, NadyaSonika has a tremendous catalogue of completed costumes. NadyaSonika judges, and has judged many cosplay contests at conventions all over the world. NadyaSonika also blogs, and discusses cosplay and her other passions, like video games and prop making. NadyaSonika is a serious cosplayer who wishes to promote cosplay as a viable and respectable art.

Mommy and Me Cosplay is a cosplay troupe made up of Don Quijote and her 2 daughters. Mommy and Me Cosplay were normal everyday people until a family friend had the impetus to do what they hadn't, yet, and took them to their first convention. That trip created a family love affair with costuming and cosplay. Mommy and Me Cosplay caught my attention with their FLAWLLESS Michelle Pfeiffer Catwoman cosplays from "Batman Returns." Don Quijote's was the battle ravaged version and her two daughters had perfect pristine versions of the catsuit. While Don Quijote of Mommy and Me Cosplay does the lion's share of costuming and crafting, her daughters are also learning the craft, and make some of their own pieces. Mommy and Me Cosplay not only enjoy sharing their craft, but also the works of other cosplayers of all notoriety. Cosplay has already shown that it can unite races, sexes, religions, and nationalities. Mommy and Me Cosplay shows it can bridge the gap between generations.

This is the official homepage of kwok-hei "KEI" mak, or Keigo Mak, as he is perhaps best known. Keigo Mak is not just a costumer and cosplayer, but a published graphic designer and illustrator. While Keigo Mak works with jumpsuits and armour pieces, like many talented costumers, my favourite piece of his is neither. His Venom, from the Marvel Universe, takes the cake. Keigo Mak's Venom isn't a bodysuit. It is a stretchy rubbery encasing, simulating the actual state of the Symbiote as it takes a host. I'm not even sure how he keeps it on, but it's a brilliant costume that makes for a brilliant cosplay. I am waiting for this guy to skyrocket in his success in all of this works.

This is the official Facebook page for Pisara Cosplay. I cannot stress how uniquely talented Pisara Cosplay is. Pisara Cosplay is actually a native of Thailand that lives in The States. Pisara Cosplay makes her own costumes and is extremely adept at makeup and wig designing and can be commissioned for work. If you've read a lot of my cosplay entries, you can tell that besides skills, I also hold cosplayers' choices of cosplay as a very important part of their talent. Pisara Cosplay chooses male characters for the most of her cosplays, and I don't mean gender bent or sexy versions. She actually does fully faithfully reproduced male cosplays, much like Yuichi Shadow. Pisara Cosplay is a master of open shirt binding, which is something that I had only seen Yume-tan do, so some of them are even open shirt. Lastly, Pisara Cosplay may usually choose to cosplay male characters, but she also has some sexy female characters in her repertoire.

I think Hendo Art is one of the most well rounded of cosplayers. Hendo Art cosplays comic book, movie, and some video game characters. Hendo Art enjoys making faithful recreations, but also displays versatility in alternates, mashups, and gijinkas. Because of Hendo Art's wide range of character types, Hendo Art works with cloth, leather, jump suits, and some armour. Lots of costumers work with many materials and make props as well, but Hendo Art is unique because she often makes animal companions to aid her in her cosplay, like Lockheed for her Kitty Pryde, and various birds for her Disney and comic book characters. Hendo Art is also a superlative model. While most cosplayers do model, and many of them are very good at being expressive, Hendo Art also possesses the rare gift of "stillness." I am sure that this ability enables her to make the more dangerous poses, like as Spider-Gwen.

This is the official Facebook page for Toria Costuming, Design & Cosplay. As the name implies, Toria is the designer for the costumes and props she makes and cosplays. A California based cosplayer, Toria is fairly new to the cosplay scene, attending her first convention in 2014. As an award-winning designer who specializes in original designs, Toria has a very unique style. A lot of Toria's best cosplay interpretations seem to embody both the aesthetics and functionality 1940's, 1950's, and sometimes older eras. Toria's approach to gender benders have a modest approach to feminising that stills remains true to the spirit of the original. There's also an old film grandness to Toria's cosplays. On the hobby side, Toria is a multi-disciplined dancer who also performs in musical theatre, a trapshooter, and archer. Toria's arts and disciplines are not only fueled by creativity, but a keen love of design and competition: (2011-2015) ACF Best of Show: Clothing and Textiles for Design, Construction and Technique, 2015 WonderCon Best Original Design, 2015 Stan Lee's Junior Cosplay National Champion, 2016 NorCal Cosies Top 3 Division Winner -- Instagram: @Toria_Cosplay, Twitter: @ToriaCosplay

This is the official Facebook page for Nikki Nevermore. Nikki Nevermore is a costumer and cosplayer, but her true passion is modeling. I think that Nikki Nevermore has very unique and fine features, that make her very photogenic. It's as if she stepped out of a comic book penciled by one of the greats of the Modern Age, like Jim Lee, Alan Silvestri, or Alan Davis. Nikki Nevermore is exceptionally beautiful in all of her work, but I find her profile especially striking. Nikki Nevermore prefers science fiction and fantasy themed projects, but enjoys any that allow for self-expression and vibrant colours. This, combined with her natural beauty, makes for some very nice shots. Nikki Nevermore's other hobbies closely related to cosplay include makeup, crafting, and dancing. In her other spare time, also enjoys hand sketching, hula hooping, and making friends with animals.

Maweezy Cosplay definitely has what it takes to become one of the great cosplayers. In terms of talent and skills, Maweezy Cosplay reminds me of Khainsaw. In beauty and sultriness, Maweezy Cosplay stuns like Fooly Cooly Cosplay. Maweezy Cosplay's versatility and creativity are akin to Hendo Art. Maweezy Cosplay's natural modeling talent and presence is what I imagine NiKKi NeVeRMORe's was when she started her career. Despite all of these things, if it wasn't for #29daysofblackcosplay (even though she is Filipina), I might not have ever found out about Maweezy Cosplay. I think that her Battle Sally, inspired by "The Nightmare Before Christmas" shows creativity in concept, and skillful execution in detail. Maweezy Cosplay's Gundam Harley Quinn has all of the charms of her Battle Sally, while also showing that she is adept at prop and armour crafting. Maweezy Cosplay's Queen Gloppy takes both cosplays further by also showing her gift for recreating appropriate textures and lusters; you swear that you can not only eat the costume, but her huge chocolate zanbato. Lastly, I cannot forget to mention her Bowser cosplay. Although it is unique, it still possesses a curious sense of familiarity to it, until you realise that it actually incorporates the basic Saiyan armour design from the Dragon Ball series (although this was completely by chance and strictly artistic license). Yes, not only is it a gender bent gijinka, but it is a mashup, too! I sincerely hope this young lady gets the recognition due her.

This is the official Facebook page for Sami Bess. When I look at Sami Bess's work, I can't help but think that she is another Jessica Nigri in the making. Where Jessica Nigri started perfecting her craft with sexy cloth based reproductions, gijinkas, gender benders, and alternative version cosplays, Sami Bess started faster, actually making armour and prop pieces 2 years into her costuming, at the latest. Sami Bess has some very sexy cosplays, but they are also skillful and ambitious, not relying on being skimpy or simple. Sami Bess's Castanic from Tera is a great example of this aesthetic. I would love to see Sami Bess to attempt something big, because I think that she would make it a walking spectacle. I'll have to bide my time and see.

This is the official Facebook page for Sev Cosplay. Sev Cosplay is a DC transplant from the Soviet Union. (In the 80's that would have been considered a drastic and suspicious change of locale! Sev Cosplay would have probably had his house bugged and put under surveillance! LOL) Like another cosplayer by the name of Spideyfit, Sev Cosplay is dedicated to fitness and nutrition. I'm not into body shaming. A person should cosplay who they want to and have a good time regardless of what they look like, but a person that does go that extra mile to have a body like the character he/she is cosplaying does look that much more like that character. So Sev Cosplay has a great body, but how is his cosplay? Sev Cosplay is an awesome cosplayer and a great costumer. My personal favourites of his are his Barbarian from Diablo 3, Gamagori, from Kill la Kill, and his Kamehameha Master Roshi (Dragon Ball series). I also love that Sev Cosplay has some great silly cosplays like his Chosen One from "Kung Pow!," and his famous, possibly infamous Magicarp gijinka.

Jutsu Cosplay is a costumer and cosplayer from "Down Under." As the name suggests, Jutsu Cosplay likes to cosplay as fighting characters from video games. Jutsu Cosplay is in excellent shape and takes pictures in poses that the average cosplayer can't. Jutsu Cosplay's Christie Montiero cosplay is not only spot on, but acrobatic; her shoot for it has to be seen to be believed. Other very notable fighting game cosplays that she has made with spectacular photo shoots include her Juri Han, from Street Fighter Ultra, and Laura Matsuda, from Street Fighter V. Jutsu Cosplay also cosplays other characters, but they too are powerful females. Jutsu Cosplay seems to primarily work with cloth, but does make her own props and constructs. Jutsu Cosplay also does her own hair and makeup.

There are times in your life when words simply fail you. You are both hit with an affliction of description in which you do not know how to start and you cannot figure out if you've said enough. This i show I feel about Sunday Cosplay. I will try my BEST to describe the style which is Sunday Cosplay. Sunday Cosplay has a girly side, but it is that of a frat boy's sense of humour, like a cosplay that I can only describe as a dude in a pink prom dress, but a deluxe version of a kid's cheap Halloween mask his mother bought him. Sunday Cosplay is perhaps most famous for his Space Marine variants from Warhammer: one of them Hello Kittty, the other Pikachu. With that being said, let me now say that the Sunday Cosplay is a master costumer. As far as his costuming style, Sunday Cosplay does work with cloth, but is most prolific as an armourer. All humour aside, Sunday Cosplay's Space Marine variants are masterpieces, and one only has to see his Red Hood and Magneto masks to further understand his expertise in armour crafting. 'Want to really be impressed, take a look at his Samus Aran variant. It's texture, luster, and quality are premium Hollywood quality. Sunday Cosplay's Samus Aran also shows his skill with LED/costume housing and integration. Sunday Cosplay shows that madness is not the only quality that can pair with genius, but perhaps a little playful humour as well.

Kuja Oniisan's style, skill set, and skill level reminds me a lot of Shadow Cosplay's. However, being a man, Kuja Oniisan is free to cosplay in far more revealing manners. Kuja Oniisan is an excellent cloth and leather costumer, and seems to prefer cosplaying in those materials, but is also very proficient at armour and prop crafting. Kuja Oniisan does all of his own makeup and wig styling. Kuja Oniisan writes, dances, and models. Kuja Oniisan stage and voice acts. Kuja Oniisan also enjoys photography. Kuja Oniisan uses all of these talents to create a remarkable presence and some breathtaking photo shoots, and as unbelievable as it may sound, Kuja Oniisan has a strict no effect altering policy. Kuja Oniisan encourages cosplayers to achieve their desired effects with physical means, like crafting, lighting, and makeup effects.

This is the official Facebook page for Kadu=Out Cosplay. Kadu=Out Cosplay is what I call a tech armourer, because many of his cosplays features armour and/or props sporting the look of advanced technology by design and/or LED displays and and special effects. Even though Kadu=Out Cosplay does a lot of tech pieces, he also does some great mystical and magical cosplays with the help on his LED effects, as well. My favourite examples of both types of cosplays that Kadu=Out Cosplay has done are his famous Project Lucien from League of Legends and his Dark Magician from Yu-Gi-Oh! I think that if I could request anything of Kadu=Out Cosplay, it would be to see how he does on a whole full-body suit of armour, not Iron Man that has been overdone into the ground, but a mech, like from the Robotech/Macross series, or an Eva unit. I also think that Kadu=Out Cosplay would do a SUPERB job at a Kill la Kill gender bender, and I don't mean that as a joke. I think that Kadu=Out Cosplay would find a creative way to translate the sexiness of fully released Kamui for a man. *crosses fingers*

FD Studio is owned and operated by the cosplay team of Fenix Fatalist and Vergil Sparda Cosplay. FD Studio makes costumes, props, and styles wigs. As cosplayers, they do their own hair and makeup, and wear the costumes that they make. I could be wrong, but I think that Fenix Fatalist is more of the face of FD Studio. Fenix Fatalist's cosplays display expertly tailored period dresses, corsets, spandex suits, armour, inhuman prosthetics, and props. Fenix Fatalist has some remarkable photo shoots, expertly taken and masterfully edited. Some of them are even done underwater or have anti-gravity effects. As for Fenix Fatlaist's cosplays, they are ALL excellent. I think she might have the best and sexiest Bloodrayne, with the cleanest suit inthe business. Vergil Sparda Cosplay is a self-proclaimed "beginning cosplayer," but is the CFO of FD Studio, so imagine him as more behind the scenes.  Vergil Sparda' Cosplay's work that grabbed me was his Genos, "The Demon Cyborg," from One Punch-Man. His hair and makeup were excellent, and his armour had LEDs incorporated into the arms and hands. Vergil Sparda Cosplay's body of work is not as large as diverse as Fenix Faust, but some of it is comparable. Not only does FD Studio sell items, but they do commission work, as well.

Demorafairy Cosplay is an extraordinary costumer from the UK who does more than conventional cosplay. It has been my experience that most cosplayers pick a type of cosplay and stick to it, 70% or more of the time. Demorafairy Cosplay does a lot of what most people think of when they think of cosplay. For instance Demorafairy Cosplay has many great cosplays from League of Legends, including a beautifully done Popstar Kayle and Headhunter Caitlyn, but what makes Demorafairy Cosplay truly unique is that she also creates brilliant steampunk, Victorian, Gothique, and West Asian styled cosplays. Steampunk by nature mixes and fuses genres, like "Steampunk X-Men," or "Steampunk Star Trek," so it should come to no surprise that she has some impressive steampunks like her Steampunk Pirate and Steampunk Masquerade. However, Demorafairy Cosplay also uses that spirit in some of her cosplays, like Chandelure, which is a Gothique/Victorian gijinka from Pokemon, and her Espeon, a West Asian styled gijinka, also from Pokemon. I don't think that she has ever made it to The States, but I hope she does visit, because I think that it would be a great meeting of minds and styles.

SakuraFlame is a French costumer and cosplayer that specialises in armour and weapons. SakuraFlame is what I call a fantasy armourer, meaning she makes the armour that you find in a fantasy movie or game. SakuraFlame makes both melee fantasy armour and magical armour, and the appropriate weapons for both. SakuraFlame is a master at her craft. SakuraFlame's detail is resolute and reproductions hauntingly accurate. I think the first cosplay that I saw of SakuraFlames' in which I could have a true understanding of her talent and skill was that of her Maltheal, from Diablo III: Reaper of Souls. She truly looks like the Angel of Death walking, and you would not know that an extremely lovely young lady was underneath. Its costumers like SakuraFlame that make Hollywood look like they are sitting on their hands. SakuraFlame is one of the masters who does what production companies do with inflated budges, but on a cosplayer's income. In fact, SakuraFlame probably does BETTER than some.

This is the official website of Dalin Cosplay. Dalin Cosplay is a costumer and cosplayer from Mexico who works with many different types of material. Dalin Cosplay does not really craft armour or props, but has a keen talent for tailoring. Dalin Cosplay's costumes are always masterfully fitted to her. Dalin Cosplay also has a great eye for fabric; all of her costumes have a great looking texture and luster for whatever cosplay she is performing. There are a lot of cosplayers with Dalin Cosplay's attention to cosplay detail, and more still on her level of costuming, but I think that a great part of Dalin Cosplay's charm is that she is like a girl that has not lost the sense of magic from "dress up." A lot of cosplayers' presentation ranges anywhere from people out having fun to professionally trained models and actors. Dalin Cosplay is like a little girl that is in her Sunday Best having fun in front of a camera. All of that, combined with her natural beauty make her a great cosplayer.

When I first encountered The Lucid Tear, I thought that she was just a character cosplayer that made a sweet Samus Aran Metroid suit, and that's all she did. As remarkable a feat in costuming The Lucid Tear's Samus Aran's cosplay is, it is but one facet to an amazing individual. The Lucid Tear is one of a growing number of cosplayers in a fraternity of fitness and health. Besides having what could be the best Samus Aran cospaly in the business, she has several awesome variations of Princess Zelda, including Sheik, and equally accurate versions of Cammy White, including a spot-on classic Super Street Fighter II Cammy, body physique included. The Lucid Tear is also a lifelong hand sketch artist with amazing skill. The Lucid Tear is apparently focusing on photography at Paramjit Nahar Photography.

This is the official website for Kinpatsu Cosplay, a South African student of Fine Arts. Kinpatsu Cosplay is what I have come to call a form fitting armourer. Most of Kinpatsu Cosplay's armour are mystical fantasy and melee in nature, because those are the two of the main types of character she tends to copslay as as, and those characters are usually from video games. Kinpatsu Cosplay has also made some armour accent pieces of tech, as well as tech and other types of props. Kinpatsu Cosplay is a great character cosplayer. I suppose that most, if not all cosplayers are "character cosplayers," but Kinpatsu Cosplay also has a great talent for detail and expression. You can see both of those talents in Kinpatsu Cosplay's Marceline (Adventure Time) and Jinx (League of Legends) cosplays. Something that is also notable is that Kinpatsu Cosplay is talented with her gijinkas. While Kinpatsu Cosplay's Umbreon (Pokemon) is elegant and majestic, my favourite is her Cubone (Pokemon). Kinpatsu Cosplay's Cubone seems to capture what it is to be an orphaned feral Pokemon, and the work she did on the skull helmet, alone, was enough for me to fall in love with.

This is the official website for Hushy Plushy. Hushy Plushy is one of those cosplayers of myriad talents that could have been placed in multiple categories in Cool Links. Like most talented cosplayers, Hushy Plushy is a costumer that does most of his own costumes. Hushy Plushy also does all of his armour and prop crafting. As a costumer and prop maker, Hushy Plushy does great work, but I think that Hushy Plushy's greatest talents as a cosplayer are some that are not truly material. Hushy Plushy does all of his makeup and makeup effects. Hushy Plushy also does his own styling, including wigs, and his skills are masterful. Hushy Plushy is already a very naturally beautiful man, but his makeup and styling skills make him into a living and breathing vision of beauty and perfect replication. Hushy Plushy also acts out his characters, giving him excellent character presence. Hushy Plushy is also a photographer, as well as a web and graphic designer. In fact, his website is very impressively done with a blog, tips, tutorials, catalogues, and archives of some of Hushy Plushy's techniques, interests, and cosplays, all available in over 100 languages! Hushy Plushy has also done promoting and cosplay judging as a natural evolutionary extension of his skills, talents, and crafts.

This is the official Facebook page for Emma Rubini. Emma Rubini is quickly becoming well-known for her Tank Girl cosplay which literally looks like she walked right out of the comic book. Emma Rubini's rise in popularity is very well deserved, and her style of cosplay is not a copy of a style but a perfection that Emma Rubini has been evolving for years. Emma Rubini's cosplays have always paid tremendous attention to mimicking not only the textures of her characters and their clothing, but also the perceived medium that we see them in. In other words, cosplays like her famous Tank Girl not only look like the character, but it also mimics the art style of the penciler, and the look of a character on a comic book page. This style is unarguably apparent with the creation of Emma Rubini's own unique style of special effects makeup that she developed for her Borderlands characters, taking the cell-shaded makeup effect way farther than most cosplayers that just put heavily defined makeup on their faces and cleavage lines. What also rigidly defines Emma Rubini's tyle is her great attention to medium style and palette, like Kay Pike, and great attention to dramatic and scary special effects makeup, like Donttouchmymilk Cosplay. Emma Rubini is also adept in crafting in her cosplay and makeup style.

This is the official homepage of Kei SScene Cosplay, a costumer and cosplayer from Spain. Kei SScene Cosplay finds a lot of her inspiration for her cosplays from video games and anime. Kei SScene Cosplay is very well-rounded in her abilities as a costumer and prop maker. Kei SScene Cosplay's cosplays are all extremely feminine and alluring, as are the characters that she is drawn to as subjects. Kei SScene Cosplay's costumes show adept tailoring and dress making with various materials. Kei SScene is very talented with what I call ornamental armouring, where the costume is not armour based, but is accented by armour pieces such as shoulder pads, gauntlets, boots, headgear, et cetera. Kei SScene Cosplay also likes to bejewel her costumes, and accent them with creature effects appendages like ears, horns, and wings.

This is the official Facebook public figure page for Takeru & Soubi, a cosplaying duo from Russia. Takeru & Soubi have many pages on many media that display their flair and talent for cosplay. Takeru & Soubi are the subject of many picture and video shoots, and are perhaps the most well-known and respected yaoi cosplay duo in the business. Takeru & Soubi's makeup, hair, and wig-styling are top notch, as well as their costuming. Takeru & Soubi's abilities easily rival that of Danish copslayer, Yuichi Cosplay, but add the finesse that can only be achieved by having a partner to double that effect. Takeru & Soubi are but two of quite a few extremely talented Russian cosplayer like Jannet Incosplay, and another duo known as R & R Art Group (Ryoko-Demon and Rei-Doll). As mentioned before, Takeru & Soubi are the subjects of many photographs and videos, and are naturals as performers. I would not be surprised to learn that become something like what I see Mick Ignis becoming, here. In the meanwhile, Takeru & Soubi continue to help remind the world of the talent in cosplay that Russia has fostered.

This is the official Facebook public figure page for Dannai De Leon, a talented Mexican costumer and cosplayer with the heart of a otaku, and the presence of a model. One could easily be tempted to compare Dannai De Leon to her fellow cosplayer, and countryman, Dalin Cosplay. Dannai De Leon has often been known to perform the same types of cosplays. In fact, they have cosplayed as many of the same characters. Dannai De Leon also seems to prefer lots of sexy characters, like Dalin Cosplay. However, Dannai De Leon is not as limited to tailor-made costumes, and also enjoys armour crafting, and not just armour accented pieces, but full armoured builds. Aside from costuming, Dannai De Leon is extremely alluring and an excellent model, also like Dalin Cosplay, but in her own way. I'm beginning to see the different aesthetics in cosplaying that Mexico has, and Dannai De Leon is a very worthy ambassador of it.

This is the official Facebook page for Shappi, an extremely talented costumer and cosplayer from Poland. Like so many talented cosplayers, Shappi has won many awards, but a few notable claims to fame for Shappi are that she is the EuroCosplay representative for 2010 and 2011 on behalf of Poland, the solo winner for the European Cosplay Gathering in 2013, and the Cosplay World Masters Winner for 2014. By her quality of work, I consider Shappi a master armour crafter. From the magnitude of accents to full-on suits, and range of styles of fantasy, medieval, and tech, Shappi is as talented as she is versatile. Shappi crafts her own props and weapons, as well. Shappi is very well versed in seaming, tailoring, and working with the coarser materials like latex and leather. Shappi also does as much of her makeup, hair, and wig-styling as possible because she loves the entire creative process of costuming and cosplaying. Also, if you are a fan of her work, like I am, but you feel you are lacking her ability and raw talent...like I am, but you still want award-winning quality costumes and/or props for your cosplay, then you are in luck, because she also does commission work.

This is the official Facebook artist page for Shoko and Jerome Cosplay. Shoko and Jerome Cosplay are an award-winning costuming and cosplaying duo from France. Between them both, they have over 50 awards for costuming and cosplaying, and are still counting! Like so many talented costumers and cosplayers, Shoko and Jerome Cosplay do their own hair, makeup, and wig-styling. Shoko and Jerome Cosplay do a lot of great armour work, and choose to do fantasy and medieval styles, but their style is so clean, I think they would have no problem doing tech styles, as well. Not only do they craft excellent accenting and full body armour, but they do HEAVY armour pieces as well. Their armour looks so good, it looks bodily-saving authentic! Shoko and Jerome Cosplay craft their own weapons that tend to be VERY large! Shoko and Jerome Cosplay have constructed fur-based cosplays like Rocket Raccoon. One thing that I thought was special about Shoko and Jerome Cosplay was that they perform for spectators and on video to display their cosplays.

Vermilion Cosplay (not to be confused with Vermilion Cosplays) is a German costumer and cosplayer. Vermilion Cosplay does her own makeup, hair, wig-styling, costuming, and crafting; whatever else needs done, her significant other helps. Vermilion Cosplay is an armour crafter that makes great heavy looking topical armour with heavy cloth and hide-wear underneath. Vermilion Cosplay carries herself as if she would be perfectly comfortable on the battlefield. Not a thing about her would appear out of place. As mentioned before, Vermilion Cosplay does style wigs, but she is not afraid to have her hair cut and styled for the right effects, either. Vermilion Cosplay is an established talent in cosplay with an impressive catalogue, and I'm sure that there are many more masterfully done armours, props, and weapons to come.

This is the official Facebook page for Corey Morgan - Straight Outta Cosplay, who is actually one of a family cosplay duo, with his daughter, Noelle. Corey Morgan - Straight Outta Cosplay cosplays as a lot of superheroes, and is perhaps best known for one of his choices of costuming: body paints! Rather than donning a mask or building prosthetic coverings, Corey Morgan - Straight Outta Cosplay and Noelle sometimes have detailed masks or goggles painted on their face, or even chrome armoured cybernetics etched in highly detailed paint onto their arms. (Noelle's Winter Soldier cosplay is an excellent example of this technique.) Corey Morgan - Straight Outta Cosplay designs all of his superhero jackets/body suits, and has them specially made just for him. Certain prosthetic and prop components to his cosplay are done by Corey Morgan - Straight Outta Cosplay, himself. Noelle does her own costuming. Corey Morgan - Straight Outta Cosplay and Noelle attend conventions and meet up with lots other cosplayers for pictures and photo sets.

I do not think I am alone when I say that many times I come across one cosplay that turns me on to the work of a cosplayer. For Eveille Cosplay, it was her cosplay of Storm from The X-Men. It was the classic 70's-80's Storm that I first fell in love with when I started reading The Uncanny X-Men. Not only was Eveille Cosplay's costume spot on, but her spirit and poise were as well; Eveille Cosplay WAS Storm. 'Fierce, regal, powerful, and beautiful. It is always a pleasure to see cosplays that bring beloved characters to life, and makes the fanboy in me that used to consider Disney World a holy place swoon. Eveille Cosplay cosplays as a wide range of characters from all genres of fandoms. When it comes to her costuming, Eveille Cosplay appears to prefers seam work with cloth and other lighter materials rather than armour, latex, or heavy leather, and is quite the seamstress, with impressive mage cosplays, as well as gowned gijinkas. Like several cosplayers today, Eveille Cosplay's interests are not just in front of the camera. Eveille Cosplay has shot sets in such conventions as AnimeUSA, ColossalCon, and New York Comic Con.

It is not so often that I encounter a cosplayer with such astounding talent, creativity, and presence. I was immediately floored by Elena Samko Cosplay's Facebook page. Elena Samko Cosplay is a mystic, spiritualist, hedonist, nihilist, and seeker of truth and adventure. Elena Samko Cosplay is inspired by the supernatural, dark, sexy, disturbing, and psychological, and uses her considerable skills in costuming, makeup, and showmanship to create and recreate haunting, alluring, funny, and/or bizarre characters from all types of fandoms in all genres and mediums of entertainment. If you didn't think it possible for Elena Samko Cosplay to be all of those things in one cosplay, then you have not seen her as The Lusty Argonian Maid from the Elder Scrolls series, which is still to this day, the one and ONLY cosplay that I have ever seen of that character! As far as costuming, Elena Samko Cosplay is an excellent seamstress and tailor, and works with lots of cloth, latex, and lighter leathers. Elena Samko Cosplay's makeup effects allow her to cosplay in all manners of genre and styles,, but Elena Samko Cosplay truly shines in horror. Elena Samko Cosplay also models in many other styles, including Fetish, Gothique, and Steampunk. Like many cosplayers, Elena Samko Cosplay is a regular presence on social media, like Twitch. Oh, did I mention that Elena Samko Cosplay also speaks Russian and English?

This is the official website for Caitlin R. Dickens, or as she is known in the cosplay community, Contagious Costuming. Caitlin R. Dickens had been a seamstress her entire life, but started costuming and cosplaying several years ago. Caitlin R. Dickens is an award winning cosplayer and brand ambassador who enjoys learning new things from her fellows. Caitlin R. Dickens is also the producer and art director for Contagious Media Productions. I think that one of the things that makes Caitlin R. Dickens stand out is that she is one of those great costumers that can design and fit her costumes specifically to her body in just the right way that they seem to change to the proportions of the different characters she portrays. I saw her Enchantress, Emma Frost, Gamora, Magik, X-23 Wolverine, and Black Widow, and I honestly thought they were different people that worked for Contagious Costuming; she's that good. While Caitlin R. Dickens does usually do her own props, she gets occasional help from her friend Austin, and Death Ray Designs.

I consider cosplayers some of the greatest performers alive because they are usually the total package: talented not only in performing arts, but also in costuming. 'Sometimes engineering, blacksmithing, and other things as well. 'But every now and them, even for them, there are some that stand out in the pinnacle of the craft; Jannet Incosplay is one of those cosplayers. When Jannet Incosplay cosplays she can look just like a resin figure.  Jannet Incosplay takes painstaking measures to look subject accurate in her cosplay to chilling detail, including in hair and makeup, not only wig styling, but wig making.  In fact, she even creates wigs by commission.  I think that more than anything, Jannet Incosplay's skill in wig making and styling is truly superlative! That, plus Jannet Incosplay's striking beauty truly stand out in her cosplays, at least it did in the first cosplay that I ever saw of hers (Goku). Jannet Incosplay is the a total package of total packages.

This is the official website of Xavier, an Atlanta based cosplayer that got his handle from Charles Xavier of the X-Men. Xavier is costumer and crafter that grew up in California, and immersed himself in comics and its heroes and villains. Xavier is not only driven to improve and spread the love of his art, but to represent it as a Black geek; something that is finally being accepted without much pause in today's scene. It is easy to see that his passion in cosplay lies in armour and weapon crafting, and his skills have brought him to the attention of the juggernauts of that world, including Marvel Studios, Legendary Pictures, Weta Workshop, and SyFy, where he even won an episode of Cosplay Melee as an original Star Wars inspired character. Xavier is one of the fixtures in Atlanta that is helping to define it as a Mecca to Cosplay to not only the country, but to the world.

This is the official Facebook page of Aoime, a cosplayer from Hungary. Aoime is like many veteran cosplayers that not only does her own costuming, but her makeup, hair, and wig styling. Aoime does a lot of armour pieces, and I've noticed that she seems to be very good at headpieces. Some of Aoime's pieces seem magical in that such large and bold pieces stay on so well placed and straight. Aoime's work is also very well detailed, and the equal to anyone that would be considered a master cosplayer. Aoime is the type of cosplayer that continues to raise the bar for what it means to be a cosplayer and not just some boy or girl in a costume.

This is the official Facebook page for the Egg Sisters. The Egg Sisters are definitely two of the most talented cosplayers that I have ever come across online. Their creature effects are extraordinary! I have never seen such a great use of neon colouring combined with complete and precise detail. The Egg Sisters' more conventional creature effects are just as great. The Egg Sisters are also master crafters of prodigious armour and weapons, crafting giant detailed pieces from both medieval and futuristic themes. At this moment I do not think they boast such impressive portfolios as other cosplayers that have become superstars, but there are probably only a small percentage of cosplayers out there that put as much skill and perfection into their cosplays as the Egg Sisters. Great examples of their work right now include their World of Warcraft Forsaken Rogue, Final Fantasy XIV Garuda, and Overwatch Blackgardt.

This is the official website of Saphira Cosplay, a Portuguese cosplayer living in the UK. Saphira Cosplay is what I call a Jill of All Trades, but if I had to describe her skills, I would say that Saphira Cosplay graduated from Cosplay University with a major in Engineering with a concentration in Accessories, Trinkets, and Crystals. Saphira Cosplay's costumes show work in all of the major groups, but really excels in tinkering and producing accessories. In fact, she sells her very unique accessories on her page. 'Want to propose with a Pokemon jewelry box? 'Ever wanted a black Kyber Crystal for your lightsaber? Perhaps your Pickachu amiibo needs some sprucing up? Saphira Cosplay has you covered.

Iris Harley Quinn Cosplay has the soul of an actress that also has the talent to do her own costuming, makeup, and wig styling, but don't let that make you think that either one is easy. Because of her love of acting, I think that Iris Harley Quinn Cosplay chooses some of the most striking and expressive characters in comic books and other media. Iris Harley Quinn Cosplay reminds us that Cosplay is not from "Costume Play" like so many of us say it is. It is from the similar phrase "Costume Roleplay," which actually makes more sense when you think about it. It's one of he reasons that I hold cosplayers in such high regard. Even the cosplayers that don't really costume can gain a fanbase, but Iris Harley Quinn Cosplay has that keen charm and desire to become her characters that many of the newfangled cosplayers lack. Iris Harley Quinn Cosplay is very proficient in working with leathers and vinyls which is also telltale of her love of comic book characters.

This is the Facebook page for Aokiji Cosplay. Aokiji Cosplay has all of the presence and chiseled good looks of a gentleman model. That plus his masterful skills in makeup, hair, and wig styling make for a great combination in a cosplayer. Where most male cosplayers are either covered in heavy armour and props, or rely on twinkish or rugged good looks, Aokiji Cosplay takes more after his female counterparts in his refined skills sets. His costumes are beautifully accurate and his hair and makeup are on point. Aokiji Cosplay is also a chameleon of sorts playing imposing figures such as Xerxes, beautiful characters like Whis, and mythically breathtaking djinn and gods. For those interested, Aokiji Cosplay does commission work as well.

If you get the sense of being in the presence of a thespian and theatre person when you meet Canvas Cosplay, then you are correct. Also known in the theatre world as Philip Odango, Canvas Cosplay is a theatre manager, director, and producer, not to mention award winning cosplayer. Canvas Cosplay has shown experience with working with ancient types of armour crafting and weapons, but I am a fan of his tailored robes and capes. Canvas Cosplay is a true example of why I consider cosplayers "greatest of performers." He just happens to have a leg up on most cosplayers because he is classically trained and experienced in capturing that great acting presence and feeling of authenticity and suspension of disbelief that amateurs thirst for. When not expanding on his considerable cosplaying skills, Canvas Cosplay shares his expertise with his fellows. Bravo, Canvas Cosplay. Bravo.

By now you've probably come across a lot of bodybuilding and fitness cosplayers, expecially if they are male. However, have you ever met one that was an oil painter? Yes, Leobane Cosplay is an oil painting fitness cosplayer...that also loves to travel and knows magic! Leobane Cosplay makes accurate cosplays of your favourite characters from games, cartoons, and anime. Leobane Cosplay works with all types of materials, crafting all sorts of sturdy costumes, including medieval armours. As great as all of these things are in a cosplayer, I think Leobane Cosplay's greatest attribute is his heart. Leobane Cosplay has muscles as huge as a glacier, but a smile and sense of humour that can melt one, too. Perhaps his charm, art skills, and love of travels comes from him being French?

This is the official page for Mitternacht Cosplay of Sweden. Mitternacht Cosplay got bitten by the cosplay bug via her love of Naruto, just as so many others. Mitternacht Cosplay is not only an awesome costumer, but a creative cosplayer as well, being the only cosplayer that I know to attempt a Malachite cosplay. In fact, chances are that if you Google "Malachite Leg Tutorial," you will get hers. (Even though they look more like back ground arms to me. LOL) 'Still not original enough for you? Mitternacht Cosplay is also the only woman I've seen to work glass in her face for a character since "Return of the Living Dead 3." (Bloody Mary from The Wolf Among Us) When Mitternacht Cosplay is not carousing with her friends and boyfriend, she is making art with her group, known as B.A.K.A. Cosplay.

This is the official website for Italian cosplayer Mogu Cospaly. Mogu Cosplay is an award winning and internationally recognised representative for Italy, having graced a multitude of conventions and competitions. Mogu Cosplay makes some of the most beautifully well-made cosplays that I have ever seen. With as elaborately and professionally made as Mogu Cosplay's pieces are , I would not be surprised if makeup and design was in her future if Mogu Cosplay isn't doing that already. All of Mogu Cosplays's work is delicately detailed and fiercely flaired. Mogu Cosplay reminds me of Demorafairy Cosplay's work, not in overall style, but in mastery and level of beauty in tailoring. Mogu Cospaly is also a designer and architect. All of Mogu Cosplay's passions and skills meld perfectly to make her a beautifully eclectic chameleon.

This is the official page for The Stylish Geek. The Stylish Geek is one of the true mogul cosplayers out there. The Stylish Geek is more than just a talented cosplayer, but a brand in herself. As a style or cosplayer, I would say that The Stylish Geek is a master of minimalist accurate cosplay; I'll try to explain. The Stylish Geek has an uncanny skill in interpreting a character into a cosplay that is not necessarily 100% accurate in all details and proportions, but captures the essence of that character in the details that she chooses to translate into her cosplay. A great example of The Stylish Geek's technique is her helmetless Darth Vader. The Stylish Geek also has cosplays that are pretty accurate, but use more practical materials, like her "X-Men: Age of Apocalypse" Psyloke. Another thing that The Stylish Geek does is just an overall sprucing up of a character into a more fashionable version of itself, like her Kylo Ren. The Stylish Geek's page is not only a hub for her brand, but a blog on geek fashion, with special offers from chic stores as well.

This is the Facebook page for Daria Kulikova. Daria Kulikova is but one of many very talented and beautiful cosplayers and models from Russia. Daria Kulikova has all the skills you would expect from a master costumer and the extreme heat you would also expect from a model. What I think is truly unique about Daria Kulikova's style is that her characters all have a gritty realism to them. Daria Kulikova's characterss are all one part costuming, one part modeling, one part oil painting, one part resin figure! Some of Daria Kulikova's works, like her Davidian, make you want to prop her up and set her on a shelf, unopened. Others like her Vampirella give a blood caked helping of both sex and horror. I think Daria Kulikova's style is like a perfect melding of Jannet Incosplay and Elena Samko Cosplay.

This is the Facebook page for KaijuQueen Cosplay. KaijuQueen Cosplay is the type of cosplayer that I first started my cosplay section of Cool Links for. KaijuQueen Cosplay is a geek and lover of fandoms. KaijuQueen Cosplay takes that love and makes art, while escapeing into the fellowship that has become the cosplay community. KaijuQueen Cosplay crafts all of her weapons, but is not above trading costuming and crafting for her projects. Along with the vast majority of her costumes, KaijuQueen Cosplay does all of her makeup, hair, and wig styling. While KaijuQueen Cosplay has not done outright commission work, as mentioned before, she is VERY social and shares her crafting with other cosplayers in her network. Like so many cosplayers I know, KaijuQueen Cosplay does this for all of the best reasons to do cosplay. She does it for art, fellowship, and love; to celebrate life.

Dezi is one of my favourite types of cosplayers: the burlesque cosplayer. I find myself at a loss for words with Dezi. When I think of all of the things that I love about burlesque, Dezi is the most like my ideal than anyone that I can think of. Dezi constantly experiments with her presentation. Dezi's performance cosplays are sexy, yet somehow portray the essence of the characters that we grew up with and love. (Have you ever seen a sexy Dexter? You will.) It's no surprise that Dezi works with latex, but not nearly as much as one might expect. Being a cosplayer so readily adds to Dezi's art. As a model, Dezi is well polished. I get the feeling that Dezi could be a Suicide Girl easily, but she's got more to say than the average Suicide, and is more of a brand in herself. If I had to get formulaic as to the cocktail recipe of how to make a Dezi, I'd say she was two parts Maki Roll, one part Heathen (Heathen Suicide), one part Cade, and a splash of Nikki Nevermore. I pray that Dezi is merciful of my oversimplification of her...

This is the Facebook page for Dudus Arrrt. Dudus Arrrt is a WOMAN from Hungary. Yes, although a lot of her cosplays are those of burly, stout, or hulking men, Dudus Arrrt is very much female. I don't know how Dudus Arrrt does it, but the faces of her cosplays are unreal in how realistic they are. Then, Dudus Arrrt's actual costumes are masterfully done as well. Dudus Arrrt's character cosplays belong in a Peter Jackson film. They're that good. Dudus Arrrt also creates perfect skin scarring in her cosplays. I would love to see Dudus Arrrt to try some creature effects to make a horror cosplay, but her style seems to be warm and fuzzy rather than mind tearing and terrifying...but I'm sure she could..!

In the limited dealings that I have had with Smirka Cosplay, she is one of the warmest cosplayers that I have ever encountered. This probably serves Smirka Cosplay well since she is from Moscow, Russia, one of an increasing number of Amazon cosplay goddesses from the former Soviet Union. If I had to guess, I'd say that Smirka Cosplay is a comic book and former 16 bit gamer at heart. Smirka Cosplay is the only cosplayer I have ever seen to cosplay as Princess What's Her Name, and one of the few I've seen do Silver Sable so well. In fact, I think Smirka Cosplay does an especially good job at cosplaying majestic women with power and mystique, like Storm and Raven. Like most of her comrades, Smirka Cosplay does it all: costuming, makeup, hair, wig styling, and modeling. Smirka Cosplay models and works with her friend Milena Hime Cosplay, who is an exceptional photographer as well.

Jonathan Adam is a diamond in the rough of male cosplayers choosing dramatic characters that require skills in makeup and style rather than crafting and armour. Jonathan Adam is like a shining knight of the cosplay world that not only seeks to ever improve his art, but devotes time to helping others do so as well, even if it is by just upholding his principles as a cosplayer. Jonathan Adam does not believe in contrary actions in or out of cosplay character, and makes it a point to respect all of his fellows, regardless of perceived skill in the craft, or dedication. While I do not think that Jonathan Adam's works concentrate on armour as this writing, he is a crafter and does still do his own pieces. Notable cosplay of his include Sephiroth, Dante, and Alucard. In fact, Jonathan Adam is probably THE best Alucard that I have ever seen! If they ever make a live action of Hellsing, they need to look Jonathan Adam up.

Crescent Kitty Cosplay is an interesting cosplayer. If you are not familiar with Crescent Kitty Cosplay, it could be because she is known by many other names, including OscuroLupo, Misaki, and Wolfsmother. I think that Crescent Kitty Cosplay is a very talented crafter. Her crafted pieces of her costumes have a very sturdy and functional look to them; they are very professionally done.Crescent Kitty Cosplay is also an exceptional makeup effects artist. All one must do is look at her Widowmaker cosplay, and they can see her skills in costuming, crafting, and makeup effects culminate in that one perfect cosplay. Crescent Kitty Cosplay is also a gas mask enthusiast. Crescent Kitty Cosplay's interest in gas masks creates an aesthetic in her that creates such perfectly smooth and refined props, and accurately produced costumes. I think Crescent Kitty Cosplay would be a beast if she tried her hand in full tech and fantasy armour crafting. I am also curious to see what would happen if Crescent Kitty Cosplay experimented in creature effects, as well. edit text

Pixelpantz is a maker. Pixelpantz likes bending and making her own rules, so she is a gamer. Pixelpantz likes twisting meanings and sounds of words, so she is a pun master. Pixelpantz likes to recreate herself and her heroes from her fandoms, so she is a cosplayer. Pixelpantz is very much a crafter, and I can tell it in her costumes' head and armour pieces, and props. I would say that Pixelpantz cosplay is the fantasy crafting counterpart to the technologically inclined Crescent Kitty Copslay. Pixelpantz creates a lot of well made armour cosplays, including her original Ashes of Al'ar, based off a mount from Blizzard's World of Warcraft. Even though Pixelpantz creates a number of great armour cosplays, she also does her fair share of tailored works, such as her very underrated Disney Snow White, which is actually right up there with Riddle's refined version.

Every now and then I get a cosplay crush on someone because of her skills to transform herself into so many characters with such extremely different bodies and faces. The Egg Sisters did that to me. Elena Samko Cosplay is another. The latest as of this entry is Henchwench. Henchwench makes masterful fantasy and tech armours and props. Henchwench's creature and makeup effects are also outstanding, and all of these skills can be seen in her cosplay of a Tier 19 Orc Death Knight. Henchwench also makes a myriad of other costumes of varying materials, textures, and designs. How did Henchwench get so talented? Henchwench might just be the most LEGITIMATELY talented cosplayer I have encountered, having earned a Bachelor of Dramatic Arts in Costume, and studying post grad costume design at the Australian Film, Television, and Radio School. (Yes, she is an Aussie!) As you might have guessed, Henchwench is one of those elite cosplayers that has her costuming professionally featured in movies, television, and theatre. If you are interested in Henchwench's techniques, she blogs and makes tutorials on costuming as well.

A.K. Wirru, also known as AmenoKitarou, is a costumer, cosplayer, model, martial artist, instructor, and workshop presenter from Sydney, Australia. A.K. Wirru is one of the few male cosplayers that I know who makes visually elaborate and large stunningly beautiful cosplays. Like Old Trenchy, A.K. Wirru is a true costumer, some of whom's works are more like constructs and masterpieces of fabrication in their own rights rather than just cosplays. However, A.K. Wirru is not just content to be the faceless man underneath all the padding and worbla. There are also A.K. Wirru's other cosplays, that are more conventional, but no less beautiful in their own rights. These other cosplays show off A.K. Wirru's skills not only in costuming, but in modeling and martial arts, as these tend to be epic warriors and heroes with great physiques and athletic prowess. In fact, A.K. Wirru's warrior cosplays are also so accurately and beautifully done, that this aspect of his work also reminds me of Aokiji Cosplay, Are there any more cosplayers that I can compare A.K. Wirru with? Oh yeah, he loves puns, just like Pixelpantz!  One of the things that I do not seeing many male cosplayers repeating is that A.K. Wirru is the only male cosplayer that I know that has successfully cosplayed Mai Shiranui from the Fatal Fury series!  Maybe KeltonFX could give him a run for his money on that one.

Kuma Cosplay is a French cosplayer and armour phenom. You can say that Kuma Cosplay got an early start in her passion for armour, as she has been a lover of helmets since early childhood! Kuma Cosplay creates huge, bulky, and gritty fantasy armours, as well as sleek, LED powered and mechanised tech armours. In the short time of 5 years between 2011 and 2016, you can really see how Kuma Cosplay went from proficient armour crafter, to a master in her own right. One quality that I think is underrated in Kuma Cosplay's work is her dyeing, painting, and emboss work that she treats her armours with, for just the right hues, lusters, and textures. All of these qualities give Kuma Cosplay's works not only great detail and accuracy in reproduction, in some cases, but that stunning and awe inspiring illusion of indestructible functionality that all armour crafters strive for.

This is the official website for East Coast cosplayer, Maxine Miles. Maxine Miles cosplays a lot of fantasy characters, martial artists, and fighters. Maxine Miles's cosplays tend to be a mix of light armours and tailoring, with some great fur hide. Maxine Miles also crafts her own props and weapons. Maxine Miles is a mistress of wild women and warriors, as many of them have costumes that have the skimpy sexy armour of female game heroines, but also the hides of slain beasts. In fact, I think that Maxine Mile's proficiency in working with fur and thick cloths translates well into her making of plushies. Despite these personal preferences, Maxine Miles is not limited to these styles and does accept commission jobs of all sorts.

Katya Keller is a cosplayer from Voronezh, Russia, where she creates cosplays as a part of the cosplay duo of Shargon & Keller. Katya Keller is definitely a fan of fantasy and it's lore, as all of her cosplays are either from games, legends, stories, and fairy tales in that genre. Katya Keller crafts light to moderately heavy armours and props, as well as perfect spellcaster battle robes and headdresses. I can also tell that Katya Keller is also a resident of Azaroth because I used to be one, and her cosplays of Keldorei and Sin'dorei perfectly capture the aesthetics of those races and their gear, down to the different types of lashes, ears, tones, and hues. Of all of Katya Keller's cosplays, I am especially a fan of her original design of the Russian folk tale character, Elena the Wise.

Kitana Cosplay is another of what I would call a "total package elite cosplayer from Russia." Kitana Cosplay is from Moscow, and like so many of the talented cosplayers that hail from Russia, she makes her own cosplays, props, and wigs, and styles her own hair, wigs, and makeup. Kitana Cosplay does not seem to like to cosplay characters that are too armoured, but makes beautiful cosplays of warriors and supernatural beings in sexier things like bodysuits, battle gowns, light armours, and battle corsets. Kitana Cosplay also uses more body painting in her creature effects, than the average cosplayer.  Kitana Cosplay is also a lot more accessible than a lot of her Russian cosplay superstar counterparts.

I had the pleasure of meeting Mark Knight Rises at MegaCon Tampa 2018.  I had actually mistaken Mark Knight Rises for Jonathan Carroll, the cosplayer and actor who portrayed Wolverine in the Bat in the Sun Super Power Beat Down of Wonder Woman Vs. Wolverine.  Mark Knight Rises is a lover of superheroes, the dirtier, grittier, and meaner, the better!  I get the feeling that Mark Knight Rises is a relatively newcomer on the cosplay scene, but you couldn't tell by how he takes a picture and the work that Mark Knight Rises does on his costumes.  Mark Knight Rises is a great character cosplayer, and I can't wait to see how his portfolio grows in the future.