Ember Explains Stanley Saga

by The Stan Chan

The Stan Chan is just another name for the Church of CAWD, who features High Priestess Ember Enfierno, Crestfallen, OPete, and others.

Their humour is not for the squeamish because what they do is not for the faint of heart. These folks are one group among many who despise child predators and praise the acts of those that do their part in not only exposing child predators, but humiliating them as well. The Church of CAWD troll and prank the TCAP (To Catch a Predator) criminals long after the show has ended.

This video is like a summary of all of the pranks that The Church of CAWD did to Stanley Kendall, a former TCAP criminal that was a school teacher that preyed upon young boys. I'll say it again: This is just a summary. They have hours and hours of recordings of them fooling and trolling Stanley Kendall, who later died shortly after this great long prank was revealed.

Some of you might wonder if it is a little grim or exhausting to pull something of this magnitude off. Perhaps.' But to you that think that way, I ask this question: Without To Catch a Predator, is there really anything as large or well known giving internet predators that tiny voice of fear int the back of their heads anymore? I mean, there are multiple "Creep Catcher" and "POP Squads" out there on YouTube, and Chris Hansen does his "Hansen Vs. Predator" every now and then on Crime Watch Daily, but did any of it reach as many people as the old To Catch a Predators on Dateline?

I think The Church of CAWD and other troll groups like them serve a purpose.

Posted by HERETICPRIME on May 13, 2018 at 12:01 PM 153 Views

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