Cosplay Night (Cartoons) at Battle & Brew Cosplay Night (Cartoons) at Battle & Brew Rick, Professor Chaos, Daria, and Coon 201274161 Eeyore 201274162 Tintin with Snowy, and Umbreon 201274163 Raven, Luigi, Shaggy with Scooby, Aang, and Wendy 201274164 Deadpool and Joker 201274165 April O'Neil 201274166 Pam Sarah of Battle & Brew as Pam from Archer 201274168 Rogue 201274169 Yang Xiao Long 201274170 Casey Jones 201274171 Miss Bellum 201274172 Pam and Rogue 201274173 Francine Smith 201274174 Kim Possible Takumisa Cosplay as Kim Possible from Kim Possible 201274175 Unknown Cosplay and Pam Brian of Battle & Brew interviewing Archer characters 201274176 Storm 201274177