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Patreon: 'Helping Fans Support Cosplayers or 'Helping Porn Actresses Find Sugar Daddies?

Posted by HERETICPRIME on November 16, 2016 at 1:45 PM

Anyone that's been reading these articles probably has an idea of how I feel about cosplayers using crowd funding campaigns.  I'm not too keen on it.  With the invention of Patreon, I thought that a wonderful solution for satisfying crowd funding cosplayers was made.  There is no mistake as to what it is for.  It does not abuse a system of funding meant to help people and causes in desperate need.  It is to help support cosplayers so that they may make more costumes, advance their art, and even connect with fans and admirers.  With this great compromise, you might wonder why I have had concern with Patreon as of late.  I think that Patreon's spirit is now being sullied by some of the cosplayers it was meant to serve.

I've noticed a trend with cosplayers enticing patrons to donate more and more money a month with increasingly nude and sexually explicit incentives.  Now saying this, I will state that I have nothing against nudity, sexuality, pornography, or even sex work.  I have worked in the retail side of the adult industry.  My problem is that I do not like adult business mixed with my art, and I consider cosplay art.

Now, I realise that I may just be the prude, here.  I might be the one with the problem.  I don't like the idea of blatant pornography in my cosplay, or selling sexuality in cosplay.  You may also think my view points are confusing because I condone the adult industry; perhaps hypocritical, even.  However, to me, cosplayers hold a spot close to, if not sanctity, and I respect them for their talents, skills, and personality.

Okay, I've said my piece on that.  I'll get of my soapbox...for now.

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