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Up and Coming Cosplayers with Akiza Cosplay: Interview

Posted by HERETICPRIME on April 17, 2019 at 8:35 AM

Photograph by Colors of Cronos

Sometimes I feel like I'm a broken record when I speak of how I enjoy my job because I get to "meet cosplayers of all kinds," and sometimes the depth of that meaning escapes even myself.  What many people do not realise, is that there are not only so may different cosplayers of varying levels, but so many differently great cosplayers of varying levels.  This brings me to the Up and Coming Cosplayer for the end of this month, Akiza Cosplay

Akiza Coplayer does not cosplay sexy cosplay characters too much.  In fact, I would even go so far that she chooses not to depend on the sexuality or senuality of characters that do have it. 

Along with that is another difference that some could argue is also refreshing.  Akiza Cosplay has a modesty when it comes to her photos.  Before Akiza Cosplay agreed to be featured, she made a condition that every picture be expressly credited.  In a time when most professional photographers take the time to create seals or imprinted captions for their works, Akiza Cosplay was concerned that her photographers still would not recieve their credit.  Akiza Cosplay has all of the virtues that so many cosplayers today have either forgotten or never learned on the fast track to Patreon patrons.

Please join me as I introduce a modest cosplayer that I felt deserved the opportunity to be an Up and Coming Cosplayer::  Akiza Cosplay.

Photograph by focus ON Photography

Lots of cosplayers have interesting stories as to how they come up with their names. Do you mind telling the story of how you came up with yours?  From what I understand, it also loosely relates to you meeting your boyfriend at that time.

I really like the character Akiza from the anime Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's.  Therefore, this was my nickname in an anime and manga forum where I also got to know my boyfriend from.  Because of such a huge positive thing, and because I like the character Akiza from the anime, and could identify myself with her, I choosed this as my cosplay name.

 I could be wrong, but you look like the type of cosplayer that cosplays for fun rather than career.  Is that true, or are you trying to make a brand of yourself?

Fun is one of the most important things about cosplaying.  I do all this because I have fun to make the costumes, wear them, and meet friends with the same hobby.  Now, I don't try to make a brand of myself, but in the future it would be great if I can live from cosplaying and can work every day at cosplays.

Photograph by Swords & Blueberries Creatives

I think you might be the first cosplayer that I've spoke to from Germany.  What is the cosplay scene like in Germany?

The cosplay scene is friendly and helpful.  At conventions you meet very friendly people and can always have a good talk with them.  You can also find new friends, and if you have a problem with your cosplay you can ask for help, and they try to help you.

Photograph by JS Fotografie

Are there a lot of anime conventions in Germany?  What other conventions are there in Germany that are cosplay friendly?

Yes, there are.  Most of them are in the west of Germany, but you can find anime conventions nearly everywhere in Germany.  For example, Gamescom is an exhibition convention about games, but also great as a cosplayer.  I've heard also many positive things about Frankfurt and Leipzig Book Fair, but I was never there by myself.

Have you ever been to the USA to experience our culture and conventions?  In your opinion, how do you think Germany's convention and cosplay scene compares to The States?

Sadly, I've never been to the USA, but I would love to experience it someday.  I think they are both very similar.  Of course there are more and bigger conventions in the USA than in Germany, but in general, in both countries are anime and non-anime conventions, and both cosplay scenes are friendly and helpful.

Photograph by Sealy's Lightworks

What kind of characters do you like cosplaying?  What attracts you to a character?

I really like to cosplay characters which I like from their character or I can identify with.  For example, I like the manner from Najenda, from Akame ga Kill!, and I also do bad jokes like her, so I definitely had to cosplay her.

I think I've seen you cosplay as Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck.  Do you ever get the urge to cosplay any softer or sexier characters more often?

'Not really.' I don't feel comfy when I show too much skin.  Neliel was definitely a cosplay I thought a lot about if I would feel myself comfy, so I lengthened the clothes a bit until I was satisfied, and it also fits to the character.

Photograph by Sealy's Lightworks

In a photo shoot as Najenda you posed with an actual falcon!  How did you do that?  How often do you cosplay with animals?

I really love the falcon.  I was at a convention as Najenda and saw a team (Skyhunters in Nature) with different birds like that falcon, or an owl, and a photo with an falcon suits perfect to Najenda, so I decided instantly that I wanted a photo with the falcon.  This was my first and last time that I made a photo with an animal, and I was so nervous, but I really liked it, and would love to shoot with animals more often.

Photograph by Picture Project Photography

You seem to be one of those cosplayers that likes to cosplay in a crew with others.  Who do you like cosplaying with?  Who are your crew?

I really like to cosplay with others, but actually I don't have a permanent crew.  It's more that I meet these awesome people at a convention and spend time with them there.

Are there any big cosplayers in Germany that we might not have heard of in The States?  Are there any here that you admire?


Of course, there are cosplayers I admire.  In Germany are great cosplayers like Kamui Cosplay, Maul Cosplay, Bakka Cosplay, Lara Weagener Arts, Cyehra Cosplay, Lightning Cosplay, and much more.  In The States I really like the work from Alyson Tabbitha and Evil Ted Smith. They all do great cosplay work, and are a huge inspiration and help.


Who are your favourite cosplayers in general?

All I mentioned in the answer before and also Leon Chiro.

Photograph by ATomPhoto

Before we say goodbye, we like to give our Up and Coming Cosplayers a chance to give a final thought or message to our readers.  What would you like to say?

Don't give up so easy.  It's totally normal to struggle when working on cosplays.  If you don't know how to solve a problem, maybe a small pause to clean your head or help from others will help you to solve it.  You always grow with every project, and that can only happen if you try to make it.

Go beyond Plus Ultra!

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