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Up and Coming Cosplayers with Neverdreamchild: Interview

Posted by HERETICPRIME on March 20, 2019 at 1:40 AM

Neverdreamchild is a cosplaying neighbour from up North.  Unlike so many ladies of cosplay, Neverdreamchild does not cosplay many pretty or sexy characters.  In fact, until recently, the vast majority of Neverdreamchild's cosplay characters have been men.  In fact, there are many things about Neverdreamchild that are special and go against the norm of cosplayers; how could we not want to feature her?

All Cool Things™ hopes you enjoy getting to know Neverdreamchild.

I gotta ask this:   How did you come up with your cosplay name?  It is a mouthful!

When I first started cosplaying I started off as a different user. I think it was a little too specific and not really 100% me.  From back then when I created the cosplay name, (8+ years ago) I was a child at heart ('Still am somewhat!).  I also grew up on a Disney “diet.” I knew nothing else but classic Disney films and even the old Mickey Mouse cartoons.

Basically if I’d break down my cosplay name.  It would be "Never Stop Dreaming Child."

At the time, it was more of a username VS cosplay name haha!

People cosplay for different reasons. What does it mean to you? What do you get out of it?

Cosplay is my second longest hobby.  To think a few years back, I wanted to drop out of it.  I had to consider leaving cosplay due personal reasons.  It was a tough time.  However, the more I got away, the more I missed cosplay and wanted to work on new projects and dress up as my favourite characters.  It is mainly for fun and to be creative; to be a character I am not for a day.  After 13 years I could not let go, and now I cosplay more than ever, and I have never been happier!

Cosplay to me is a triumph,and shows me every day how strong I have become as a person.  'And also just a reason to dress up as my favourite characters and have fun!

From the work and type of energy you put into your cosplay, I have a suspicion of something:   Were you a big drama nerd in school?  Did you participate in a lot of plays or performances?

People do have that impression of me.  My partner calls it “Libra magic,” if you’re into zodiacs and all that!  I did one year of theater class in high school; it was not good,  I learnt that I had stage fright, and somehow had to pull through so I would not fail my class.  I think back on it and think it is funny.  I’m very much your introvert who has learnt to adapt around people.

I am a huge fan of LARPs and getting in character since I was young. I never grew out of it.

What attracts you to a character for cosplay?  Are there traits in a character that you have noticed that reoccur in your choice?  Is what draws you to a character all over the place, sometimes?  What draws you?

I cosplay the characters I love, my favourites; whether personality or design even the backstory!  Get the three of those combined, and you’ve got a winner!  Sometimes I’ve loved that character for a long time like some of my future cosplays like Anastasia or Kida (Atlantis).  Other times I’m head over heels over a character, and I need to fully love them like Connor from Detroit Become Human.

I saw a picture of you as Australia from Hetalia:   Axis Powers.  How hard was it to cosplay that?

What a throwback!  It depends which pictures!  I did do quite a lot of fan service with Australia.  I have a bit of an androgynous body, especially back then.  I was into many sports at the time and had a toned body.  All my Australia pictures are either flexing & posing, fan service, photoshopped locations, or a mix of all three!  I was younger still living with my mother.  All photos were taken in the basement, and "who wants a basement background is what I would tell myself."

You actually do a few of male cosplays.   If you had to guess, about what percentage of your cosplays would you say were male?

It’s slowly becoming more of a 50/50.  It’s only in the recent years that I’ve began cosplaying more female characters.  It has a lot to do with my self-esteem since I always thought myself as an androgynous/more masculine looking person.  A few years back it would of easily been 9/10.  I’m so happy to be cosplaying both now!  A lot of cosplayers think that to push yourself in doing new cosplays means kick ass armor or wings, or something just crazy out of their comfort zone, when for me it was a matter of cosplaying my own gender haha!

I saw that you did a photoshoot for your D.Va cosplay in which you had an interesting manner of "retiring" that cosplay.  Would you care to elaborate for our readers on your interesting method?

I trashed it with a bang!  I love D.Va and I love the lore she was given!  At the time, her short had not been released, and I kept holding on to the idea of her being a war vet in the effects of war.

I ripped it apart, dirtied it by rubbing it against asphalt, and threw fake blood all over it.  When I got to location, which was an abandoned arson house, I dirtied some more;100% worth it!

In my time of admiring cosplayers, I've noticed that most can be split into two social groups.   Some are very solo-minded in their work and in attending events.   Some are super social, collaborating and meeting up with lots of folks, and making quick friends at conventions.   Then there are the ones that have a crew that they regularly work with and even cosplay together with, in theme.  Would you say that you are the latter?   Would you like to shout out to your cosplay crew?

I’ve been cosplaying with my friends for some time, one of them I met through cosplay at a con!  I love meeting people and making friends through cosplay.  Though I am very shy, I am learning to break out of my shell once again.  My crew would consist of my partner in crime/fiancée and two best friends.  Not all three are really on social media, aside from one for her amazing watercolours as Justisaisfine.

We cosplay together, attend cons together.  We don’t even have to be in the same cosplays, we’ll always stick together.  The real close team is my fiancée, Justisaisfine, and I.  We’re a team; from making cosplays together, making armors, dressing up, doing make up, being photographer for our shoots or editing; we all have our roles and our fortes.  We always have each other’s back and support in and out of con!

Your fiance actually cosplays with you. Do you mind telling us about her?   How did you meet?   How did she get into cosplay?

My fiancée and I are highschool sweethearts.  We’ve been together for as lomg as we’ve been cosplaying.  We were actually friends in elementary school before that!  She is my biggest supporter and motivator, and I could never thank her enough.  She’s the photographer for at least half of my photoshoots.  She has no experience in it, but she is always willing to try.  She’ll drive me out to locations too.

We got into cosplay together.  We come from a small town where we thought cosplay wasn’t even a thing; it was just dress up.  Initially, we didn’t know cons were a thing.  She thought we’d have to create one!  Turns out with google with learnt of Anime North in 2015, and had her father drive us to Toronto.  That was a first huge con experience for the both of us,and we haven’t stopped since!

I think there is a picture of your fiance in cosplay.   She has chest hair.   How did you/she do that?

We call my fiancée the beard expert.  Whether it's facial hair or chest hair, she’s got you!  For her Varric photos, it was painted on with a stipple brush/cube.  She’s often been asked about any “hair” aspect of her cosplays.  Most people will think she’s a man who grew out a beard and dyed or something, until she starts talking, and then cue the shock and amazement of others!

It's pretty obvious that you and your crew are pretty keen on makeup.   Are there any folks in cosplay that you look up to as far as skills go in that department or any other?

We’re keen on makeup because I am keen on makeup.  I do the makeup on my entire crew for every single cosplay.  My fiancée takes care of facial hair for whoever needs it.

As for who I look up to; Alysson Tabitha by far.  Her makeup skills are beyond any words can describe.  I truly look up to her, she’s the one cosplayer that got me back into cosplay when I wanted to give it all up.  I couldn’t thank her enough.

Do you have any parting thoughts for your readers or your followers?

Never give up.  Do not be afraid of trying new things and step out of your safety bubble.  If you love a character, no matter the skin, weight, size, height, age, just do it!  Don’t restrict yourself and don’t compare to others only to put yourself down.  We are love these characters and cosplay them because we love them.  Make friends, meet people, join groups, and talk to others!  Cosplayers are always there to support one another and help each other no matter what.  The community has grown immensely in the last decade; don’t be afraid to reach out.  Love yourself and the characters you cosplay and just have fun! 

Did you enjoy meeting Neverdreamchild?  She was one of the nicest and most accomodating cosplayer that I have worked with in this Up and Coming Cosplayer series.

As you can tell by her cosplay, she is a serious artist.  If you would like to support her, I deeply urge you to on her Ko-fi account.  You can also show love by following and Liking her social media accounts.  However, I think nothing helps more than sharing their work.  'Especially articles like this.

Thanks for reading, and see you again in two days for Neverdreamchild's very artistic pictorial.


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