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Up and Coming Cosplayers with BadAsh Cosplay: Interview

Posted by HERETICPRIME on January 15, 2019 at 11:50 PM

This Up and Coming Cosplayer hails from Witchita, Kansas, and if you listen to her, you might just learn something about cosplay...and Math.  We introduce to you, Up and Coming Cosplayer BadAsh Cosplay!

You are definitely a veteran of the cosplaying community, and I see that you learned seaming and tailoring at a very young age from your motherand grandmother.   Could you have dreamed that you would become the cosplayer you are way back then?

Nope.  I started with small quilts and pillowcases, and I hated it.  It wasn't until cosplay did I really start to love sewing, and crafting in general, and was so thankful for those early sewing lessons.



Prop making was a different process for you.   Could you please explain what you consider "The Experimental Process?" (It almost sounds like it should patent pending!)


I don't know about a patent, but my experimental process begins with sketching and dreaming up what materials I plan to make something out of.  Then, with Google, trips to the craft stores, and conversations with other cosplayers, I try a bunch of stuff.  I keep trying, and keep trying, and keep trying, and keep trying, until I'm happy with what I have created!  Lately I've been really into insulation foam and modge podge, but I'm going to next experiment with insulation foam and other sealants...


For me it would be hard to miss that you are also a math teacher.  I could fill the rest of this interview alone with questions of how these two worlds have mingled with each other, but I'll resist on the number of questions.   Do you share the fact that you cosplay with faculty or students?


YES!  I was scared at first, but I realized after my first year of teaching that hiding part of myself kept me from building relationships with my students and co-workers.  Now I tell them Day 1, including pictures.  Students never ask anymore what I'm doing over a school break; they know I'm working on cosplay.  When I'm absent and have a substitute teacher, they assume I'm at a con.  My co-workers ask often what I'm working on and many of them follow my social media.  I hear often from them about how talented they think I am.  I'm pretty sure the whole school knows, and they love me for it.



Have you ever seen faculty or students at conventions or events while in cosplay?   Have you ever cosplayed with faculty or students?


I run into students at almost every con here in Wichita.  I love seeing them and they love seeing me in cosplay.  I've never done in full projects with students or staff, but they have definitely requested it before.  An idea for the future!



Do you have people that you like to cosplay with or a crew you tend to cosplay with sometimes?


My main "crew" is my RWBY family.  We all met in some way because of RWBY and our cosplays, and we have done panels, cosplay groups, and competed together before.  Within that group my main bestie is Jessie of Windsong Cosplay.  She's the Yang to my Weiss.  We've done other cosplay together, such as Selphie and Quistis from Final Fantasy VIII, and have more plans for the future.  I love cosplaying with other people.  It's makes the cosplay experience 1000x better.  I also make my husband cosplay with me a lot.  He says it's "okay," but I can tell he loves when I make him stuff and take photos with him!



You seem to cosplay almost exclusively within the world of fantasy.   Is that where you also play?  Do you play things like Magic the Gathering or roleplay?


I did a lot of online roleplaying when I was in middle and high school.  Since then I have grown into video gaming and tabletop gaming.  I LOVE MAGIC THE GATHERING!  I'm a mean Blue player, and proud of it.  I play a lot of titles on my PS4, but more often I prefer to play older games (PS1 or PS2) on the PS Now. I seldom buy new games...I love stuff like Final Fantasy, Crash Bandicoot, Spyro the Dragon, Sly Cooper, Ape Escape, Shadow of the Colossus, and my personal favorite: Ōkami!



Some cosplayers were cosplayers before it became popular in it's own right.   Were you one of those that did it before, but in other communities like Sci-Fi communities, or Ren fests?


I started cosplaying at an anime con.  Cosplay was definitely still young, but they had tons of cosplayers and a pretty big contest. I wasn't before the trend, but I am definitely glad to be a part of it now.  Despite attending Ren faires long before other cons, I never dressed up.  Not really sure why. o.0



While I think all cosplayers love all of their projects, sometimes people have their favourites, and creators have thiers.   My favourite of yours are your gijinkas (especially your dragons).   What are your favourites that you have done, personally?


I really love my Weiss from RWBY, and my Caster from Fate/stay night. They took the most amount of work and receive the most love, from me and fans. Gijinkas, and just designing in general, is new to me. It's definitely a skill I never felt I would be good at. Being a "math person" you often get told that being so brainy means you're not creative, so I've never felt creative at all. It took years to undo that stigma in my mind, but I really enjoy designing or re-designing characters, especially creatures. I have a bunch of designs and sketches, some I plan to cosplay and some I just wanted to see on paper and not just in my brain. I'm not a very good 2-D artist, so I use printed off body templates to help me out.



I'm going to ask another question, because my intuition is telling me something that I want to confirm. Are you a member of any notable subcommunities of cosplay, like Ren fest folks, or furries?


So I wouldn't consider myself a member of any subcommunities related to cosplay, but I know almost everyone and everything here in Wichita.  The anime folks, the furries, the Ren fair people, the SCA, the people that run conventions, vendors, etc.  I sometimes do stuff with them, like show up for their events and tell people about them.  Word of mouth is literally the best advertisement!



I have another question my intuition is making me ask:   Are you also a crafter of memes?


I'm more of a victim of memes!  My buddy Clayton of Claxeius Cosplay, caught me taking a bunch of selfies (as Weiss, of course) and took a quick picture that had me making a...hilarious face.  From that point on, that face, MY FACE, has been called "The Smolder" in our RWBY Family and I've been a victim of many other candid photos and smolder memes.  I have developed past the anger step in this process and have accepted my fate:  I'm the Queen of the Smolder.  Besides that, I'll make memes when they show up in the cosplay social media world, such as the "If you can't handle me at my _____, then you don't deserve me at my _____" meme.  I made a bunch of those, using candid smolder cosplay faces...



In your memes you have on your Facebook cosplay page, you do the theme made famous by the Marilyn Monroe quote.   What do the ones where you have your mouth open like you're yelling, and then you have mouth shut mean? "If you can't handle me while I'm manic, then you don't deserve me when I'm depressed?"


LOL It's definitely a play on the "If you can't handle me when I'm not making a pretty pose/perfect smile, then you don't deserve my cosplay goodness." IDK.  That meme made its rounds.  I bandwagoned!


'Anything you want to say to our readers or your followers?   'Your students?

A lot of people know me as a "competition cosplayer" because I make most of my cosplays, compete a lot, and win some awards.  Sometimes competitive people get reputations for being stuck-up, full of themselves, not willing to share, hurtful towards other cosplayers, and fun-suckers of the true meaning of cosplayer.  Whelp, I will admit that I have had my stressful moments, and have gotten angry about cosplay contests not going how I hoped, but beyond that, I'm a pretty positive, loving, caring cosplayer.  My cosplay advice is always free; my inbox is always open.  I love talking with others about cosplay, whether you catch me in the hall at a con or are competing against me in a contest.  Being competitive doesn't define me as a bad cosplayer, and no one cosplayer is really better than another, no matter what award you get.  I love being on stage, I love hearing my name and character read, and I love the applause. *cue that Lady Gaga song*

I always say, the best cosplayer at a con is the cosplayer having the most fun, and that's what I always strive to be. Thank you for reading my interview!

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