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Have We Crucified MomoKun or Have Her Chickens Finally Come Home to Roost?

Posted by HERETICPRIME on July 25, 2018 at 8:40 PM

"You need people like me..!"

I'm sure a lot of you are wondering why I chose this scene of Scarface with Tony Montana as the intro picture for this article. Before I get into that, I want to make a confession: I am obsessed with Mariah Mallad.  Also known as MomoKun, she's attracted a lot of other fanatics as well. She's a knockout and can be so sultry when she wants to. I love her brand of "In Your Face" attitude. I love her confidence, and the fact that she's going to be her despite what you think. I love the fact that she is an honest wild card, and I think that a lot of people like her for that, too...but with all of those good things I said about MomoKun, I didn't say I "like" her.  I said I was obsessed with her, because when I started my assignment, I couldn't say that I fully liked her as a character or person. I used to Like her on Facebook. I used to follow her on Twitter. In the course of a year I stopped. This had nothing to do with the recent trend in not liking her for being gropey. It was more of a hypocritical attitude that I began seeing. Even with that, I still can't take my eyes off of MomoKun's exploits and follies to save my life. Yes, beauty is always hard to avoid, but so is morbid fascination.

When I started writing this article, it was going to be pretty much the same article or video blog that you've probably seen everyone else do about MomoKun, lately: "She's Public Enemy #1 in Cosplay!  She's such a bad person!  MomoKun is a disgrace to Cosplay!" The idea of that "got old real fast."  Then I thought I'd write about the Top Ten things I hated about this scandal, and the people that "report" on it, because some folks couldn't even get basic details right. (The main guy I'm thinking about must have removed his video because I can't find it, now.  He thought Momokun was a man.)  In my boredom with both ideas, something strange happened:  In all of the research I was doing to write this article, I began to like...nay, I love MomoKun all over again.  I don't know.  Call me a hopeless outsider and/or romantic, but it happened.

"Why buy the cow when the milk is free?" What are you, kidding me!!?  THIS is why!!!

What's there to love?  First off, she's effing sexy!  Okay, I like lots of different types of women, but one of my favourites that I do like is the thicc ones.  I'd be a liar if I didn't say that this is the first thing I liked about her.  Hey, we forgive a lot of monkey business when the monkey is cute, and that's all I'm going to say about that.

Say what you want, but she's going to get her daily allowance of Potassium.

MomoKun is unfiltered.  She says what she wants and does what she wants.  I can understand her first explanation of her ADHD causing her to get into trouble.  As a friend of someone whom's children grew up with ADHD, I know that when you have ADHD, you get bored very easily, and a woman like Mariah Mallad probably has some pretty spicy ways to keeps things interesting when she gets bored.  Even though this is a huge part of her charm, and part of why she is so popular and able to live off of Patreon, this has become the root of her problems.  With this weird social climate where certain people have immunity from certain consequences, and attitudes shift as far as what is considered right and wrong, it was only a matter of time before MomoKun took some backlash.

She doesn't have to.  She wants to, and the difference is huge...

As far as partygirls go, MomoKun is the real deal.  What do I mean by this?  I see cosplay sort of undergoing the same transformation that I saw the adult...okay, porn industry take on in the 90's, when I started working in it (behind counters ;)).  Rather than doing this thing out of love and excitement, women are doing it to pay bills, and they're not even depending on cosplay or costuming to pay those bills either.  What does this have to do with MomoKun being a a real partygirl?  I have the feeling that if I went to a con, and MomoKun was there, she might just talk to me.  If we were vibing really well and I invited her up to my room to play some classic SEGA Saturn (Yes, I have carried my systems around in the past at conventions.  Yes, I know I'm lame.), I think she might just come up and play.  I think MomoKun would be a lot of fun to hang with.  A lot of these Patreon cosplayers won't give most guys the time of day.  In short, she's not going to pull a Yaya Han on you and tell you that she has a cold and doesn't want to take a picture with you.  I think she's genuine.  So even though she loves her lewds, I think she is still a very approachable cosplayer that actually costumes and cosplays.  In fact, as argued in earlier articles, it could be argued that she parties too much, but hey, what party girl doesn't get that said about them every now and then?

Well, how does MomoKun recover from this?  I don't know.  She might not recover with anything other than Time.  Yeah, I know.  Time is uncontrolable, but it is dependable.  I think the best thing is for her to learn from these mistakes she has made and not repeat them. 

It's not that MomoKun is not funny, or the stunts she pulls aren't either, but you have to be sure that a person wants to be in on your joke before you pull one on her/him. It also cuts down on any shyness, embarrassment, or need to front being indignant from a spur of the moment joke. (I could be wrong, but I always felt that one guy that got his butt grabbed would have enjoyed it if he wasn't so shy and on the spot.) I don't know if MomoKun has a name for her fans, but perhaps she needs to find some easy way to identify them, so when she feels that uncontrollable urge to play with someone, she can shout out and find one.  Lara Cupcake calls her fans her "cupcakes." When she talks to her cupcakes, she knows that she is talking to a polarised fanbase.  They also have an easy way to refer to themselves.  Before pulling some really over the top stunt that requires physical contact, MomoKun could ask if there is a "Kunie Boy/Girl" that wants to be molested, and they can line up for some heavy petting hijinks.  

Okay, it's bad to be a meme, but it's also kinda cool?  Are YOU meme cool?

So anyway, back to the original question of the article and the picture of Tony Montana:  I think that MomoKun is the bad girl that everybody loves to hate.  I think we love her because she's impulsive and and outrageous, but then we turn around punish her because she crossed an invisible and hazy line.  It's kind of hard to gauge people and their tolerance levels, but even when it goes too far, a lot of times it's still entertaining.  People like Tom Green and Andy Dick made careers out of taking things too far, and oft times in a creepy way.  I remember Bam Margera getting a show by beating his old man's ass on the toilet while he was reading a newspaper.  We love it, and it's funny, sometimes even cute until the right person says it isn't anymore.  Isn't that kind of messed up?

To err is human.  To forgive is divine.

Ask yourselves, do you really think that all of the people on the witch hunt bandwagon really find MomoKun as nasty as they say?  Do you think it might possibly be a wee bit O' the green eyed monster?  How many of them are fellow cosplayers?  How many of them have Patreons that make less than her?  How many of them have less endorsements and sponsorships?  How many have they picked up after she lost some?  *shrugs shoulders* I dunno.  Now I will admit, some her explanations and attempts at rectifying the situation have been...lack lustered, but MomoKun is a very emotional person and back spinning from a full-on cosplay scandal, so I think she does deserve a little slack.  I have also seen her attempt to take responsilbity for her actions later on, and it seemed genuine to me.

MomoKun:  If you're reading this, I'd just like to say that I think you are a special part of the cosplay community, and that it would be poorer in your absense.  Put your nose to the grindstone, make some great cosplays, go have some fun with some folks at some cons, and make some real fans.  Know who your friends and aquaintances are, and know the difference, and if you do joke around with someone, make sure they're in on it.

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