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The Sky's the Limit with Neverending Dreamz

Posted by HERETICPRIME on February 13, 2018 at 10:15 AM

Neverending Dreamz is becoming an institution in the cosplay world.  I've known this guy on Facebook for a few years, now, and have always been impressed by his work and humbleness.  His talents are so striking, it's easy to think he is a few people.  'You know that guy that made that kickass Lucio?  It was him.  How about the cat that made that Genji that turned heads?  'Him, too.  Neverending Dreamz is even the one and only keyblade master, making an assortment of original themed "Sailorblades," as well as keyblades based on Pokemon, and even Fraternities!

Neverending Dreamz was kind enough to subject himself to my interro...er, interview to give the fans some insight into his world and creativity.

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How did you find out about cosplaying and when did you start?

I found out about cosplaying through a friend and started in 2009.

What does cosplaying mean to you?

To me, its a world where I can express creativity and allow my imaginations to come to life.

Are there any people that you like cosplaying with?

my friends Amanda, Terry and Action

Where do you get inspiriation?

I wanted to make my works of art physical.

What kind of cosplays do you like to perform?

I prefer anime and videogame cosplays. Preferably difficult ones. The higher the difficulty the better for me.

What types of costumes do you like to create?

All kinds!  armor, sewing, electronics

Who are some cosplayers that you respect?

Its Raining Neon is my favorite cosplayer.

What do you think about the rush of Patreon cosplayers?

I think its fine.  I will have a Patreon soon too.  I will just go about it differently then most other Cosplayer.  'A new spin on it.  

Do you like that cosplay is becoming more and more mainstream?

Yes and no, I love the fact cosplay generates more attention, but not all attention is good attention.

Do you have any cosplays that you would like to do in the future?

Hades from Saint Seiya

Any that you would like to do, but think might be too hard, right now?

Nah, I will always go for it, regardless of the difficulty.

Do you have any cosplays that you would like to revisit?  'Maybe do over with what you know, now?

Lubu from Dynasty Warriors 

Is there anything that you would want your fans, or fans of the site to know?

Truthfully, I do a lot for my fans, and I'm extremely humble they support me the way the do. I couldn't be happier with them.

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