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My Thoughts on Sinead O'Connor's Letter to Miley Cyrus

Posted by HERETICPRIME on October 3, 2013 at 7:15 PM

I'm so sick of this.

First off, how does one of Prince's girls have the balls to warn anyone of being a pop "prostitute?" It would have shown a lot more class if she pulled Miley aside and had a heart to heart. Open letters like that are for people that think their shit don't stink, and want to shame the person they are righting to while making themselves look good. Trust me, Sinéad O'Connor is not that person 'Ripping up pictures of the Pope, 'performing "Mandinka..." Yeah, she's a regular pop media genius.


And why does a woman that reinvents herself in a new sexual manner have to be some man's tool? You know, if I was a woman, I'd be insulted. When she squeaky clean, she's a pop tool. When she breaks away a little it's "Go back to Montana, Hannah!" When she starts coming into command of her sexuality, she's once again men's tool. WTF can she do so that people don't have something to say?

I'm beginning to sound like Chris Crocker up in this bitch!  And hey, I got news for all you people that are screaming bloody murder over Miley's MTV VMA performance, I want to remind you of another racy lacey woman that everyone thought when too far.  She also had a performance on an MTV awards show back in 1984, and it became iconic, and she became a pop god.  'Ring a bell?  Who do you sound like?  Do you sound like yourself back then when she took the stage, or do you sound like your grandmother?  Watch out, or you may find yourself waving an angry fist in the air scaring kids away from your pies in the window sill!  


And the thing that I really hate...that I really hate the most, is that this shit was actually dying, until this bald attention starved bitch started stirring the pot again...


Congratulations, Sinéad! I just entered your name in Google and one of the top suggestions was Sinéad O'Connor Miley Cirus! You're relevant again! You get a pat on the bald head! Your hero cookies are ready! Here ya go, some attention!  Now can you stop doing the jealous old lady thing, where you've spent your youth, money, and fun, and try to wag your finger at the young people trying to enjoy theirs?


Now...does anyone else question the merit or authority behind her letter to Miley Cyrus?

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