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Up and Coming Cosplayers with BewitchedRaven: Pictorial

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As you probably read in BewitchedRaven's interview, BewitchedRaven does not consider herself a great model.  She gives much of the credit to her husband, Sugarfree D Photography for the quality of her shots.  However, anyone can see the immense joy she gets from modeling, and anyone that glows that much during a shoot cannot help but be photogenic.

Please join us as we share some great pictures from the collaboration of BewitchedRaven and Sugarfree D Photography.

Well, what do you think? 

I'm glad that we were able to bring you these articles featuring BewitchedRaven.  She was in the middle of a website overhaul, as well as personal business, and we were almost not able to finish. If you liked what you saw, please thank BewtichedRaven by Liking and Sharing not only her articles, but her social media pages as well.

Also, check out her husband's photography sites.  He works under the professional name of Sugarfree D Photography.


Up and Coming Cosplayers with BewitchedRaven: Interview

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Ladies and Gentlemen, All Cool Things™ has a treat and delight, not only for the eyes, but for the spirit, as well!  She is known all thoughout the Southeast not only as a stage and film actress, but a cosplay advocate for mental illness and safe spaces.

We have chosen this Cosplay Belle to represent the second half of August in our Up and Coming Cosplayer series.  Say Hello to BewitchedRaven!

You have an interesting name.   How did you come up with it?  Does it have a throwback to Mysticism or the occult?  'Old game character's name?   'Something more cryptic?  Is there any reason that it is all one word like it is?

Its been my username since I was a kid.  I am a spiritual person and always have been, and I was insistant on picking a username that reflected that but, also did not have any numbers in it.  Hence BewitchedRaven was born!

Not only are you a cosplayer, but a bona fide actress.   Would you mind running through a few of the things you've been in?  'Anything we might have seen?

When it comes to film I was lucky enough to get to be one of the cosplayers selected to be a part of Diary of a Wimpy Kid:  The Long Haul.  Other than that, stage acting is my bread and butter.  I've traveled all around the country working for different theaters, and have really fallen in love in with doing children's theater.  It gives you a chance to be silly and boundless, which is something I love to have in my daily life.

You are also a LARPer.  That has to be like being a cosplayer on an extended workout!  What's that like?  I've never really done anything like that since my childhood days.   Is it true that LARPers go on retreats where they rent out whole parks and event areas to LARP?

LARP is amazing!  It is like DnD, except you get to dress up and act out your character rather than sit around a table.  Every LARP is different.  Some do one day events, and some rent out parks for an entire weekend.  There are so many different genres out there too!!  You can get high fantasy, western, post-apocalyptic, and more!  LARP holds a special place in my heart because its how I met my amazing husband, Sugarfree D Photography!

You are an advocate for positive behaviour and against bullying.  Why is this such an important cause for you?

Being raised in the south, I never really fit in as a kid.  It wasn't until I found cosplay and the con community that I really felt like I found my people.  I know a lot of con goers out there feel this way.  A lot of us delt with bullying growing up… which is why I hate seeing that behavior seep into this community.  This should be a safe space for people to express themselves.  With the growth of the internet, we have become a community that hides behind comments because there is no consequence to those actions.  We never take the time to hear people out and form opinions; we become lynch mobs backing the loudest screamers because we are too afraid to stand against that.  It's heart breaking to see.  I've been on both sides of that fence, and as I've gotten older I realized how much space in my mind that was taking up, and I decided I wasn’t going to let that happen anymore.  Our happiness as humans should be what we focus on and strive for.  This does not mean tearing someone else down.  If that’s what you think you need to be happy, you're wrong.  I'm very focused on trying to spread that message.  I want people to feel joy around me.  I'm human, so of course there are people and things out there I don't like… but I've made it my goal to walk away from those things, and not get pulled into emotional terrorist behavior.  Spread joy.  We have hit our quota on hate.

Wow, you do a lot to promote well-being and open mindedness in the community!  Is it true that you are also an educator in many less than obvious illnesses like mental health?   Would you mind telling us some about that, as well?

I offer a panel at conventions discussing hidden disabilities and cosplay.  Doing different conventions for so many years, I started to notice that this was a gap in the programming offered.  I feel like as a whole, people are just starting to become more comfortable talking openly about mental illness, and that’s an important discussion to have in the cosplay community.  Awareness is key to change, but it's also a key to understanding.  It allows us to remove "blame" from conversations, and allow mutual education to be the focus and allow for healing.

Do you ever educate people on the physical invisible diseases?   Does advocating for the mental diseases and disorders have a more personal calling to you?

I personally don’t speak too much on physical invisible diseases and my personal experience is not as vast.  I often invite others to join in my panels to help cover that topic more, so people can speak from experiences rather than interpretations.  My space is more mental illness.  I personally suffer from depression, anxiety and PTSD, so I feel like I have the ability to discuss those areas with a more educated point of view.  The main thing to remember when this discussion happens is that everyone is different.  Everyone handles his or her disabilities differently.  All we can do is be there for each other and support each other.  Its my hope by opening this discussion up more, this can happen in the cosplay world.

I've noticed that some cosplayers are more of con cosplayers, and others are more model cosplayers.  Where do you think you fit between the two?

I'd say I'm a con cosplayer with a dash of modeling.  I prefer to interact with people, and cons give me the opportunity to do that!  Plus, I'm the first to say, I super suck at modeling.  I have worked with some amazing photographers to get what shots I have.

You are actually a married cosplayer.   Does he help?   Does he ever cosplay with you?

I am! I met my husband through LARP.  He is actually a gamer, LARPer, photographer kinda geek.  He is a HUGE help when it comes to cosplay.  I am constantly running my ideas past him.  He has become quite talented at cutting out sewing patterns.  He is always giving me a hand, which is a great way for us to spend time together!  He will cosplay if I ask him to.  His rule is he has to be comfortable, so when he does cosplay with me, it’s a much more relaxed type of cosplay.

I don't think I've ever seen someone that has quite as much fun in her cosplay photoshoots.  I think the only person that comes close is Cree Nicole.  Even your cosplay as Wednesday Addams looks happy...Well, she doesn't look happy, but more like someone trying to look apathetic, when someone is making faces in front of them, trying to make them laugh.  How does cosplay make you feel?  Why do you cosplay?

Like I said before, I SUCK at modeling (LOL).  I always tell people I cannot do a serious or "sexy" face to save my life.  I enjoy cosplaying too much, so whenever I'm doing a shoot I always have too much fun not to smile.  I work a lot with my husband, Sugarfree D Photography, so being silly during shoots comes even more naturally for us.  Smiling is just my go to look, and I'm very okay with that.

I was also noticing your choice of cosplay.  Where most cosplayers use anime and video games as a source for characters, you appear to be more of a geek/comic book cosplayer.  Am I right?   Where do you like to get inspiration for your cosplays?

I cosplay anything and everything that I want.  If I see a character design I like, I'll cosplay it.  I have found myself seeing a character online, and that desire to make that costume leading me to a new show, game, or comic that I now love!  I kinda work opposite of many people.  I'll cosplay from what I like, but I'll also allow cosplay to introduce me to new things too!  Plus, any chance I get to cosplay an inanimate object, you can be sure I will.

I was looking at your style of cosplay, and I see the work of a great seamstress.   Were you a dressmaker before you started cosplay?  Who taught you your skills?

Being in theater, costuming is just a part of your life… but I've been sewing since I was a kid.  I learned from my grandmother and my mom.  Its kinda like I was learning a skill with no idea where to apply it, until I really dove into cosplay.

You do accurate cosplays, but you also do interpretive pieces.   'Some of them of the bunny persuasion.   In fact, you even did a Sabretooth Bunny Cosplay!  What do you like about cosplays of this nature?   Do you have a thing for bunnies or Playboy Bunny variants?

Taking on a personal interpretation for me allows me to not only be more creative, but gives me the space to create outfits I'm comfortable wearing.  When I look at myself in a costume, I want to feel joy. I don’t want to worry about being self-conscious about my body. Being open to creating my own designs allows me to do that. If you don’t love wearing the cosplay, it's not right yet.  Take a chance and make it your own!

I see you also like to do cute stuff like geeky hoodies, as well as commissions.  Would you like to tell us more about that?

I love doing things to help me expand my skill sets.  Whenever I'm at a convention, I'll often time take a chance, and try to make something new to have for sale at my booth.  This helps me to always keep growing in my craft.  I will do commissions, but I try to be very open and honest with people about what I can and can’t do.  I would hate for someone to expect one thing, and get another.  That would break my heart.

Thanks for taking all the time for this interview and for the great exclusive pics.  Are there any parting words that you would like to share with the readers?

Enjoy this life and spread joy and kindness through everything you love to do!!

There you go!  I hope you didn't get Diabetes from that interview!  Our guest certainly was sweet!

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September is almost here, and our Up and Coming Cosplayer series is almost over for this year.  I'm not sure if we will do it again next year.  Let us know if you enjoyed it, and we might just do it again!


Up and Coming Cosplayers with BewitchedRaven: Cosplayer Score Card

Posted by HERETICPRIME on August 18, 2019 at 11:35 PM Comments comments (0)

Cosplay Name:  BewitchedRaven

Base of Operations:  Nashville, TN

Years Cosplaying:  9 years

First Cosplay:  Dalek

First Con:  Dragon Con

Cons per Year:  5-10

Make Your Own Costume:  Yes!

Make Your Own Props:  Yes!

Do Your Own Hair:  Yes!

Do Your Own Makeup:  Yes!

Do Your Own Wig Styling:  Yes!

Makes Your Own Wigs:  Nope, Love Arda Wigs and Purple Plum Wigs!

Bodypaints:  Do it myself!

Favorite Cosplay:  War TARDIS & Pinkie Pie

Number of times you have been to Dragon Con:  8

Patreon, Ko-fi, Etsy, and/or Support Link:  https://ko-fi.com/bewitchedraven

Lewds:  Sometimes I will do boudoir shoots with Sugarfree D Photography, but not too often.

Nudes:  Nah, not for me

More than Nudes:  Ummmmm, no, LOL. (not sure what this means)

Social Media: Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/BewitchedRavenCosplay/, Twitter:  https://twitter.com/BewitchedRaven, Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/BewitchedRaven/, Snapchat:  I am BewitchedRaven on everything Social Media

Domain of Your Own:  https://www.BewitchedRaven.com

Secret Super Power:  Getting my husband to help around the house, LOL

Up and Coming Cosplayers with Leontha: Pictorial

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Leontha is extremely ambitious in her photoshoots, and we get to reap the rewards.  Leontha really surprised me!  I expected beautiful shots, but some of them are also quite erotic.

Don't just take my word for it.  Scroll and see for yourself!

We told you that Leontha could get pretty spicy!

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Seeya next time!


Up and Coming Cosplayers with Leontha: Interview

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Man, if I could travel to all of the places of the cosplayers that I interview, I would be one passport stamping brotha!  This Up and Coming Cosplayer comes from Germany, was raised in Poland, but considers both home.  She also tries to capture beauty from every place she goes and in everything she does.  She calls herself Leontha.

Leontha has been very busy with health and family issues, not to mention business of just living life and cosplay, but she was able to put aside some time and answer our many quesitions.  When you also consider that the entire interview is in English, and she answers in English, you can appreciate it even more.

Please meet the very beautiful and talented Leontha.

You told me that your first cosplay was one that whipped up in a hurry just to cosplay for a con.  How did you go from that to choosing this as your artform?  When did you know that you were a cosplayer?

It all happens in 2012.  After my first ''try'' in cosplay I was so overwhelmed with joy I had with my friends, and I noted that it helped me to open to other people.  I wasn't that open for stranger(s) earlier.  I was mostly shy, and I just had my close friends I've stick with, and after I move out from home to another city right after high school, I was a bit at lost.  After that convention I wanna try it once again, and my friends helped me with it a lot.  Without their help I will propably quit it really quick.  XD They taught me many things, beacuse I can't sew at that time, so it was hard on the beginng, but when I sew my first costume and go on convention in it, I was so proud of myself,  especially when totally strangers complimented that costume.  It was that moment when I let myself suck into that community.

I still admire many cosplayers, and still I learn something new everyday, and I hope to grow as cosplayer more in future.

You have a tattoo of what looks like a seal right above your left breast.   Will you tell us the meaning beind it, please?

That seal is originally from series Pandora Hearts, and it was first anime series that I was really hyped for (and I still am).  For me, personally it means that everybody have someting in their live that they wanna change or protect.  It's like a symbol of my cosplayer site of life.

The first thing I noticed about your cosplay is the wide variety of wigs you use.   'So many styles and colours.  I know that other cosplayers use wigs a lot, too, but for some reason it seems you might just be a contender for most wigs.  Why and how so many wigs?

Well, wigs are important part of cosplay- they can change a lot, and that's why I always try to make them as perfect as I can.  Often I sewing few different shade of 1-2 colors to mix them and get the most similar color to the originall one.  Sometimes I'm using one wig for more than one character.  Now I have so many wigs that I almost don't know where to put them!  XD


You take a lot of great outdoors pictures.  Are those local or do you have to travel to get those beautiful pics?

One of the best thing in cosplay for me is that I travel to so many different beautiful places!  I often travel to close, and sometimes to far away locations for events and photo shoots.  Every time when I know that I will attend some event I try to look for close nice locations, and than I carefully plan what costumes I will take.  'Same goes when I going to visit my friends or family-I'm looking for places that could be used for photoshoot, and than plan with photographers to use that time in the best way we can.

But not all of those locations are far for my place where I live-some of them are pretty close.

Personally I prefer outdoors photoshoot beacuse I love nature, so why not to combine cosplay with it?  Thanks to cosplay, I've visited many wonderful places and hope to travel to new ones in future too!


Do you get to travel much?  Do you get to cosplay when you travel?  Do you ever travel for the sake of cosplay?

Yes, I'm often travel for the sake of cosplay.  Events like PixelMania or Volta in Cosplay are full of many amazing locations in so many different types, so they are perfect opportunity for cosplayers to make beautifull photo shoots in variety style.  Everytime when I'm creating new costume I plan everything carefully-from type of shoot I wanna do, to locations I wanna use.  For me is very important to portray character I'm cosplaying in the best way I can, so that's why I wanna put my very best in it.  As I told already in previous question-when I know that I will travel somewhere, even not for event, I try to check locations around and see if I can use them as background for shoot.  If I can't find anything that will suit to my idea I have in my mind, sometimes I'm creating my own backgrounds for shooting.  I have many stuff for that sake in my home that I store in boxes at the attic.

What else do you do when you're not cosplaying?   Have you ever had any life obstacles that you had to overcome?  Did cosplay help?

If I'm not cosplaying, I like to making my own photos of places that I visited already.  Sometimes I just stop in the middle of travel just to take picture of coloufull forest, breathtaking sunset, or dreamlike sky full of clouds.

Before I've started cosplay I was a real bookworm, and sitll I am one.  I like to bury myself with cup of tea on my coach with intresting book, and just relax reading fascinating story.  From time to time I like to play piano-it was my first big passion, but unfortunately after I had accident when I was young.  I need to give up my pianist career plan, so now I only playing for fun and for not forgetting how to do it.

One of biggest obstacles that I overcome in my life was my health problems.  Short after I finished my high school, my health become really bad-I've striglled with them really long before I was diagnosed with cancer.  It took me 2 years of fighting before I won with it, but even today I need to be under constant care of my doctors, by it's a lot better now.

You are of German and Polish descent.  Where do you call home?   Does home have many cosplayers?  Who are your big cosplayers in Germany or Poland?  What are some of your big conventions?

I was born and raised in Poland, but 3 years ago I moved out to Germany because here, I have better medical care.  I call both-my family hometown in Poland and my current place in Germany, home.  I still have many precious friends and family in both countries that I care of.

In my family I'm the only cosplayer, but my Mom is my biggest supporter, and even now she is the one who teach me and help me with sewing, because she is a professional tailor

One of my cosplay 'idols' are Kamui Cosplay-I love how detailed her costumes are, and how she like to share her knowledge in easy way with others. (https://www.instagram.com/kamuicosplay/)

Other one is DasGemini-I admire her sewing skills, and that all her costume are extremly detailed.  She using so many different techniques in her creations. (https://www.instagram.com/dasgeminii/) She is not only skillfull cosplayer, but very talented photographer as well.

In Poland I think we have many talented cosplayer, even if not all of them are that well knowed.

One of the most knowed is Shappi. (https://www.facebook.com/ShappiWorkshop/)

About conventions-I already mentioned PixelMania event.  That is event strictly focused on cosplay photography, but another ones that are worthy to be mentioned are Pyrkon, or PGA.

Are there any cosplayers from the USA that you like?  Are there any international cosplayers you like?  Have you ever made it over here to see how our conventions are?

Unfortunaley, I wasn't on any events in USA yet, but I hope to come on Katsucon in future.  Every year I've seen many relations after that event, so now it's one of my dream events to attend.

And about cosplayer form USA that I like-there are many.  One of them is Yaya Han.  She is just amazing for me.  How talented she is, and how persistent she was with her cosplay career.

Next one is AKrCos (https://www.facebook.com/AKrCos/)-I like that she creating many 'original' ideas for characters she is cosplaying.

There are still many cosplayers that I admire-Gesha (Russia), Aishizaya (USA), Alyson Tabbitha (USA), Maki Eraclea (Italy), Blue Snow (Italy), or Ely (Taiwan), Hikarin (Canada).

I haven't really seen too much prop or armour crafting from you.  Do you not like those kinds of characters?   Do you plan on doing any in the future?

Actually I've created some armour already, but I didn't go on photo shoot yet with those costumes.  For me, I've picking charaters that I like the most, and still I treat cosplay not as my job but as my hobby, so I mostly I choose my cosplay plans depends of what I like at the moment.  I prefer strong characters like Katalina (Granblue Fantasy), or sometimes I pick character because of design that I like.

For sure I will be doing more armour characters in the future.


I've noticed that everything you do is beautiful.  You make regular cosplays and they are beautiful.   You cosplay as men, and they still have a softness and beauty to them.  Even your sexy photoshoots have a beauty to them.   I'm not quite sure how to ask you what I have in mind, but could you comment on that observation?  Do you try to express beauty in your work?

I always try to portay character that I'm cosplay as best as I can.  Every time I have clear idea what I wanna create with my cosplays shoot.  Before each photo shoot that I'm planning, I carefully talk about what both me and photographer wanna create together.  We planning posing, how to use background in the best way, or if we wanna do some "dynamic" photos.

Sometimes I'm creating my own characters, or sometimes I have special ideas for shooting, too, and those are mostly creating some "story." It's a lot easier for me to work in that way.

Photography and cosplay could be a beautiful hobby; a piece of art too, and this is what I wanna show to others.

What kind of cosplayer do you consider yourself?   'Magical girl?  'Sexy vixen?  'Girl next door?  'Secret space alien?   'A little of each, or none of the above?

To be honest I've never was thinking about it.  I was just creating everything in my own way.  I think I'm all of them, and in the same time no one.  I don't like pigeonhole people including myself.

Do you have any last things you'd like to say to the readers and your fans?

Often I hear that people are afraid to come to me on convention, so... don't be.  I'm alway try to be nice, and I don't bite (or at least not that often ;) )

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Thanks again to Leontha for taking time out of her very busy life, and you all for reading.


Up and Coming Cosplayers with Leontha: Cosplayer Score Card

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Cosplay Name:  Leontha

Base of Operations:  Germany/Poland

Years Cosplaying:  7 years in cosplay, now

First Cosplay:  It was Heiwajima Shizuo from Durarara.

First Con:  It was Japanicon in Poland in 2011.

Cons per Year:  It's around 5 per year, but sometimes I'm coming for small local one that close by.

Make Your Own Costume:  Mostly I'm doing my costumes, but not only.

Make Your Own Props:  Yes

Do Your Own Hair:  Yes

Do Your Own Makeup:  Yes

Do Your Own Wig Styling:  Yes

Makes Your Own Wigs:  Yes, I like sewing them myself when it's possible to make colour of them prefect for character.

Bodypaints:  'Sometimes when it's needed for character.

Favourite Cosplay:  Tifa Lockhart (FF VII), Kaga (Azur Lane) Haruka Tenoh (Sailor Moon)

Number of times you have been to Dragon Con:  0

Patreon, Ko-fi, Etsy, and/or Support Link: 

1) KoFi: https://ko-fi.com/leontha

Lewds:  Yes, sometimes I'm doing boudoir shoots.

Nudes:  No, I don't do nudes.

More than Nudes:  No.

Social Media:

1) Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/LeonthaT/

2) Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/leontha_t/

3) WorldCosplay: https://worldcosplay.net/member/296773

4) DeviantArt: https://www.deviantart.com/leontha

Domain of Your Own:  -----

Secret Super Power:  Hmmm.... I love animals and they easily get attached to me, too; especially cats and dogs.

Up and Coming Cosplayers with Extraordinary Erika: Pictorial

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Just like we promised, we have something special for you this Friday for Pictorial Day!  We've spotted a wild Extraordinary Erika!

What is an Extraordinary Erika like in the wild?  'Energetic, extremely friendly, and apt to evolve depending on her settings!  

Well, don't just take our word for it.  Take a look for yourself!

See You Space Cowboy.


Up and Coming Cosplayers with Extraordinary Erika: Interview

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This Up and Coming Cosplayer is a remarkable woman.  She reminds me a lot of Free Safari.  She has overcome great odds and is a survivor.  She also reminds me of AlliZ Cosplay.  She is an Amazon with a great natural body honed by nature as well.  She reminds me of FeistyVee.  She is proud of her body and not afraid to share it.  Who is she?  Her name is Extraordinary Erika.

For the first time there will be more non-cosplay pcitures in a feature for an Up and Coming Cosplayer.  Extraordinary Erika is one of those cosplayers whom's life, interests, and passions rival those aspects of her cosplay life.  We not only have a truly interesting cosplayer in Extraordinary Erika, but a complete and vibrant complete person.

Ladies and Gentlemen, it's Extraordinary Erika!

Have you always lived in Hawaii?   That's quite a place to live.   What do you love most about living there?

I actually grew up in Colorado, and lived there most of my life.  I moved to Hawaii after I finished school for a job.  I never thought that I would leave Colorado, but I also never thought I’d get an offer in Honolulu!  My favorite thing about living here is the ocean.  Back in Colorado I used to keep salt water fish tanks, but now I’ve upgraded to actual reefs!

For fun I ask Up and Coming Cosplayers what their superpower is, and you gave an interesting answer.   You said you have two sets of DNA.  Would you mind explaining?  How did that end up happening?

I was diagnosed with leukemia when I was 22.  After chemo failed to keep me in remission, I got a bone marrow transplant from a donor in Germany.  The effect of that is that I now have her blood, since her stem cells were used to repopulate my bone marrow.  So if a DNA test were done on my skin or organs, it would be me, but the DNA in my blood is from my donor.

Shameless plug, but being a donor is super amazing and easy, and it really saves lives.  You can sign up for free at bethematch.org.  I probably wouldn’t be here today without my donor.

You look like you keep extremely active.  Were you like that before Hawaii, or is that just something you took advantage of?  Does this active lifestyle help with your cosplay? #Cosfit

I moved to Hawaii for work, but I don’t think I could have gone somewhere where it’s hard to go outside and do stuff.  Living in Denver I got very used to being able to hike, and snowboard, and kayak, so when I moved I had to make sure that there were new things to keep me busy.  I just got freedive certified as a level 1 diver, so that’s been a really awesome new skill to learn.  While I firmly believe that cosplay is for every body type, many of the characters that I play are of a fairly muscular and lean build, and I definitely prefer to emulate that where I can in my cosplays.

I'm really not into tattoos, but of the ones I have seen, I think your phoenix is one of the more beautiful ones. Is there a story behind it?

Phoenixes are all about rebirth by fire, so that was a huge factor in the design choice.  I got this tattoo to commemorate my 5 year cancer free anniversary.  Going through chemo and transplant was very much a trial by fire, so I thought that it was a fitting metaphor for my experiences.

I've mentioned before that you are very active and fit.   You also don't seem to be very shy about sharing it in nature.  Is there something about exotic settings or nature that sets you at ease, or are you pretty much a free spirit?

I struggle with the societal concept that the human body is something that should be hidden or that we should be ashamed of.  Nature is my happy place for sure but, it’s more that.  I’m there a lot, so that’s where a lot of the photos are, but I’m definitely always trying to be at peace with my body, and I’m ok with showing what I am; no more and no less.

I've seen you in quite a few shots in full mermaid cosplay complete with a mermaid tail.  I've always wondered:   Is it hard to swim in one?  How do you learn?  How many tails do you own?

They’re really easy to swim in!  I’m naturally a pretty strong swimmer, so they weren’t very challenging.  I learned when we were at the beach and there were dolphins in the bay.  Some friends decided to go see if they would swim with us (always better to go swim and let the dolphins come to you! Don’t chase animals!) and take photos.  I didn’t have fins so I was offered a tail.  The monofins are good propulsion so we hopped in and ended up swimming all over the place since the dolphins were so playful.  Now I have two tails of my own:  one fabric one and a partial silicone from Merrowfins.

Some of the things I've seen you do look kind of dangerous.  Are you ever afraid on your adventures?   Have you ever been hurt on some of them?

Some of the hikes in Hawaii can be dangerous, but we typically don’t go on those.  I do a lot of bouldering in my free time, so I’m usually pretty confident when climbing up things.  Freediving is really safe as long as you’re following basic rules, like diving with a buddy and doing a proper breathe up before a long dive.  It’s not uncommon to get little cuts or bruises, (reefs are sharp) but I’ve been lucky to have never gotten seriously injured.

Are you an actual doctor, or do you just play one on TV?

I have a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering; real doctor, just not medical.  I’ve only played a mermaid on TV.

I'm going to give you two random words, and I want you to tell me the first thing that pops into your mind: "fuck" and "cancer."

Yeah, fuck that.  I have a "Fuck Cancer" poster in my room with Jane Foster as Thor by @artlidawn.  Cancer in young adults is a different beast, and there’s so little data or resources for it.  If you are a YA Cancer peep, look into First Descents, they’re an awesome group and there are so many people to talk to, plus there’s adventures.

I know that you are a fan of Pokémon Go.   That, plus where you live and what you enjoy doing probably means a lot of cool water Pokémon in a lot of awesome places.   'Care to share the coolest examples of both?

We actually got a little screwed on PoGo.  We’re apparently not part of North America, so we don’t get regionals from there or anywhere else.  But there’s a really big community here, so we’re lucky because we can always get a good group for raids and community days are lit.  That said, I’ve literally seen Charmander spawning out in the bay, so I think they got a little confused on our biomes...

Speaking of Pokémon, you've come face to face with some pretty awesome real animals!  You've swam with sea turtles, kissed a shark, and picked up a hitchhiking octopus.   How do you get to actually meet and swim with them?  Do you just know and have access to these great places?  Are they kind of secret?

Part of it is knowing where to go.  You’re nearly guaranteed to find turtles at cleaning stations, and you have to know where to find octopodes, but a big part of it is just being out in the water a lot, and having a friend who is incredible at photography really helps too.

So with all of the things you do and activities you enjoy, how did you find the time to get into Cosplay?   I think most of the questions I've asked have nothing to do with cosplay!  You may be busier than FeistyVee!

I don’t even know anymore... I’m almost never not doing something.  I find the creation process in cosplay to be really relaxing, so I’ll often work for a few hours on the weekend or after work.  I hate con crunch, so I usually start making something as soon as my last costume is finished.

Are there any cosplayers out there that you think you would get along with, and might want to travel and go to cons with? (Personally, I think you would have lots of fun with AliZ Cosplay and FeistyVee.)

I love meeting new people and I really want to travel to some mainland cons! I’ve always been really inspired by Kamui Cosplay; her attention to detail is amazing, and she tends toward armor builds which are my favorite. Plus, she has really cute dogs.

Before you kick off into the Wild Blue Yonder, do you have any inspiring words for our readers and your followers?

Thanks for the feature! I’m looking forward to making some fun stuff in the future!

Well, by now you should know the drill.  Friday we publish Extraordinary Erika's pictorial, and we think you'll like what we've done with it!

There will be a few cosplays, but it will be Extraordinary Erika in her second element:  the beaches, reefs, and waters of Hawaii!  Enjoy!


Up and Coming Cosplayers with Extraordinary Erika: Cosplayer Score Card

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Cosplay Name:  Extraordinary Erika

Base of Operations:  Kailua, HI

Years Cosplaying:  2

First Cosplay:  Hylian Vai Link from BoTW

First Con:  Kawaii Kon

Cons per Year:  3, but hoping to go to mainland cons soon

Make Your Own Costume:  Everything with a few exceptions

Make Your Own Props:  'EVA and 3D printed.  Props might be my favorite part.

Do Your Own Hair:  Styling yes but I'm terrible at braiding my own hair

Do Your Own Makeup:  I learned makeup just for cosplay!

Do Your Own Wig Styling:  Still learning but yes


Makes Your Own Wigs:  Nope!

Bodypaints:  Not yet but I have a few cosplans...

Favourite Cosplay:  Usually the one I just finished

Number of times you have been to Dragon Con:  none yet

Patreon, Ko-fi, Etsy, and/or Support Link:  https://www.etsy.com/shop/EngineeredCosplays?ref=simple-shop-header-name&listing_id=689574317

Lewds:  Should I make a patreon?  Would anyone sign up?

Nudes:  Nah

More than Nudes:  Def nah

Social Media:  Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/unnecessary_backbend/ Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/Extraordinary-Erika-497312597388950/

(WIPs) https://www.instagram.com/engineeredcosplay/

Domain of Your Own:

Secret Super Power:  I have two sets of DNA.  My blood is from a different person than the rest of me.

Up and Coming Cosplayers with Miniilay: Pictorial

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It's in July, so the pictorial for the Up and Coming Cosplayer kicking it off should be, too!

If you like what you see, please considering following Miniilay, and even support her on Ko-fi.

How about a few modeling pics?

'Seeya in two weeks for the next Up and Coming Cosplayer!