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Top Ten Things I Can Do to Save Lives in No Particular Order

Posted by HERETICPRIME on August 22, 2018 at 6:20 PM Comments comments (0)

1) Plant fruit bearing plants in public places.

2) Make a free public pantry outside.

3) Donate blood/plasma in a time devoid of emergency.

4) Become an organ donor.

5) Tell the truth.

6) Vote based on facts and what's right instead of party lines and dogma.

7) Practice responsible recreational practices.

8 ) Be slow to anger, but be quick to step away.

9) Listen to someone and mind what they have to say.

10) Adopt

My Longshot Guess/Idea of How the Infinity War Movies Could End

Posted by HERETICPRIME on August 14, 2018 at 10:50 PM Comments comments (0)

Why couldn't he have stayed like this the whole film?

By the way, if you hadn't guessed it, this article has mad spoilers for the Marvel Comics and MCU stories concerning the Infinitiy Gauntlet and Infinity War.  Come to think of it, it also has spoilers to a few other MCU and FOX Marvel movies, so read with caution.

Call it what you will:  plot prediction, guessing, or fan fiction, we fanboys and fangirls don't leave it to the pros when it comes to story writing.  Part of learning tomes upon tomes of lore based on our favourite characters is learning how they think, feel, and love, even better than their creators.(at least in our minds) 'Don't believe me?  Just do a search for your favourtie character under "fan fiction" or "shipping," and see what you get.  Back in the day, there would be whole forum websites just for this.  In this modern dumbed-down and controlled age of Facebook, I'm sure you can find many Facebook forums and groups where this goes on still.  I just doubt they are as creative as the private pages where imaginations can run wild.  

I hear she actually does read fan fics.

Well, that's what this article is.  I thought it would be cool to share what I think could be a viable ending for the Infinity War in the MCU.  Hell, for all I know, it's already in the works.  Do I have inside information?  'Nope.  I was just watching Avengers:  Infinity War for the third time, and an echo of a thought from watching the second time made me take notes.  What's the idea?  I think that it would be cool if the key to defeating Thanos was using characters with corresponding powers to combat the powers of the Infinity Gauntlet.  What do I mean by this?  Avatars of Power, Space, Time, Mind, Soul, and Reality would battle Thanos and his overloaded Infinity Gauntlet.

That's gotta sting..!

Why do I think the movies will deviate from the comic books?  Besides the fact that Marvel Studios screenwriters can't resist changing things to save their lives, I think it would feel very rushed and sloppy if Marvel Studios would introduce the Cosmic Abstract Entities and lesser cosmic powers of the Marvel Universe who played roles in the original resolution in the comic book.  The MCU was barely able to create a possible entrance to the most important person in the original Infinity War in the comic books.  Plus, by the way people seem to be asking about Captain Marvel instead of Adam Warlock, I'm thinking that she(?) will probably play a bigger role than Adam Warlock, and that's if he is a part of the resolution. 

'Follow the comics? Nah, let's just make Captain Marvel a big part of the sequel, even though "she" was a "he" and went by "Quasar" in the comics.  He also got, as Doctor Doom would say, "his wrist spanked to a pulp!"

In fact, I've noticed that the MCU seems to be decidedly non-cosmic, even at the cost of Thanos's original motivation in the comics which was to woo the cosmic manifestation of Death.

Okay, it's from a different storyline, but she looks so much better than how they depicted her in the original Infinity Gauntlet storyline.

I think this has something to do with certain characters that Marvel Studios has been deprived of in the past. Just as FOX's ownership of X-Men and related characters caused Marvel Studios to create the half-assed introduction of the storyline of mutants by integrating them with Inhumans (This even contaminated the comics in some sort of attempt for continuity with the MCU.), I think that FOX's ownership of the Fantastic Four discouraged introduction of important cosmic and extradimensional characters that also debuted or were a major part of the titular comic. Perhaps since Disney's very recent purchase of FOX, they'll find some way to integrate both camps into the MCU in time for everyone to play their roles, but that will take several movies to do it right, and I don't think they have the patience. I don't think we have the patience.

How will Marvel Studios shuffle all of these guys together?  Stay tuned and find out, True Believers!

So like I said, I think that the key to defeating Thanos may have something to do with overloading the already weakend and damaged Infinity Gauntlet.  How would one overload it?  'By forcing it's user to use all of it's powers continually or in another grand celestial gesture. 

I think that there were certain heroes that had Infiinity Stone-like powers in themselves.  It might have even been a reason that Thanos killed them off; their deaths not so random.  When Heimdall sent Hulk to Earth by summoning a Bifrost, I thought, "Huh...Heimdall is kind of like a Space Gem in himself."(Yeah, I tend to think of the comic names for the "stones.") But it was in the battle on Titan with Thanos that the idea was fully realised. 

Even in the comic book, Heimdall has always had a perception of Space on a cosmic scale.

When Doctor Strange used his many spells and abilities against Thanos, I was impressed at how his spells seemed to give him mastery over many powers of the Inifinity Stones, even though his stone was Time, and he did not even use against Thanos.  Magic is a very intuitive ability, seeing into the true nature of people and things. Doctor Strange's grasp of magic and different realities, dimensions, and possibilities gives him an insight to the Soul.  In fact, his greatest powers come from his knowledge of the principles of the Astral Plane.

He can affect Realities, and he is the Keeper of the Time Stone, but Doctor Strange is definitely a Soul Man.

Mantis's ability to put Celestials to sleep and paralyse Thanos shows that she has Mind powers on a cosmic scale.  In the comics she has also rubbed elbows with many cosmic figures, so it is not so far-fetched to believe that Mantis could be a representative of Mind.

"Open your miiiiiind..!"

Back on Earth, Vision hinted at a connection between the Scarlet Wtich's powers and his Mind Stone, saying their energies were similar.  Although Scarlet Witch's abilities may come from the mind, they are not of the mind.  She seems to warp Reality, just like her comic counterpart

With a power of Reality warping strong enough to destroy the Mind Stone, Scarlet Witch could probably affect the Infinity Guantlet.

I think that everyone knows who the personification of Power is in the MCU, and possibly even the Marvel UniverseThe Incredible Hulk.  While he was not destroyed like the other suggested avatars, he did decide to take himself out of the equation for now...Or perhaps the avatar for power is in fact...Thor..?  In my opinion, Thor:  Ragnarok gave him an upgrade in importance and power in the MCU, not to mention power gained by StormbreakerThor could very well gain the title that he has always wanted of "Strongest Avenger."

Who really has the power?

This leaves only Time.  Strangely enough, there has not been a character that I felt was a true avatar of Time in the MCU.  FOX Marvel characters have had more characters with power over time with X-Men:  Days of Future Past and Deadpool 2.  It would be possible for my theory to be complete if Cable or someone else was integrated into the MCU to be the avatar or Time, or perhaps Time is someone else that I have not thought of...Then again, the power of Time would not be so hard to give to if someone was to have a bodyslider like the one that Cable or Deadpool has...

Maybe his bodysliding wasn't "his" power in the movie, but this was the best I could come up with.

How do we get the destroyed heroes back in the fight? That's where Captain Marvel or Adam Warlock could come in. Perhaps it will have something to do with Adam Warlock's cosmic cocoons. Perhaps Captain Marvel's Quantum Bands will actually save the day this time...'Depending on which version of Captain Marvel is introduced.

Hey, that does look like a Soul Stone in his cocoon!

The last part of this idea is how the heroes might concentrate their powers to overload the guantlet.  I think they need a champion:  Spider-ManSpider-Man is a multifaceted hero with many aspects of power already inside of him.  His Spidey Sense gives him a spacial (Space) and precognitive (Time) intuition of threats, both circumstancial (Reality) and intentual (Mind).  Spider-Man is able to sense and see astral projectons (Soul).  He is also an excellent physical speciman outclassing Captain America and Black Panther in speed, dexterity, strength, healing, and resistances to injury and toxins (Power).  His combination of abilities make him one of the most formidable heroes in the Marvel Univers and MCU.  Plus his Spidey Sense might also give him insight to his powers, telling him when he is in danger of using them incorrectly or the best and worst tiimes to strike or evade.  Spider-Man could be the linchpin strong enough for all of the powers to work together inside him, just as Thanos's gauntlet allows the Infinity Stones to work in unison. 

In the comics he's no stranger to power.  He's been everything from your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man to Captain Universe.

Perhaps some sort of power transfer, similar to what happened in Fantastic Four:  Rise of the Sivler Surfer could be triggered, or Stormbreaker could be used as a conduit for those powers.  Imagine it!  Spider-Man could strike while avoiding Thanos's attacks and deal the coup de grace by using Stormbreaker, and yes, hopefully he would aim for the head...

He would be a Cosmic Spider of Thunder!

So what do you think? 'Sound like too much? Does it sound unbelievable, or does it just suck altogether? How do you think the Infinity War may or should end? Share and comment below.

Tommy Sotomayor: Is He a Martyr, His Own Worst Enemy, or Both?

Posted by HERETICPRIME on August 6, 2018 at 6:20 PM Comments comments (0)

I think this might be the first article that I felt needed a prologue.  This is perhaps the first time that we have published an article about such a serious and contraversial public figure.  Just speaking about Tommy Sotomayor can emotionally charge the average stranger, so if you actually know or are related to him, I can only imagine how you might feel reading this.  While you might feel that you truly know him, and all of the sources gathered in the writing and making of this artilce are false, I hope you at least realise that a person can only go by what they encounter in thier travelings and research.  However, I also want to state that I do not think all of the people lending these sources could be wrong, and that knowing someone can also paint them in a brighter shade.  In any case, I suggest that anyone that has an opinion of the article to comment below. 

Commenting is made possible by joining the site.  It is free and is relatively easy.  It also makes you privy to the hidden bonus articles of the site and other benefits.  As always, we encourage that you share and comment on the articles and enjoy your tiime at All Cool Things™.

Somebody get Uncle Tom some milk.  He's a widdle cwanky!

I tried to think of something funny or witty for the introduction of this article, but the need to just dive directly into the meat and potatoes of it was way too much of a temptation.  I'll just go ahead and say it:  Tommy Sotomayor is a crybaby.  He's a crybaby and he's hit quite a rough patch.  He lost his "Struggle Mansion" and blamed it all on people flagging him and depriving him of money that he says he should have gotten from YouTube.  He then complained that the same people that deprived him of money started making money off of his name because they make reactionary videos in response to his flagged videos.

Who is Tommy Sotomayor, and why does he feel that he is being stalked and preyed upon?  Tommy Sotomayor is actually Thomas Jerome Harris.  If you looked at his bio, it would say that he is a comedian, actor, producer, and YouTube personality, but I only know of him through his YouTube videos.  He is a critic of the Black Lives Matter movement and USAmerican Black culture in general.  Other than Jesse Lee Peterson, he is the biggest Black critic of Black people, and especially of Black women. 

'Self-loathing, table for two..!

He thinks that Black women are the worst people on the planet.  Calling them BT-1000's, Sotomayor thinks that Black women cause the demise of everyone near to them.  He thinks Black women are nihilistic mothers.  He thinks Black women are disrespectful and controlling.  He has said they are opportunistic and childlike in behaviour.  Tommy Sotomayor also heavily critiques Black women's grooming and use of weaves and wigs, calling them "hair-hatted hooligans." There's a lot more that Sotomayor says about Black women, but I'm going to have to give you the Cliff's Notes description on that.  Describing all of the things he's said is an article or two in itself.  Tommy Sotomayor feels that his mother was not a good mother and that a lot of what he feels about Black women is in direct response to those feelings.  Fueled by these views, Tommy Sotomayor makes videos on YouTube promoting his world views and opinons, while also highlighting events that also support them.

Sotomayor would say that he"reports the news." He does a very good job of setting up background graphics to appear to be behind a news desk.  He also has a decent intro, but there is very little about his "news reports" that are journalistic.  They are heavily emotionally charged and biased.  They are often derogatory and malicious.  They are also heavily ladened with profanity and name calling.  He is unappologetic and his videos insult and offend many people on a daily basis.  So what can go wrong about trying to make a living off of that?

In response to the many videos he posts of that ilk, Tommy Sotomayor has earned many online enemies.  I know.  'Big surprise.  Well, somebody go tell Tommy Sotomayor, because he can't seem to understand why.  His situation actually takes me back to when I was in college and wanted to be a lawyer.  In one of my politiical science classes, my professor explained the difference between implied rights of privacy of a public figure and a private individual.  A public figure cannot expect the same level of privacy or freedom from criticism because he/she puts herself/himself out in the public voluntarily.  Public figures even make a living by sharing their opinions, talents, and even lifestyles, so in a sense, they ARE of the public. 

Damn...If he really said this, I can't even make a joke out of this.

Yes, Tommy Sotomayor.  While we do live in a country where you are free to say what you want, and to do a lot of what you want, you are also free to the consequences of those words and actions.  Just like the more you depend on the public for your sustenance, the more you should understand that you reap what you sow.  The internet is a fickle beast, which brings me to another point that I want to make:  living off of YouTube videos is kind of like counting chickens before they hatch.

There's no guaranty that what's hot on YouTube today will be hot tomorrow.  Fellow YouTubers like Logan Paul and PewDiePie could school Tommy Sotomayor on how just a few bad statments and/or actions can totally sink a million dollar social media career.  Tommy Sotomayor was nowhere in their league, and has said and done so much more than both of them combined, some of which has gotten him even criticised as crossing the line as a parent. (Personally, I saw no real problem with the linked clip, but I would have had her put her dress all the way down for the whole clip.) Tommy Sotomayor has at least 7 channels that he depends on to support himself and he talked himself into so many enemies that they flagged him to the point so that he lost enough videos on all of those channels that even they could not pay for his house.  Tommy Sotomayor has become such a hated figure on the internet that he has complained that his haters have also violated a public figure's privacy.

Tommy Sotomayor has complained that he is stalked and hunted.  Sotomayor alledges that his crtics have meddled in his personal life by trying to intefere with his custody and ability to help raise his daughters.  Yeah, 'ironic isn't it?  I think he has two daughters and claims he has no sons, but there are numerous accounts that say otherwise, including one of his exes; he has never been married.  He has said that not only do his crtics seek out his parents, family members, and ex-partners, but they release personal contact information, like their home addresses.  Sotomayor has even claimed that a $2,000.00 bounty has been put on his well-being, payable to the person that beats him within an inch of his life.

I guess word gets around...

Do I think that people should be putting a bounty out on a person's head or sharing the personal information of him and the ones he loves?  No, I don't, but I think that Mr. Sotomayor is kind of being a hypocrite.  He has been able to make a very successful living off of a lot of hurtful talk as "The King of Controversy," and now that he can't, he's upset.  I don't know if he crossed some invisible line, or people are just tired of hearing what he's got to say, but something happened, and it's not the public's fault.  It's the same public that has allowed Tommy Sotomayor to continue to pay his bills.

No, tell me how you really feel.

He's also a hypocrite because someone that is so full of piss and vinegar gets upset when people use the same avenues that pay him to punish and reprimand him.  Lately Sotomayor spends a lot of time complaining about how petty his detractors are, and how he tries to help Black people by exposing the errors of our ways, but he doesn't do it in the tone of a teacher or mentor.  He doesn't resport on events like a person that wants to affect a change for the better.  He reminds me of those people that wait for every possible mistake so that they can point and laugh, or say "I told you so." People like him don't want thinigs to get better because he would have no more content to make, and he would have to find some new hustle...or get a job.  (The urge to make a Martin joke was almost unbearable, here.) That would be classier than asking for donations all the time.

I think Malcolm X and Dead Mike said it best:  "The chickens have come home to roost."

Yup...so I guess Tommy Sotomayor is going to have to change his game and/or attitude.  I have to admit that some of the things he says hit chords of truth, and he complains that people pay more attention to his delivery than his message, but he's a fool to not truly understand the importance of delivery.  Because of delivery, people vote based on passions rather than reason.  Delivery can make a person say that they don't want money and then give it to someone that has more than their fair share.  Delivery elects thieves and murderers into leaders...but I digress.  In the end, a person can only give, say, and do what is in him to do.  Perhaps the answer is to move on.  Maybe Tommy Sotomayor has to grow a little as a person and change his world views so his message changes.  I know for a fact that there are some key issues in his own personal life that he has neglected and could use some attention. 

Who knows. Maybe it's too late and the world might be a little tired of Tommy Sotomayor.

Have We Crucified MomoKun or Have Her Chickens Finally Come Home to Roost?

Posted by HERETICPRIME on July 25, 2018 at 8:40 PM Comments comments (0)

"You need people like me..!"

I'm sure a lot of you are wondering why I chose this scene of Scarface with Tony Montana as the intro picture for this article. Before I get into that, I want to make a confession: I am obsessed with Mariah Mallad.  Also known as MomoKun, she's attracted a lot of other fanatics as well. She's a knockout and can be so sultry when she wants to. I love her brand of "In Your Face" attitude. I love her confidence, and the fact that she's going to be her despite what you think. I love the fact that she is an honest wild card, and I think that a lot of people like her for that, too...but with all of those good things I said about MomoKun, I didn't say I "like" her.  I said I was obsessed with her, because when I started my assignment, I couldn't say that I fully liked her as a character or person. I used to Like her on Facebook. I used to follow her on Twitter. In the course of a year I stopped. This had nothing to do with the recent trend in not liking her for being gropey. It was more of a hypocritical attitude that I began seeing. Even with that, I still can't take my eyes off of MomoKun's exploits and follies to save my life. Yes, beauty is always hard to avoid, but so is morbid fascination.

When I started writing this article, it was going to be pretty much the same article or video blog that you've probably seen everyone else do about MomoKun, lately: "She's Public Enemy #1 in Cosplay!  She's such a bad person!  MomoKun is a disgrace to Cosplay!" The idea of that "got old real fast."  Then I thought I'd write about the Top Ten things I hated about this scandal, and the people that "report" on it, because some folks couldn't even get basic details right. (The main guy I'm thinking about must have removed his video because I can't find it, now.  He thought Momokun was a man.)  In my boredom with both ideas, something strange happened:  In all of the research I was doing to write this article, I began to like...nay, I love MomoKun all over again.  I don't know.  Call me a hopeless outsider and/or romantic, but it happened.

"Why buy the cow when the milk is free?" What are you, kidding me!!?  THIS is why!!!

What's there to love?  First off, she's effing sexy!  Okay, I like lots of different types of women, but one of my favourites that I do like is the thicc ones.  I'd be a liar if I didn't say that this is the first thing I liked about her.  Hey, we forgive a lot of monkey business when the monkey is cute, and that's all I'm going to say about that.

Say what you want, but she's going to get her daily allowance of Potassium.

MomoKun is unfiltered.  She says what she wants and does what she wants.  I can understand her first explanation of her ADHD causing her to get into trouble.  As a friend of someone whom's children grew up with ADHD, I know that when you have ADHD, you get bored very easily, and a woman like Mariah Mallad probably has some pretty spicy ways to keeps things interesting when she gets bored.  Even though this is a huge part of her charm, and part of why she is so popular and able to live off of Patreon, this has become the root of her problems.  With this weird social climate where certain people have immunity from certain consequences, and attitudes shift as far as what is considered right and wrong, it was only a matter of time before MomoKun took some backlash.

She doesn't have to.  She wants to, and the difference is huge...

As far as partygirls go, MomoKun is the real deal.  What do I mean by this?  I see cosplay sort of undergoing the same transformation that I saw the adult...okay, porn industry take on in the 90's, when I started working in it (behind counters ;)).  Rather than doing this thing out of love and excitement, women are doing it to pay bills, and they're not even depending on cosplay or costuming to pay those bills either.  What does this have to do with MomoKun being a a real partygirl?  I have the feeling that if I went to a con, and MomoKun was there, she might just talk to me.  If we were vibing really well and I invited her up to my room to play some classic SEGA Saturn (Yes, I have carried my systems around in the past at conventions.  Yes, I know I'm lame.), I think she might just come up and play.  I think MomoKun would be a lot of fun to hang with.  A lot of these Patreon cosplayers won't give most guys the time of day.  In short, she's not going to pull a Yaya Han on you and tell you that she has a cold and doesn't want to take a picture with you.  I think she's genuine.  So even though she loves her lewds, I think she is still a very approachable cosplayer that actually costumes and cosplays.  In fact, as argued in earlier articles, it could be argued that she parties too much, but hey, what party girl doesn't get that said about them every now and then?

Well, how does MomoKun recover from this?  I don't know.  She might not recover with anything other than Time.  Yeah, I know.  Time is uncontrolable, but it is dependable.  I think the best thing is for her to learn from these mistakes she has made and not repeat them. 

It's not that MomoKun is not funny, or the stunts she pulls aren't either, but you have to be sure that a person wants to be in on your joke before you pull one on her/him. It also cuts down on any shyness, embarrassment, or need to front being indignant from a spur of the moment joke. (I could be wrong, but I always felt that one guy that got his butt grabbed would have enjoyed it if he wasn't so shy and on the spot.) I don't know if MomoKun has a name for her fans, but perhaps she needs to find some easy way to identify them, so when she feels that uncontrollable urge to play with someone, she can shout out and find one.  Lara Cupcake calls her fans her "cupcakes." When she talks to her cupcakes, she knows that she is talking to a polarised fanbase.  They also have an easy way to refer to themselves.  Before pulling some really over the top stunt that requires physical contact, MomoKun could ask if there is a "Kunie Boy/Girl" that wants to be molested, and they can line up for some heavy petting hijinks.  

Okay, it's bad to be a meme, but it's also kinda cool?  Are YOU meme cool?

So anyway, back to the original question of the article and the picture of Tony Montana:  I think that MomoKun is the bad girl that everybody loves to hate.  I think we love her because she's impulsive and and outrageous, but then we turn around punish her because she crossed an invisible and hazy line.  It's kind of hard to gauge people and their tolerance levels, but even when it goes too far, a lot of times it's still entertaining.  People like Tom Green and Andy Dick made careers out of taking things too far, and oft times in a creepy way.  I remember Bam Margera getting a show by beating his old man's ass on the toilet while he was reading a newspaper.  We love it, and it's funny, sometimes even cute until the right person says it isn't anymore.  Isn't that kind of messed up?

To err is human.  To forgive is divine.

Ask yourselves, do you really think that all of the people on the witch hunt bandwagon really find MomoKun as nasty as they say?  Do you think it might possibly be a wee bit O' the green eyed monster?  How many of them are fellow cosplayers?  How many of them have Patreons that make less than her?  How many of them have less endorsements and sponsorships?  How many have they picked up after she lost some?  *shrugs shoulders* I dunno.  Now I will admit, some her explanations and attempts at rectifying the situation have been...lack lustered, but MomoKun is a very emotional person and back spinning from a full-on cosplay scandal, so I think she does deserve a little slack.  I have also seen her attempt to take responsilbity for her actions later on, and it seemed genuine to me.

MomoKun:  If you're reading this, I'd just like to say that I think you are a special part of the cosplay community, and that it would be poorer in your absense.  Put your nose to the grindstone, make some great cosplays, go have some fun with some folks at some cons, and make some real fans.  Know who your friends and aquaintances are, and know the difference, and if you do joke around with someone, make sure they're in on it.

Guilty Pleasures: TCAP Community

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When I used to drink, one of the things I liked to do while throwing back a few was to find a marathon of a show I liked on television, and watch them non-stop.  One of my favourites of those was the old Dateline NBC To Catch a Predator runs that some cable channels used to put on late at night.  I can't explain the whole appeal of getting buzzed and watching men attempting to meet up with minors, and getting caught and humiliated by an eerily voiced journalist (Maybe it is a carryover from Cheaters?  Hey, could that be another Guilty Pleasure?), but something about it was magnetic during a late night drinking binge.  Lately, my visitis to YouTube have rekindled this fascination in To Catch a Predator.

It appears that men and women online carried that flame ignited by Chris Hansen, and continued his predator catching in their own ways.  Some have literatlly taken to the internet and the streets and set up sting operations all their own, such as the Creep Catchers and POP Squad.  Others combine modern day internet savy and trolling with good ole fashioned phone pranking and research, to humiliate minor sexual predators on social media.  They have become to be known as the TCAP (To Catch a Predator), Church of CAWD, and Lornography communities.

What I would consider the first type of TCAP, Church of CAWD, or Lornography group are the ones that watch and edit old episodes of To Catch a Predator for entertainment and trolling purposes.(By the way, Lornographers name themselves that because a great number of them center their interests around Lorne Armstrong, who is argueably the most infamous of all of all of the Dateline predators.) There are a lot of groups that do this, and they are mildly entertaining, but how often can you watch the same old episodes over and over again?  I don't care how nicely you edit or parody them, but in the end, it gets old.  This brings me to the more adventurous and creative group of TCAP folks; the ones that actually engage with past Dateline hall of shamers for entertainment purposes.

I don't know how I got to these videos.  I think I might have been looking at prank videos, (I LOVE prank videos.) and I came across this thumbnail of an old guy's head superimposed in some weird scene and a title that was so obscenely funny I had to click.  When I did, I heard what sounded like a phone call between an elderly man and a young Latino.  It did not take long for the conversation to get...well...very strange.  You see, that old man was Stanley Kendall, a former school teacher that had gained infamy on To Catch a Predator for trying to hook up with actors posing as minor male.  T he Latino youth was his phone lover.  Yeah, but it gets stranger.  That Latino was really a Latina that goes by the handle of High Priestess Ember Enfierno, and she and her particualr group of the Church of CAWD had been trolling Stan into an intricate web of forbidden love triangles, all of which were fake and strangely entertaining.

Now, I don't feel comfortable going into how effing crazy the recorded conversations get.  Sometimes they get downright disgusting.  I will tell you this:  they never get boring!  And if you like them, there are literally hours of audio that they have recorded, a lot of which is on YouTube for the finding.  Ember and the Church of CAWD even make parody music videos about the past predators.

So the big question you may ask yourself after seeing these videos and all the time, planning, effort, and skill they put into them is "Why do they do it?" Well, for some of them it goes beyond trolling or making perverts feel badly about themselves.  High Priestess Ember Enfierno has devoted a large portion of her life and efforts into working with children that have survived abuse and becoming their advocates.  As she explains, it started as something meant to be a joke on all of the people that felt the predators were being crucified by the media, but if could spread knowledge and truth, even in jest, parody, and ridicule, then it would be worth it.  The Church of CAWD would be that "spoonful of sugar" to help "the medicine go down," as she put it.  It puts another face on what some may consider over the top entertainment.

I'm sure that some of the people that do it have nothing better to do, and others probably do it to find a way to feel better about themselves by being a part of something with a greater purpose.  I say to you that you will find those people in any given professions, interests, and groups.  Hell, the first Western documented discovery of penicillin happened because a scientist was on vacation, got bored, and took some samples of some growths on the property he was staying, and was able to observe it's unique properties.  So yeah, necessity might be the mother of advention, but sometimes curiosity and boredom can be the mother and father of discovery.

Oh, BTW, Stanley Kendall died last year, so Ember and the Church of CAWD can no longer call on Stan for new material, BUT that does not keep them from making new videos.

Guilty Pleasures: Scamming Scammers

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There is nothing quite like the pleasure of watching scoundrels getting their comeuppance.  It's justice.  It's revenge.  For some, it's the only real way to convince a person that's decided to make it their career to stop, since they have no substantial morals int he first place.  But how does this translate into a guilty pleasure?  'By listening to scammers getting scammed!

"But where can I enjoy this for myself?" That's easy!  Go to YouTube!  All you have to do is type in your search, but I'm going to share with you my favourite channels for scammers getting scammed.  I originally wanted to do at least a "Top Five," but I realised that most of the other channels were just pale imitations of these basic three.  Just to warn you, I may resort to comparing them to The Jerky Boys, since they set the benchmark for me on improv phone pranks.

Ownage Pranks - This guy doesn't really specialise in this type of prank, but he does it well if you can find them when he does.  In fact, looking up his scamming scammers videos was sort of a gateway drug to the rest of his channel.  This guy goes for the quick tolchock, and calls his mark back over and over again for maximum trolling.  What I think is different about this phone prank artist is that people actually come to him to prank people, kind of like The Jerky Boys meets Scare Tactics.  Some other notable phone pranks include "How to Make a Drug Dealer Quit," "Epic Prostitute Meltdown SuperPrank," "Calling an Ex-Con to Become Friends (crazy)," and "Angry Arab Noise Complaint."

Deeveeaar - Deeveeaar was the first channel that I ever heard of people doing this.  I was exploring the YouTube app for Xfinity (I think I live there, now.) and there was a 24/7 stream displayed of someone trolling a scammer from India.  I was mildy amused.  It wasn't quite as funny as The Jerky Boys, but just knowing that some guy that was trying to trick someone out his money was getting his time and patience wasted did sort of make up.  Deeveeaar is not the funniest of the channels that do this, but it is a kind of one stop channel if you like scammers getting scammed in general.  Not only does it have the 24/7 live stream, it's got the basic scammers getting trolled and scammers getting their systems hacked.  I might be wrong for saying this, but half of the fun is the thumbnail/computer screens of the videos.

Thunder Tech - This is my favourite one in the bunch.  These guys are not only trolls, but they are true hackers like back in the day, and they put in work!  Not only do these guys scam the scammers, but they usually upload viruses, trojans, worms, and other programs into the scammers' computers, sometimes bringing down their whole networks.  These guys go for the long troll, sounding completely innocent and ingorant of what is happening until the very end.  When I hear them talking, I imagine them being hackers that used to destroy government kernels back when that was fun.  For some reason, these guys always get scammers that try to insult them by talking about fucking their mothers, being their dads, and other lame things, but all they do is betray their lack of grasp on the English language.  The guys at Thunder Tech are so calm while they hack the scammers, and for some reason it adds to the deadpan humour.  The Jerky Boys would be proud, despite differences in technique.

Well, there you have it.  Is this a guilty pleasure?  I think it kind of qualifies since listening to these videos is not so productive and comes at the cost of others, even if they may deserve it.  One thing that I do feel guilty about is the overt racism that is demonstrated towards Indians and some other Brown peoples.  Some channels are more obvious and blatant than others, *cough, cough* Deeveeaar!, but all of them seem to appeal to it for humour. (except maybe Thunder Tech)  

Do you enjoy this guitly pleasure?  Do you know any sites or channels that you think are funny enough to be on this list?  Comment and tell me.

Is Patreon Good for the Art of Cosplay?

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Yes, you'll get paid, but at what price?

I've written about three different drafts of this article with different titles, all with different amounts of shame, blame, and regret thrust upon the sholders of cosplayers and their fans, but in the end, I think that this one is the decent middle ground that I should probably take, while still addressing some issues that I have seen due to the rise in Patreon profiles for people claiming to be cosplayers.

For the record, I have no issues with Jannet Incosplay...except that I don't think she'll ever get her interview questions back to me.

I've noticed a tension in some cosplayers that I think may be caused by different conditions created by Patreon.  Now, even though I said that I "think" they "may be caused," I'm sure that some of you will take this as me giving this as the gospel truth.  *shrugs shoulders* I'm not.  A lot of this is speculation, but I think it's good speculation.  In short, I think that Patreon is making cosplay harder on cosplayers for three basic reasons.

Did Nana Bear have a Patreon?  You betcha?  Does she still have it?  Yup.  Money is hard to turn down.  She might be mentaly ill right now, but she's not stupid.  Did it contribute to her mental problems?  I'm sure that her Grandmother dying also did, but this couldn't have helped.  Read the article and you speculate on that.

First off, cosplaying is hard work. It is especially hard if you have a job, go to school, and make regular con appreances. All three of those things I just mentioned, not to mention costuming, are very expensive in time and money. The more Patreon sponsors, and the higher the tier of the sponsor you have, the more work you might feel the need to show. I think that while many cosplayers work themselves to death on cosplays right before and even at cons, I think that a cosplayer with at least 10 sponsors feels that urgency at least three times as worse.

Just some of the effort that the Egg Sisters put into making a foot...

Second, I think that cosplayers might feel obligated to show thanks by forcing themselves to give more personal time. Things like becoming friends with sponsors on gaming platforms, Skping, Goggle Hangouts, Twitching, and meeting fans at cons is very tiring. It also might make a person feel that they are litterally selling themselves. Some of you might say that they are actually not selling themselves. They are selling their time. NOW, what does that sound like. 'Sound familiar? 'Anyone else usually get prefaced with that statement as a disclamer?

"And remember:  You're not paying for a lady's sex.  You're paying for her time..!"

'Thirdly: Lewds. I think that this is potentially one of the reasons that certain cosplayers get burned out on the whole Patreon thing. Do I really have to go into why?  I think that a lot of cosplayers with Patreon do lewds and boudior shoots because they want to attract higher tier sponsors, and to satisfy the ones they have; they feel the pressure.

I'm waiting for one of these cosplayers to make a "Boyfriend Tier." That way it can be official when you pay for them to get their hair and nails done.

I also think that the "cosplayers" that have sunk into the lewds rut think find nudes and lewds as a cheap alternative to actually doing the hard work of costuming, makeup, hair and wig styling, and would rather just do it and satisfy the sponsors that just want to see flesh.

Do you think it's just casual admirers that think they are getting stiffed by nudes and lewds that cost between $0 and whatever wire and rope costs at the Home Depot?

Now, as I said before, I have written several different drafts of this article, and most of them named names.  While I wanted to write this version without doing that, I realised that it would be almost impossible to give examples without naming cosplayers.  However, with this version, I hope that bad feelings felt by anyone are brought to a minimum with the manner in which I mention these cosplayers.  To show varying degrees of what I mean, I'll talk about three cosplayers, all of which I think are on the spectrum of perhaps being affected by Patreon in a not so good way.  Lastly, I'll mention someone that might not be having any problems yet, but might be feeling some of the pressure just the same.

I've always felt that the first and second reasons might have affected Bree the V. Fans of hers might remember her announcing that she would be taking a year hiatus from cosplaying.  When I read this, I didn't believe this.  Why would a person stop doing something she loved for  a whole year?  The way I interepretted this was, "I'm going on a year long hiatus of cosplaying for you!" 

The many pretty and giddy faces of Bree the V.

Perhaps cosplaying wasn't the joy it used to be for Bree the V.  Perhaps that thrill and appreciation that recognition used to bring her at cons turned to annoyance and even fear.  I don't know.  Even though what I described is not so terrible, and some might say, "Hey, that's the price of being a public figure," I'm sure that it still sucks sometimes, and all of us have weaker days when the pressure is harder to take than others.  Like I said, this is all speculation.

Bree the V. in the middle of Cosplay Blues

The second example of cosplayers I think that Patreon might be causing some troubles for is Momokun, or Mariah Mallard, as she is also known.  (I'm not sure if Mariah Mallard is her government name, or not.) She has been the subject of a lot of internet chatter for her antics as a party girl, and her obligations to her benefactors on different media that she accepts money on.  I think Momokun is guilty of succumbing to the first and third pitfalls of Patreon cosplay.

'Not going to lie.  Momokun is one sexy MF, and this is one of my favourite cosplays of hers.  Don't judge...

Momokun has gone into blubbering rants about how mean people are to her because of her Patreon, but how all she is trying to do is help support her family. 'Really? I thought it was for making cosplay, and this is a big part of why some of Momokun's past sponsors and a lot of former fans and present crtics say that her Patreon is a scam. They say that Momokun doesn't make nearly as much of her cosplays that someone that literally gets thousands of dollars a month from her sponsors should.  Momokun has admitted that some of her cosplays are completely bought, and some of the ones she makes also have store bought pieces, but the percentage of made vs. bought is argued a lot.

The FAT man in me wants to jump in.  The fat MAN in me also wants to jump in.

Bloggers, YouTubers, Twitch folks, and other people on social media have also accused Momokun as suffering from "THOT behaviour." They accuse her of spending Patreon money on: drinking and having a good time at cons.  I see the feeds, pictures, and videos that she streams at cons in her hotel rooms, and I think they might be a little right...'About the money!  'Not about being a THOT..!

With over $6,000.00 a month in Patreon contributions, you gotta give me more than this.  That's about $72,000.00 a year for those of you that aren't counting.  Hey, do they tax donated income?

Third, I want to bring up the cosplayer known as Alychu Cosplay, not to be confused with Stella Chu, Livia Chu, or any other reputable Chu int he cosplay community.  Do I really need to go into her? She was Patreon before Patreon.  Alychu Cosplay would sell cam time for money on PayPal and other mediums before people were selling nudes, lewds, and Polaroids on Patreon. At one time, Alychu Cosplay only sold softcore videos and cam time. Now she has graduated to full blown hardcore porn. 

Velma has fallen on hard times.  Solving mysteries doesn't pay the bills like it used to.

I would say that her crime was the third reason from the beginning, and only hopes for complications from the first and second reasons.  How badly do I think it affects Alychu Cosplay?  I think that if Alychu Cosplay could just sit in her bed, oiled up, with a box of doughnuts, and a can of whipped cream in front of a camera of paying voyeurs, she would.

Apparently Lady Tsunade is teaching more than just ninjitsu as Fifth Hokage.

Lastly there is the beautiful and talented Krissy Victory, also known as Victory Cosplay.  I'm not sure if Patreon has really harmed or put any pressure on her, but I do think it has changed the type of cosplayer she is. Krissy Victory was a fun, but serious cosplayer, a regular blogger, and a YouTuber, who not only created fun cosplays, but also talked about serious subjects, like the good and bad things that happened to her while going to school in Korea.(I'm not going to go into the nature of these things. I think you really should go to her YouTube channel and listen to her tell her stories, and not get them second hand from me.) Shortly after we started talking, Krissy Victory exploded in the scene with praise from John Boyega on Twitter about her cosplay of him as Finn from Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Krissy Victory was an instant celebrity in the cosplay community instantly gaining Verified status on social medias and many Patreon sponsors. Then came the lewds...

High Praise!  I would have died!

Krissy Victory does so many postings of lewds and pictures of highly suggestive nature that they probably outnumber her cosplays anywhere from 10-20 to 1. I cannot think of the last time that I have seen a picture of Krissy Victory that did not show almost all of her butt, abs, sideboob, full boob, or have her in a bed with another woman. She's even done these POV videos and pics where the person with the camera films her on her knees with her head in his hands and...well...you get the picture.  That is how much I think Patreon has changed her, and I follow her on Instagram and Facebook, so I would see more if she posted more. 'Sounds like a case of the #3s to me.  But like I've said before, I could be wrong.

'Pretty, but what's a brotha gotta do to see some serious cosplay up in here, anymore?  Hey, what all do you see on that full video on Patreon..!?  Maybe it's worth it...Nah!  What am I saying..!?

So what do you think?  Am I full of it?  Am I right on the money? Why do I have an opiinion?  Well, it is just an opinion; 'my opinion, and I'm just sharing it.  Do you have an opinion on this?  Please, don't be shy.  Share it.  Comment below.  I'll respond.  Let's have an open conversaion.

Uh-Oh!  'Look familiar..?

Will Victrix Be the New Mad Catz?

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Like some of you may know, All Cool things™ had the pleasure of attending Final Round 2018 in Atlanta, Georgia this past weekend.  While attending we ran into Navz of Victrix Gaming, an upstart company that is positioning itself to become a new competitor in the gaming accessories market.  Navz was sharing his company's latest project, Victrix Pro AF™ ANC.  The Victrix Pro (for short) is on sale right now as a preorder for just shy of $200, but will probably go up in price once it comes out in mass production.

First off, let me just say this:  Before you even put this sweet piece of tech on your head, it is sexy AF!  ('Come ot think of it, I wouldn't be surprised if that is why the "AF" is in the name!)  The headset is black with the right shade of purple, and violet highlights. 

Beyond the qualities that make it so aesthetically pleasinig are the features that Navz was able to share that will make you want to buy it:

-ANC Noise Reduction:  The Victrix Pro has ANC Noise reduction technology.  The way that Navz explained it, it is a hybrid technology that actively listens to the noise around you and negates it with something akin to white noise of the opposing frequency.  While some gaming headsets incorporate noise reduction technology, Navz assured me that that there is no headset out right now that uses this form of hybird noise reduction technology.

-Patented Cobra Microphone:  The Victrix Pro utilises a military grade microphone technology that was patented at one time, and now for the exlusive use of Victrix Gaming.  'EXCLUSIVE USE OF VICTRIX!

-Ear Ventilation:  The Victrix Pro has vents housed in the speaker cups so that when things get too hot in your ears, you can air them out!  I had never heard of anything like this in some headsets, and it's about time!

Now, along with those things come some other goodies that you would expect a thoughtful company to include, like the adapter for your PC and a cutomisable badge plate so that you can represent to the fullest.

As I said before, preorders are about $200, but will probably rise in price, and come with a case that they will not come with in the future...I think...