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Up and Coming Cosplayers with Lucky Luna: Pictorial

Posted by HERETICPRIME on May 24, 2019 at 8:30 AM Comments comments (0)

And now comes that last part of our Up and Coming articles:  the Pictorial!

Please enjoy and remember to share and comment if you enjoy or have something you would like to be a part of the exchange.  Also do not forget to Follow, Like, and Subscribe to Lucky Luna's social media pages, as well as her comrades in the arts.


Seeya next time!


Up and Coming Cosplayers with Lucky Luna: Interview

Posted by HERETICPRIME on May 22, 2019 at 12:15 AM Comments comments (0)

Lucky Luna is one of the first cosplayers I contacted for this series, and boy has it been a ride getting her!

She and I happen to have the privilege of living here in the Metro-Atlanta area:  the home of Dragon Con, Anime Weekend Atlanta, and MomoCon, as well as several others.

'A student by day.  'By night a cosplayer, an artist, a writer, a gamer, and a podcaster, and a content provider for several media, Lucky Luna keeps busy and builds her brand.

So you are an Art Major at Georgia State University.   How are the anime, video game, and cosplay scenes there?

It's Growing fast!  I remember when there were only two cons in Atlanta, and only a few hundred atendees. Now we have plenty of nerd hangout venues and conventions.

The Metro Atlanta Area is one of the cosplay Meccas of the world.  What places do you like to frequent here?

I've been atending MomoCon since it was a free con at Georgia Tech.  I aslo enjoy Anime Weekend Atlanta, and for nerdy night life Joystick is the plug.

I saw that you are working on a web comic.  What is it about?

I'm working on two series.  One is a slice of life comic strip about me, my friends, and everyday life.  The second is titled "Abiona," and it's a supernatural series about a girl who is granted an ancient power and becomes a monster hunter

What types of characters do you like to cosplay as?

I'm drawn to powerful types and femme fatales, but occasionally I like to go for princess characters.

How would you characterise your style of cosplay?  Are there certain materials you prefer to work with?

I occasionally sew costumes from scratch, but when I'm lacking time and money I love altering clothes from Goodwill or even my closet.  I'm diving deeper into the realm of learning prop and armor making so I can do cooler characters.

How does being an Art Major influence you as a cosplayer?  How does one passion inspire the other?

To me cosplay is simply another art form.  I love working with my hands, and a lot of painting, working with colors, and somethimes even sketching plays into my process.

As I mentioned earlier, the Metro Atlanta area is a Mecca of cosplay.   Have you ever bumped into some hometown favourites before?

'My best friend, Final Chase, and my other good cos-buddies, Torimaniart, Stellara Nebula, and Chibi Magi Girl.  I actually had an art history class with Kay Bear.  I briefly met AllieCat at Dragon Con, and she's really sweet.


Do you think living here influences some of your tastes?  This IS the home of Cartoon Network, [as], Toonami, et cetera.   'Any local fandom influences?

The funny thing is as a kid I had no idea CN was here.  I was already a fan of supernatural, adventure, and horror books, and then I discovered Dragon Ball, Sailor Moon and Yu Yu Hakusho, and the rest was history.

What is your favourite local con?

I can't choose between MomoCon, AWA, and Dragon Con.  The amount of fun I have usually depends on wether or not I'm with my friends.

Do you ever travel out of state for cons?

No, but I'm trying to attend Katsucon in 2019.

If you had to make a wish list of cons to visit for 2019, what would they be?

Katsucon, New York Comic Con, and San Diego Comic-Con


Could we end this with a con that you can guaranty our readers and your followers will see you at in 2019?

MomoCon definetly! I have to meet Estelle!

Extra!  Stay tuned in 2019 for my gaming channel with my best friend Final Chase8-bit Glitch.  We'll be streaming, doing lives, and reveiws.

You can find us on youtube (https://www.youtube.com/c/8bitglitch) or on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Up and Coming Cosplayers with Lucky Luna: Cosplayer Score Card

Posted by HERETICPRIME on May 19, 2019 at 11:00 PM Comments comments (0)

Cosplay Name:  Lucky Luna

Base of Operations:  Atlanta

Years Cosplaying:  5

First Cosplay:  Amethyst

First Con:  Momocon

Cons per Year:  2 or 3

Number of Times to Dragon Con:  2

Make Your Own Costume:  Yes, although sometimes I alter clothes from thrift stores and my closet.

Make Your Own Props:  Yes

Do Your Own Hair:  Yes

Do Your Own Makeup:  Yes

Do Your Own Wig Styling:  Yes

Makes Your Own Wigs:  Working on it

Bodypaints:  Yes

Favourite Cosplay:  Danny Phantom and Storm

Patreon, Ko-fi, Etsy, and/or Support Link:  https://lucky13shoppe.storenvy.com/ https://www.twitch.tv/luckyluna013 ;

Lewds:  'Not at the moment, I'm considering boudoir someday.

Nudes:  No

More than Nudes:  No

Social Media:  http://www.facebook.com/luckylunacosplay/, ; http://twitter.com/LuckyLuna013, ; http://www.instagram.com/_lucky.luna/, and http://www.youtube.com/c/8bitglitc

Domain of Your Own:  I have a art website!  http://mayajoi007.wixsite.com/mayajoiart

Secret Super Power:  I can communicate with squirrels.

Up and Coming Cosplayers with Zazie Cosplay: Pictorial

Posted by HERETICPRIME on May 10, 2019 at 9:40 AM Comments comments (0)

It's Spring Time, and the weather isn't the only thing that's steamy!  Here's Zazie Cosplay's HOT pictorial!

How about some modeling pics?  We got you!

You know what?  Zazie Cosplay was so good to us sharing, we're going to share some more love with these candid pics!

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Up and Coming Cosplayers with Zazie Cosplay: Interview

Posted by HERETICPRIME on May 8, 2019 at 10:05 AM Comments comments (0)

This month's starting Up and Coming Cosplayer's career reminds me of certain aspects of Jessica Nigri's cosplay career.  Both started as very young ladies that were undeniably beautiful, but matured into their sexuality as their costuming skills blossomed as well.  And just like Jessica Nigri, she is not afraid to capitalise on her intense beauty and sexuality...but still brings the cosplay A game.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present Zazie Cosplay.

Like all Black folk in this country, we are all racially mixed because of our unfortunate history, but you have a relatively exotic look to you.   Would you mind if I asked about your ancestry?

Yes, I’m Brazilian and Italian on my dad's side, and Ghanaian from my mom. I usually just tell people I'm Afro-Brazilian.

Is it true that you had yet another alter-ego, Maid Kyo?   What is it like working in a Maid Cafe?  How many have you worked in?  'Still do it?

"Hello! Super Moe Maid Kyo here at your service!  I really enjoy working at a Maid Cafe.  I’ve worked in maid cafes for about 6 years now, and still going strong.  I definitely wouldn’t be doing it for so long if I didn’t enjoy what I’m doing.  I’m currently working at Blerdcon’s Maid Cafe, Luna Cafe!"

You seem more like an anime freak than a gamer to me.  What are your top three anime right now?

 That’s tough.  I would have to say Clannad, Naruto, and Sailor Moon.

I like to think I have great intuition.   I use it to ask questions that seem weird at first, but they usually pay off.   Do you like strange food combinations?

Well this is something I used to order at my old job:  Loaded tots topped with cheese wiz and bacon.  With the Loaded tots I would add gravy and caramel to it, caramel being the strange part.

Back to cosplay, would you say that you are not only a lover of gijinkas, but of Pokémon gijinkas?

Yes, 'guilty.  That being because I’m a huge fan of Pokémon games and shows growing up.  I just got a Nintendo Switch, just so I can play Pokémon:  Let’s Go, Eevee!  I do my best to do Pokémon gijinka cosplays in my annual cosplans.


Looking back at older pictures of you, at first I thought that you might have started modeling, but got bitten by the cosplay bug.  Now I'm beginning to think you were a cosplayer that started to like modeling.   Can you set the record straight?

'Cosplayer first and foremost, but I do do some fashion shoots from time to time.

Looking back at your 2015 pictures and earlier, you did a lot of ambitious cosplays.   Lately your cosplays are not quite as complicated, and sexier.  Why the change?

I don’t know if I would say not say "complicated." I feel like throughout my time of cosplaying over the years, I’ve evolved and learned new things.  'Not just about cosplay, but about myself as well.  When I just started out, I pretty much had to hot glue everything together.  I didn’t have a sewing machine, which meant hours of hand sewing.  A lot of my older stuff back then was a mess, and barely lasted a day of wear.  I am doing a lot more of sewing projects than armor builds, yes, but I do find sewing a lot more difficult.   Even with a sewing machine it’s hard when you’re a noob.  A simple project used to take me weeks, which is why I want to expand and improve my sewing skills.

So what happened in late 2014?   You went from this pretty sort of baby-faced cosplayer into a minx of a young modeling lady.

I don’t think anything big or crazy happened in 2014.  I feel like as I grow as a person, so do my cosplay skills.

Do you have any favourite photographers you like to work with?

Yes, a few of my favorites that I enjoy working with is SF Design, Nikkis Cosplay Photo, Peppercat Photography, and Mika Bridges Photography.

It seems that most of the sexier cosplayer models are not really homegrown convention girls.  I get the feeling that that could not be further than the truth for you.  What are some of your favourite cons to hit up?

My favorite cons that I love to go to are Otakon, Katsucon, Colossalcon OH, and Blerdcon.

Have you ever been star struck at a convention?  If so, who was it?

Yes at Otakon 2017 I got to meet Kohshi from the band Flow after seeing them in concert. Their show was a amazing and he’s really cool.


Have you ever met anyone at a convention and was disappointed?

No, not really.'


Which cons have you gone to have the best after hours parties?

I would have say it's between Pax East and Dragon Con.


'Any parting words for your fans and ours?

Hi everyone!  I would just like to say thank you so much for your support of my work, so far.  I hope to continue on creating more cosplays for the future.  Thank you again!  ~Love Zazie

Up and Coming Cosplayers with Zazie Cosplay: Cosplayer Score Card

Posted by HERETICPRIME on May 6, 2019 at 12:50 AM Comments comments (0)

Cosplay Name:  Zazie Cosplay

Base of Operations:  DMV area

Years Cosplaying:  5yrs

First Cosplay:  Michiko Malandro

First Con:  AnimeUSA

Cons per Year:  4

Make Your Own Costume:  90%. I have purchased some cosplays but I always have to fix them up to fit me.

Make Your Own Props:  90% of the time I make my own props, but I have had some commissioned

Do Your Own Hair:  Yes

Do Your Own Makeup:  Yes

Do Your Own Wig Styling:  Yes

Makes Your Own Wigs:  Never done that.

Bodypaints:  No cosplays that requires bodypaint at the moment.

Favourite Cosplay:  Sailor Cosmos

Number of times you have been to Dragon Con:  Only one time

Patreon, Ko-fi, Etsy, and/or Support Link:  Yes my Ko-fi is http://ko-fi.com/zaziecosplay and my Patreon is http://www.patreon.com/MelaninGirls.

Lewds:  Yes

Nudes:  No

More than Nudes:  No

Social Media:  FB:https://m.facebook.com/zaziecosplay/, IG: https://www.instagram.com/zazie.cosplay

Domain of Your Own:

Secret Super Power:  I never know what's going on!

How the SEGA 32X Could Have Saved the Saturn, and to a Greater Extent, SEGA's Hardware Business

Posted by HERETICPRIME on April 21, 2019 at 11:35 PM Comments comments (0)

First off, I'd like to say that I would love it if folks from SEGA of Japan and North America could see this article.  I have been a SEGA fanboy ever since the Genesis was released in North America.  When I got my Genesis and Power Base Converter that Christmas, it was one of the most magical moments ever.  I had only owned an Atari 7800 before that, and the Genesis assaulted my senses and imagination.  Because of SEGA, to this day Mario, Link, and Samus mean nothing to be.  My home experience was a slightly scaled down arcade experience rather than the small screen made for home platforms.  Thank you, SEGA, for making my bedroom an arcade room.

Oh, and I am not a programmer.  Nor am I someone that works with computer hardware, professionally.  If I suppose or think that something could be done in this article and it cannot, please be kind.  This is more of a "love letter" to SEGA and what it meant to me a long time ago.

A lot of gamers think that the launch and support of the SEGA 32X was in the top three of SEGA's mistakes that killed off their hardware business.  I think that how they handled the 32X was.  I think the 32X had great potential, and it's success did not have to be exclusive to it's big brother, the Saturn.  As some of you know, the 32X was SEGA of America's baby.  The Genesis was still a hot success when talk of 32 Bit systems started, and SEGA of America saw it as a means to capitalise on both.  However, SEGA OF Japan wanted a truly next generation machine, and seemed to do everything in it's power to make the Saturn as seperate and standalone from the 32X as fiscally possible.  However, the success of both the 32X and Saturn could have depended on cooperation rather than pissing contests and inhouse competition.

Really, the 32X wasn't that bad!  Have you even played one?

First off, if what I heard was correct, one of the reasons that the Saturn had a RAM/Cartridge slot was the success and love of the Genesis/Mega Drive.  Is there any reason that they didn't make the Saturn backwards compatible with the Genesis/Mega Drive?  True to both the legacy of SEGA and Atari, the Saturn's sound chip was the main processor of it's past generation machine.  This helped with the library of their machines because it meant an easy means for their new machines to play games from their predecessors.  The hardware was there.  All SEGA would have needed was to make the cartridge port the same as the Genesis/Mega Drive.  

How cool would that have been to play Streets of Rage 2 on the Saturn?  I'm not even sure if Genesis/Mega Drive backwards compatibility would have meant backwards compatibility with Sega CD, but I'm sure that was something might have been able to have been worked out.  The hardware power was definitely there, but that's not even that important.  The important thing is that the Saturn would have been physcially compatible with the 32X.  I know, that probably sounds blasphemous to some of you, but keep an open mind and follow me for a few more minutes. 

The SEGA Saturn was already a superior machine to the PlayStation.  The only thing that the PlayStation had on the Saturn was an easier chipset design specifically made for a home console,  and better and easier transparency technology.  The Saturn's progaming and chipset has been misunderstood and cursed with erroneous lore for decades.  It's 3D prowess was believed weaker than PlayStation's because programmers lazily made straight copied ports of PlayStation's games, completely ignoring the power of the multiple chips sets in the Saturn, which were not just slapped together without thought, but was directly influenced by SEGA's prolific legacy as an arcade giant. 

Yes, arcade machines' motherboards used multiple chips to maximise power, efficiency, and performance.  The Saturn and Genesis/Mega Drive were actually at home heirs to that legacy.  Multple processors to lighten processing loads, plus the cartridge slot that made increases in RAM and a second direct access to the processors made for gaming experiences  far beyond that of the PlayStation.  If you don't believe me, just take a look at the videos  below that compares PlayStation games with Saturn games that were built from the ground up, rather than being ported over.

Dragon Ball Z:  Legends - Please Click Below to See Video.

(Video by VCDECIDE)

Notice the many objects on the field and how much more deail is in this.

While the PlayStation did have transparency effects, the Saturn has more 

to offer visually and does it's best to replicate the transparencies.

Street Racer - Please Click Below to See Video

(Video by VCDECIDE)

Again in the video you can see how the Saturn is able to handle more 

sprites and overall information at a time.

Dead or Alive (DOA) - Please Click Below to See Video

(Video by VCDECIDE)

The final example is Dead or Alive or DOA as the game and

the series has also come to be known.  The difference between

the Saturn and PlayStation was so profound that the creators,

Team Ninja felt that the Saturn was not only superior, but 

was "the definitive version."

Now imagine if that Saturn with the RAM/cartridge port shaped like a Genesis/Mega Drive was able to take advantage of the added power of the 32X.  Can you imagine how much more slack could be taken off of Saturn's chipsets if yet two more Hitachi 32 Bit RISC, a VDP, and a 32X VDP were pumping out power? Not only woiuld the Saturn get more parallel processing power, but an addition of 4 Meg of RAM from the 32X. Of course, this would have required forethought in the production of the Saturn to have the interface outlets possible There is no doubt in my my mind that a Saturn 32X would be able to play a decently passable version of Virtua Fighter 3, not to mention decent versions of any other SEGA Model 2 arcade games.  Saturn + 32X + 4 Meg RAM cart > PlayStation. In fact, it might have even given the PS2 the same surprising competition that the SNES gave the 32X in graphics.


Please Click Below to See Video

(Video by Top Hat Gaming Man)

Top Hat Gaming Man researched and found an attachment that might have been in the 

works to give the SEGA Saturn that extra UMPH! that could have KOed the PlayStation

right out the box!  'Look familiar..?

Please Click Below to See Video

(Video by Michael's Retro Game Reviews)

In Michael's Retro Game Reviews Channel, Michael uncovered that SEGA

almost released a Saturn version of Virtua Fighter 3.  it was speculated that

it might be possible with the latest deveolpment packs.  However, this was 

more likely to be possible because of an add-on with technology from

Lockheed/Martin.  'Sound familiar, again?  Could this have been the 64X?

Do both of these technologies get inspiration from the 32X?

Now instead of being sold for $20 a pop in clearance bins, 32X machines would have been a hotly sought after accessory in the 90's rather than a cult object of interest in today's retro gaming world.  Who knows?  SEGA might have actually had to have made more, as well as Saturns.  Maybe it would have pushed back the timeline in video game generations, increasing the quality of all gaming consoles to come.

But for this to have been possible, like I said, it would have required cooperation between SEGA of American and Japan.  It would have required SEGA of Japan to see all of the possibilities of the 32X and all of it's strengths suggested by SEGA of America.  If that failed, then SEGA of America could have also embraced the other side's suggestion of the Saturn, and sought to find a way that 32X could have played support for it's big brother, as well.  In the end while both sides failed, it ultimately falls upon the shoulders of SEGA of Japan to take the lion's share of blame.  They were the ultimate authority, and should have been more open and mature about the rivalry, especially since thier bottom line is ultimately the international bottom line of SEGA.

So what do you think?  Did what I say make any sense?  Do you think the tweeks I suggested to the Saturn's hardware and design were reasonable?  Would a 32X charged Saturn have made that much of a difference?  Comment below on that.  Share to perpetuate the debate.

I cannot think of all of the sources of information I have for this article.  Like I said, it is sort of a "love letter" to SEGA and the Saturn.  I can tell you the places that I do get my information from when I need it, and chances are that they are responsible to a great deal of what I do know and allowed me to write this article.

Thanks to The Top Hat Gaming Man and Sega Lord X.  Their YouTube channels are constants in my retro-love, and I don't miss any episodes.

There are also a couple of Facebook groups that I am in that help tremendously when I have questions in real time:  Sega Saturn Collectors of America and The PS Junkyard (Planet Saturn Junkyard).

Thanks also to David Lee and Ke Kona, fellow members in many of my Facebook groups and hosts of SEGA SATURN, SHIRO Podcast.

All of you have helped grow my knowledge and obsession with SEGA.

'See you next timie.


Up and Coming Cosplayers with Akiza Cosplay: Pictorial

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Photograph by MonkeyD_Luffy Cosplay

edit by JoJew Cosplay

Since we started this series, All Cool Things™ has been pleased to find great cosplayers from all over the globe.  This time for Up and Coming Cosplayers, we found Akiza Cosplay from Germany.  Please joinus as we present her pictorial part of her three part feature.  Enjoy!

Photograph by Akiza Cosplay

Photograph by Nash  Cosplay 'N' More

Photograph by Coscraftfoto

Photograph by Tobias Schmelzer

Photograph by Seraph of the End

Photograph by Picture Project Photography

Photograph by Picture Project Photography

Photograph by Dominik

Photograph by Picture Project Photography

Photograph by Crow's Cosplay and Photography

Photograph by Swords & Blueberries Creatives

I know!  It was a little short, but sweet in comparison to what our Up and Coming pictorials have become, but we hope you will accept quality over quantitiy.  If you agree and liked Akiza Cosplay, then please support her by Liking and Sharing!  Get the word out about the Up and Coming Series!

Our next cosplayer will be a real treat, the young and beautiful Zazie Cosplay, and we intend to do something a little different with her pictorial, so have your eyes peeled for that!  We're sure you'll enjoy it!

'Til next time!


Up and Coming Cosplayers with Akiza Cosplay: Interview

Posted by HERETICPRIME on April 17, 2019 at 8:35 AM Comments comments (0)

Photograph by Colors of Cronos

Sometimes I feel like I'm a broken record when I speak of how I enjoy my job because I get to "meet cosplayers of all kinds," and sometimes the depth of that meaning escapes even myself.  What many people do not realise, is that there are not only so may different cosplayers of varying levels, but so many differently great cosplayers of varying levels.  This brings me to the Up and Coming Cosplayer for the end of this month, Akiza Cosplay

Akiza Coplayer does not cosplay sexy cosplay characters too much.  In fact, I would even go so far that she chooses not to depend on the sexuality or senuality of characters that do have it. 

Along with that is another difference that some could argue is also refreshing.  Akiza Cosplay has a modesty when it comes to her photos.  Before Akiza Cosplay agreed to be featured, she made a condition that every picture be expressly credited.  In a time when most professional photographers take the time to create seals or imprinted captions for their works, Akiza Cosplay was concerned that her photographers still would not recieve their credit.  Akiza Cosplay has all of the virtues that so many cosplayers today have either forgotten or never learned on the fast track to Patreon patrons.

Please join me as I introduce a modest cosplayer that I felt deserved the opportunity to be an Up and Coming Cosplayer::  Akiza Cosplay.

Photograph by focus ON Photography

Lots of cosplayers have interesting stories as to how they come up with their names. Do you mind telling the story of how you came up with yours?  From what I understand, it also loosely relates to you meeting your boyfriend at that time.

I really like the character Akiza from the anime Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's.  Therefore, this was my nickname in an anime and manga forum where I also got to know my boyfriend from.  Because of such a huge positive thing, and because I like the character Akiza from the anime, and could identify myself with her, I choosed this as my cosplay name.

 I could be wrong, but you look like the type of cosplayer that cosplays for fun rather than career.  Is that true, or are you trying to make a brand of yourself?

Fun is one of the most important things about cosplaying.  I do all this because I have fun to make the costumes, wear them, and meet friends with the same hobby.  Now, I don't try to make a brand of myself, but in the future it would be great if I can live from cosplaying and can work every day at cosplays.

Photograph by Swords & Blueberries Creatives

I think you might be the first cosplayer that I've spoke to from Germany.  What is the cosplay scene like in Germany?

The cosplay scene is friendly and helpful.  At conventions you meet very friendly people and can always have a good talk with them.  You can also find new friends, and if you have a problem with your cosplay you can ask for help, and they try to help you.

Photograph by JS Fotografie

Are there a lot of anime conventions in Germany?  What other conventions are there in Germany that are cosplay friendly?

Yes, there are.  Most of them are in the west of Germany, but you can find anime conventions nearly everywhere in Germany.  For example, Gamescom is an exhibition convention about games, but also great as a cosplayer.  I've heard also many positive things about Frankfurt and Leipzig Book Fair, but I was never there by myself.

Have you ever been to the USA to experience our culture and conventions?  In your opinion, how do you think Germany's convention and cosplay scene compares to The States?

Sadly, I've never been to the USA, but I would love to experience it someday.  I think they are both very similar.  Of course there are more and bigger conventions in the USA than in Germany, but in general, in both countries are anime and non-anime conventions, and both cosplay scenes are friendly and helpful.

Photograph by Sealy's Lightworks

What kind of characters do you like cosplaying?  What attracts you to a character?

I really like to cosplay characters which I like from their character or I can identify with.  For example, I like the manner from Najenda, from Akame ga Kill!, and I also do bad jokes like her, so I definitely had to cosplay her.

I think I've seen you cosplay as Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck.  Do you ever get the urge to cosplay any softer or sexier characters more often?

'Not really.' I don't feel comfy when I show too much skin.  Neliel was definitely a cosplay I thought a lot about if I would feel myself comfy, so I lengthened the clothes a bit until I was satisfied, and it also fits to the character.

Photograph by Sealy's Lightworks

In a photo shoot as Najenda you posed with an actual falcon!  How did you do that?  How often do you cosplay with animals?

I really love the falcon.  I was at a convention as Najenda and saw a team (Skyhunters in Nature) with different birds like that falcon, or an owl, and a photo with an falcon suits perfect to Najenda, so I decided instantly that I wanted a photo with the falcon.  This was my first and last time that I made a photo with an animal, and I was so nervous, but I really liked it, and would love to shoot with animals more often.

Photograph by Picture Project Photography

You seem to be one of those cosplayers that likes to cosplay in a crew with others.  Who do you like cosplaying with?  Who are your crew?

I really like to cosplay with others, but actually I don't have a permanent crew.  It's more that I meet these awesome people at a convention and spend time with them there.

Are there any big cosplayers in Germany that we might not have heard of in The States?  Are there any here that you admire?


Of course, there are cosplayers I admire.  In Germany are great cosplayers like Kamui Cosplay, Maul Cosplay, Bakka Cosplay, Lara Weagener Arts, Cyehra Cosplay, Lightning Cosplay, and much more.  In The States I really like the work from Alyson Tabbitha and Evil Ted Smith. They all do great cosplay work, and are a huge inspiration and help.


Who are your favourite cosplayers in general?

All I mentioned in the answer before and also Leon Chiro.

Photograph by ATomPhoto

Before we say goodbye, we like to give our Up and Coming Cosplayers a chance to give a final thought or message to our readers.  What would you like to say?

Don't give up so easy.  It's totally normal to struggle when working on cosplays.  If you don't know how to solve a problem, maybe a small pause to clean your head or help from others will help you to solve it.  You always grow with every project, and that can only happen if you try to make it.

Go beyond Plus Ultra!

Up and Coming Cosplayers with Akiza Cosplay: Cosplayer Score Card

Posted by HERETICPRIME on April 15, 2019 at 1:35 AM Comments comments (0)

Photograph by eosAndy

Cosplay Name: Akiza Cosplay

Base of Operations: Bochum, Germany

Years Cosplaying: 8 years

First Cosplay: Kalin Kessler from Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's

First Con: Connichi

Cons per Year: around 6

Make Your Own Costume: yes (except something like uniforms)

Make Your Own Props: yes

Do Your Own Hair: yes

Do Your Own Makeup: yes

Do Your Own Wig Styling: yes (the wig from Najenda is the only one which isn‘t styled by me)

Makes Your Own Wigs: no

Bodypaints: yes

Favourite Cosplay: it changes, but at the moment Najenda from Akame ga Kill! and also Hylo Visz from Star Wars: The Old Republic

Number of times you have been to Dragon Con: 0

Patreon, Ko-fi, Etsy, and/or Support Link: no, but you can always support me with liking and commenting myposts on Instagram and Facebook

Lewds: no

Nudes: no

More than Nudes: no

Social Media: Facebook (www.facebook.com/AkizaCosplay/), Instagram (www.instagram.com/akizacosplay/) and Youtube (www.youtube.com/channel/UC1vJ8fhiLAZhXyWtQNpbEPg)

Domain of Your Own:

Secret Super Power: crafting