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Up and Coming Cosplayers with BadAsh Cosplay: Pictorial

Posted by HERETICPRIME on January 18, 2019 at 8:50 AM Comments comments (0)

Please enjoy our ALL exclusive pictorial of BadAsh Cosplay.

'Just our second cosplayer for this series and she happens to be a school teacher!  How cool is that?!?  I wish my teachers were cosplayers!

So anyway, I'm sure you're wondering who next month's Up and Coming Cosplayer will be.  Wanna hint?  She's...feisty...L8R...


Up and Coming Cosplayers with BadAsh Cosplay: Interview

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This Up and Coming Cosplayer hails from Witchita, Kansas, and if you listen to her, you might just learn something about cosplay...and Math.  We introduce to you, Up and Coming Cosplayer BadAsh Cosplay!

You are definitely a veteran of the cosplaying community, and I see that you learned seaming and tailoring at a very young age from your motherand grandmother.   Could you have dreamed that you would become the cosplayer you are way back then?

Nope.  I started with small quilts and pillowcases, and I hated it.  It wasn't until cosplay did I really start to love sewing, and crafting in general, and was so thankful for those early sewing lessons.



Prop making was a different process for you.   Could you please explain what you consider "The Experimental Process?" (It almost sounds like it should patent pending!)


I don't know about a patent, but my experimental process begins with sketching and dreaming up what materials I plan to make something out of.  Then, with Google, trips to the craft stores, and conversations with other cosplayers, I try a bunch of stuff.  I keep trying, and keep trying, and keep trying, and keep trying, until I'm happy with what I have created!  Lately I've been really into insulation foam and modge podge, but I'm going to next experiment with insulation foam and other sealants...


For me it would be hard to miss that you are also a math teacher.  I could fill the rest of this interview alone with questions of how these two worlds have mingled with each other, but I'll resist on the number of questions.   Do you share the fact that you cosplay with faculty or students?


YES!  I was scared at first, but I realized after my first year of teaching that hiding part of myself kept me from building relationships with my students and co-workers.  Now I tell them Day 1, including pictures.  Students never ask anymore what I'm doing over a school break; they know I'm working on cosplay.  When I'm absent and have a substitute teacher, they assume I'm at a con.  My co-workers ask often what I'm working on and many of them follow my social media.  I hear often from them about how talented they think I am.  I'm pretty sure the whole school knows, and they love me for it.



Have you ever seen faculty or students at conventions or events while in cosplay?   Have you ever cosplayed with faculty or students?


I run into students at almost every con here in Wichita.  I love seeing them and they love seeing me in cosplay.  I've never done in full projects with students or staff, but they have definitely requested it before.  An idea for the future!



Do you have people that you like to cosplay with or a crew you tend to cosplay with sometimes?


My main "crew" is my RWBY family.  We all met in some way because of RWBY and our cosplays, and we have done panels, cosplay groups, and competed together before.  Within that group my main bestie is Jessie of Windsong Cosplay.  She's the Yang to my Weiss.  We've done other cosplay together, such as Selphie and Quistis from Final Fantasy VIII, and have more plans for the future.  I love cosplaying with other people.  It's makes the cosplay experience 1000x better.  I also make my husband cosplay with me a lot.  He says it's "okay," but I can tell he loves when I make him stuff and take photos with him!



You seem to cosplay almost exclusively within the world of fantasy.   Is that where you also play?  Do you play things like Magic the Gathering or roleplay?


I did a lot of online roleplaying when I was in middle and high school.  Since then I have grown into video gaming and tabletop gaming.  I LOVE MAGIC THE GATHERING!  I'm a mean Blue player, and proud of it.  I play a lot of titles on my PS4, but more often I prefer to play older games (PS1 or PS2) on the PS Now. I seldom buy new games...I love stuff like Final Fantasy, Crash Bandicoot, Spyro the Dragon, Sly Cooper, Ape Escape, Shadow of the Colossus, and my personal favorite: Ōkami!



Some cosplayers were cosplayers before it became popular in it's own right.   Were you one of those that did it before, but in other communities like Sci-Fi communities, or Ren fests?


I started cosplaying at an anime con.  Cosplay was definitely still young, but they had tons of cosplayers and a pretty big contest. I wasn't before the trend, but I am definitely glad to be a part of it now.  Despite attending Ren faires long before other cons, I never dressed up.  Not really sure why. o.0



While I think all cosplayers love all of their projects, sometimes people have their favourites, and creators have thiers.   My favourite of yours are your gijinkas (especially your dragons).   What are your favourites that you have done, personally?


I really love my Weiss from RWBY, and my Caster from Fate/stay night. They took the most amount of work and receive the most love, from me and fans. Gijinkas, and just designing in general, is new to me. It's definitely a skill I never felt I would be good at. Being a "math person" you often get told that being so brainy means you're not creative, so I've never felt creative at all. It took years to undo that stigma in my mind, but I really enjoy designing or re-designing characters, especially creatures. I have a bunch of designs and sketches, some I plan to cosplay and some I just wanted to see on paper and not just in my brain. I'm not a very good 2-D artist, so I use printed off body templates to help me out.



I'm going to ask another question, because my intuition is telling me something that I want to confirm. Are you a member of any notable subcommunities of cosplay, like Ren fest folks, or furries?


So I wouldn't consider myself a member of any subcommunities related to cosplay, but I know almost everyone and everything here in Wichita.  The anime folks, the furries, the Ren fair people, the SCA, the people that run conventions, vendors, etc.  I sometimes do stuff with them, like show up for their events and tell people about them.  Word of mouth is literally the best advertisement!



I have another question my intuition is making me ask:   Are you also a crafter of memes?


I'm more of a victim of memes!  My buddy Clayton of Claxeius Cosplay, caught me taking a bunch of selfies (as Weiss, of course) and took a quick picture that had me making a...hilarious face.  From that point on, that face, MY FACE, has been called "The Smolder" in our RWBY Family and I've been a victim of many other candid photos and smolder memes.  I have developed past the anger step in this process and have accepted my fate:  I'm the Queen of the Smolder.  Besides that, I'll make memes when they show up in the cosplay social media world, such as the "If you can't handle me at my _____, then you don't deserve me at my _____" meme.  I made a bunch of those, using candid smolder cosplay faces...



In your memes you have on your Facebook cosplay page, you do the theme made famous by the Marilyn Monroe quote.   What do the ones where you have your mouth open like you're yelling, and then you have mouth shut mean? "If you can't handle me while I'm manic, then you don't deserve me when I'm depressed?"


LOL It's definitely a play on the "If you can't handle me when I'm not making a pretty pose/perfect smile, then you don't deserve my cosplay goodness." IDK.  That meme made its rounds.  I bandwagoned!


'Anything you want to say to our readers or your followers?   'Your students?

A lot of people know me as a "competition cosplayer" because I make most of my cosplays, compete a lot, and win some awards.  Sometimes competitive people get reputations for being stuck-up, full of themselves, not willing to share, hurtful towards other cosplayers, and fun-suckers of the true meaning of cosplayer.  Whelp, I will admit that I have had my stressful moments, and have gotten angry about cosplay contests not going how I hoped, but beyond that, I'm a pretty positive, loving, caring cosplayer.  My cosplay advice is always free; my inbox is always open.  I love talking with others about cosplay, whether you catch me in the hall at a con or are competing against me in a contest.  Being competitive doesn't define me as a bad cosplayer, and no one cosplayer is really better than another, no matter what award you get.  I love being on stage, I love hearing my name and character read, and I love the applause. *cue that Lady Gaga song*

I always say, the best cosplayer at a con is the cosplayer having the most fun, and that's what I always strive to be. Thank you for reading my interview!

Up and Coming Cosplayers with BadAsh Cosplay: Cosplayer Score Card

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Cosplay Name: BadAsh Cosplay

Base of Operations:  Wichita, KS

Years Cosplaying:  11

First Cosplay:  Kairi from Kingdom Hearts 2

First Con:  Anime Festival Wichita 3

Cons per Year:  Around 10

Number of Times to Dragon Con:  Never :(

Make Your Own Costume:  Mostly I make my own, sometimes I buy them

Make Your Own Props:  Mostly I make my own, sometimes I commission them

Do Your Own Hair:  Yes, but I usually wear wigs with cosplay

Do Your Own Makeup:  Yes

Do Your Own Wig Styling:  Yes

Makes Your Own Wigs:  No, I have sewn extra wefts and such into some before.

Bodypaints:  That's a new thing for me.  I'm about to try Mehron for the first time!

Favourite Cosplay:  It's a tie between Weiss from RWBY and Caster from Fate/Stay Night

Patreon, Ko-Fi, and/or Other Support Link(s):  Nope

Lewds:  Nope

Nudes:  Nope

More than Nudes:  Nope

Social Media:  Facebook-BadAsh Cosplay, Instagram @badashcos

Domain of Your Own:  Nope

Secret Super Power:  I'm really good at math.  'So good, I teach it for a living!

Up and Coming Cosplayers Premiere with AlliZ Cosplay: Pictorial

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For you we have a feast for your aesthetic and artistic viewing pleasures: AlliZ Cosplay's Exclusive Pictorial!

'Some bonus "fish out of water...and cosplay..!"

So...how did we do?  This was our first in a series of new cosplayer articles that we have planned this first quarter of the year.

Please share and comment.  Based on your feedback, we could continue this permanently.  We could even change the format based on your wishes.

Also, sharing helps each and every one of our cosplayers that work so hard on their craft.  They really just want to share it with all of you, and we feel this is a great way to help them do just that, which is why we do this as well.

Goodbye, for now!

Up and Coming Cosplayers Premiere with AlliZ Cosplay: Interview

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She is the First Lady of our Up and Coming Cosplayers series!  She is a cosplayer with great work ethic and humble attitude.  She achieves to be the best cosplayer that she can be while maintaing friendliness and humility.  While towering over the average man, and fit enough to pull the ears off an ox, she is extremely social and wants to meet you!  In short, she is what she aspires to be:  a great role model and public figure.  Ladies and Gentlemen of the internet, it is our pleasure and privilege to introduce to you AlliZ Cosplay!

The very first thing I noticed about your Facebook page was that you made it a point to say that your cosplays are not perfect, but they are handmade to suit you and your tastes.  I think that might be one of the most humble, yet inspiring things I've heard a cosplayer say in a long time!

Thank you.  I know I have a lot to learn.   Currently, I have capitalized on the skills and resources I have to create my cosplays.  I would love to tackle a full armored Skyrim character, but I know I am currently not equipped with the right skills and resources.  I think my growth will take some time, but I’m excited to try new things and see what I’m capable of.

Would you say that you are just someone that works out to stay in shape, or are you one of the cosplayers that lives that fit life?

'A little bit of both.  I would love to say I’m a #FitLife cosplayer, but I’m kind of bad at always staying fit, mostly because I like eating.  However, if you ask me about my life, it pretty much all revolves around getting faster, better, (and) stronger because I swam competitively from a toddler through college in division I sports, and even after college in Masters Swimming.  Just by being an athlete, I’ve developed the motivation to get to the gym every day (sometimes twice a day), but right now I’m not necessarily doing the crazy fit workouts you see on the internet.  I’m doing what I need to do to keep myself at a place I’m satisfied with, which is still hard.

I know that your father helps you with your props, sometimes.  Did he help you with your wings? (What cosplay was that, by the way?)

My father did not help with the wings, but once he saw them he did get a little jealous he wasn’t involved, and now wants design bigger (and) better ones.   Before I get into the cosplay I really do want to give a lot of credit to my dad, because he owns his own business manufacturing in a very difficult industry to work in.  I’m lucky he takes extra time to help me with these props, and helps provide me with resources and equipment to make cool stuff.

As for the wings, I sought out the help of two friends I swam with in college, (we’ll call them John and Sam) with who(m) graduated with Engineering degrees.  I bought them lunch, and we sat down in a Starbucks and talked about logistics. “Is it possible for the arms to support the weight of the fabric?  Will I be strong enough to pull it?  How much work and money would it take to make it mechanical?” We drew out the wings according to the character, and we discussed what we wanted the sizing and arm-span to be like.  After that we took a trip directly to Home Depot, bought everything we would need, and started the wings that day.  John had access to more machinery and power tools than I had because of his job, so took over welding aluminum and cutting.  We both worked together to mount everything to my back plate.  The fabric and insides of the wings, I did all by myself.  I also mounted an additional locking system to the backplate to keep the wings open since I was using a pulley system.

The character with the wings is Mirajane Satan Soul from the anime Fairy Tail.   I changed the design slightly, but it's mostly true to the character.

I know you probably get asked this a lot, and you might break me in half for it, but do you mind telling us how tall you are?

I’m 6’1.” I used to hate being tall, but it’s only helped me in cosplay.  I wish you could see little kids when I’m wearing my wings.  Their head drops straight back and their mouths fall open.  It’s funny.

Where do you find most of your cosplay inspiration comes from?

'Mostly Anime.  I only make characters I like or can relate to, so it would be unlikely I’m doing a character outside my fandom.  Sometimes If I’m in a bind about creating something that seems unrealistic, I’ll look at fan art for inspiration on spinning the look.

Do you think you might ever want to try a big construct sometime?  That would probably make a great father/daughter project.

Before my cosplays were limited because I was making them out of my small bedroom in Queens.  I had roommates, so I didn’t want to destroy the rest of the apartment.   Now I have my own place, and a workshop where I can be as loud and messy as I want.  I’m starting to buy more power tools, so I’m slowly becoming more equipped to start a big build.   I would love for my dad to help me, but he lives 700 miles away, so he is more so consulting me at this point.

On a scale of Ani-Mia to MomoKun, how hard do you party at cons?

Is this a scale I should know about??  Hahah.  I will say this:  I’ve never been to a con after-party. I find my cosplays physically exhausting to wear, and I think if I were to try and party afterword’s it would be dangerous for me.   I do work myself really hard on cons, and I have left cons unable to stand on my feet.  So that being said, AT the con, I go in.

Are there any cosplayers you kind of look up to?

I look up to Labinnak & Mangoloo Cosplays.  They were the first big cosplayers I found that in my eyes had “made-it” by just being themselves, and I have a ton of respect for that. (They)...inspired me to just focus on what I can make, and (to) be myself and make new friends.

I look up to Cowbutt Crunchies from a crafting perspective.  Those two have a level of detail that is almost unfathomable, and I’m blown away by everything they make.  I aspire to make something of that caliber one day.

Finally, I look up to Ivy Doomkitty.  I think she is one of the best inspirations out there for cosplay and body positivity.  I saw an interview she did where she talked about how she used to be shy and cosplay helped her come out of her shell and be herself.  I also watched her crafting process which made me instantly love and respect her.   I had the pleasure of meeting her at NYCC and she was super friendly and chill.  (She) asked us to come back each day so she could see our next costumes.  She is an example of someone I can relate to; who worked hard to create characters she could see herself in, and became successful doing it.   I would love to be like her one day.

Have you ever met any famous people cosplaying?

I partied with a few American voice actors at Liberty City Anime Con back in 2017.  I did the photo ops with Jack Gleeson (Joffrey -Game of Thrones), got an autograph from Kristian Nairn (HodorGame of Thrones), Met and got an autograph with Sean Astin (SamwiseLOTR), and best and biggest of all- Jason Momoa.  I first got a photo with Jason at Ace Comic Con in 2017.   At this past 2018 New York Comic Con, I got an autograph from him (he signed both sides of my trident, now retired from cosplay), and I got a photo of him holding me.  He called me "Mama" after the photo and I died.

Any big projects that you are looking forward to?

AH I THINK these are going to be my 2019 projects:  Mosquito Girl from One-Punch Man, Ainz Ooal Gown from Overlord, and probably Largatha from Vikings.

Any message to our readers or your followers?

Yes!  It’s important to me to be a cosplayer my followers can look to and not be afraid of.  I want people to feel comfortable with coming up to me at cons and saying hi.   I’m extremely tall, so I’ve had people tell me they were too intimidated to come over and say hi, but I promise I’m very welcoming!

I also hope that I can be an attainable role model.   There is so much perfection in the cosplay world, that I think it can shut people down as far as cosplay goals go.  I sometimes get overwhelmed by it too.  I think if you try your best to make what you want, you’ll like it more and other people will too.

Up and Coming Cosplayers Premiere with AlliZ Cosplay: Cosplayer Score Card

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Cosplay Name:  AlliZCosplay

Base of Operations:  NY Metro Area

Years Cosplaying:  5.5 Years

First Cosplay:  Neliel from Bleach

First Con:  New York Comic Con 2014

Cons per Year:  Around 5 in 2018

Number of Times to Dragon Con:  0

Make Your Own Costume:  Yes! Unless I’m modeling someone else’s costume (i.e. Super Heroes Unlimited, HMS Death Star).

Make Your Own Props:  YES! My favorite Part

Do Your Own Hair:  Yes

Do Your Own Makeup:  Yes

Do Your Own Wig Styling:  Yes

Make Your Own Wigs:  I buy the wig & style it.

Bodypaints:  I use Mehron Paradise

Favorite Cosplay:  Nel (from Bleach)

Patreon, Ko-Fi, Etsy, and/or Other Support Link(s):  https://ko-fi.com/AlliZCosplay ; https://www.etsy.com/shop/AlliZCosplay

Lewds:  Do not Currently Have

Nudes:  Do not Currently Have

More than Nudes:  Do not Currently Have

Social Media: IG:  @allizcosplay , FB: facebook.com/allizcosplay, Flicker: Allizcosplay , Twitter: @allizcosplay

Domain of Your Own:  Not yet

Secret Super Power:  Talks to Fish

***'Should also mention Resourcefulness. Sometimes I need something to make a cosplay work and I will literally walk around until I can find something I can use.***

Evenink Cosplay Is More Than Just a Pretty Face

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If you look at her boudoir sets, you might mistake her for one of the many in a rash of young women using cosplay as a stepping stool to private lewd and softcore porn career, but that's only if you have an eye that's blind to artistic skill and well calculated effort.  Yes, like many of the cosplayer from the former USSR, she is beautiful, she is sexy, but most of all, she is talented.

Constantly and consistently, I am impressed by the not only the costumes and props made by these cosplayers, but their immaculate hair, makeup, wig styling, and wig making skills that some of them possess at other times, as well.  Then, if that wasn't enough, all of them are strikingly beautiful in their own rights; they bring cosplay to a whole new level.

If you haven't heard of her, then you'll be glad you visited our little corner of the internet, because you are about learn about a phenom and brand in her own right in this thing called Cosplay.  Ladies and Gentlemen, I introduce to you, Evenink Cosplay!

First off, before I get into the official interview, I have a few selfish questions for me.  I saw a picture of you on your Instagram with a really big red sword-like prop. (I REALLY liked that prop.) Was that a cosplay of a character?  Did you actually make that prop? How hard was that?

This is a cosplay of Alisa Ilinichna (Amelia) from God Eater, I made this sword by myself and (I am) really proud of it!  It was not so hard, but 'looong process.


So, you are from Belarus.  I think that was a part of the USSR.  There are a lot of serious cosplayers from the former USSR in comparision to the USA.  Why do you think that is?

Here's a lot of cool cosplayers from Russia and Ukraine, but I don't know anyone from my country.  There's really strong competitive spirit, and people want to be best of the best.  I think that's why.

How long have you been cosplaying?

'Two years.

Do you remember your first cosplay?

Yes, 'Enchantress, Suicide Squad.

What was your first con you attended?  About how many do you think you attend a year?

(A) Morroccan con was my first.  I attend about one or two.

When it comes to cosplay, would you say you spent more time on your hair, makeup, and wig styling than on costuming?   Which do you enjoy more?

Definitely yep!  I really love makeup part and shooting process.  They are my favorite!  Also prop making huge weapons is my love!

Do you make your own costumes?  'Props?

Sometimes,' but not often on costumes.  I often my own props.

Who does your hair and makeup?  Do you style and make your own wigs?

I always do my hair and makeup.  I very often style my own wigs.  I rarely make them.

Does your makeup expertise extend into body paints?   I've only seen a few of your cosplays in which you use body paints.   Do you enjoy body paint cosplays?

Almost all my "cosplays" were body art years ago! ;)  I didn't have any money to costumes, so I used paints, and drew costumes on my skin, and I really enjoyed it.  But now I have strong alergies because the paint was not good, so I took a break from body art.

I've seen a lot of cosplayers from the former USSR, and they tend to be intense. Your cosplays are softer and more sensual. Is there a reason?

Not sure.  I just always do what I like and don't think about others ;)

Actually, looking back, it looks like you started out making cosplays that weren't quite as sexy as you do now.  What made you change directions?

I make 50/50 sexy cosplays and normal cosplays now, and I think that's my best decision.  I always wanted to make sensual and sexy photos but was too shy before.  But when I started to make my first lewd sets I fell in love with this genre!

You have a really nice number of patrons with Patreon. What tier do they tend to mostly make up?

'Depends of month and sets that I provide.  For example in December everyone gets lower tiers because they want to save some money for gifts, and in February they increase their tiers back. ;)

From the looks of your Patreon, you do a lot of budiour and implied nudes.   Do you enjoy those cosplay inspired shoots more than regular cosplay shoots?

'Depends on character ;) I love that I can make my own version in lingerie look different, so yeah, sometimes I really love it more than usual cosplay.

How many cosplays and cosplay shoots do you do for your patrons versus your personal cosplays that you do just for you?

I love all my cosplays, even when someone requests a charcater that I don't know.  I check it out and usually fall in love.  :D So, I enjoy all my works and charcters that I make.

You seem to love the camera.  Would you consider yourself more on the role play side of cosplay?

Nope, I'm bad in acting and I spent two years (practicing) to feel beter with camera and sets.  It was a long and hard process, but totally worth it.


Who would you consider some of the more famous cosplayers from the former USSR?

'Not sure, I don't know too many cosplayers from here.  I'm a fan of some cosplayers from EU and USA mostly. :D

Are there any cosplayers that you look up to?

Tabbitha, Nigri, Jenn Lynn and many others!  I really love tons of cosplayers, :D and they all are very inspirational to me.

Do you have anything you would want to say to our readers and/or your followers?

I love you all! <3 heheh

Interview with Eveille Cosplay

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Eveille Cosplay is uncommon in the fold of cosplayers in that she is also a photographer.  Even more uncommon is her humbleness and sense of realism when it comes to her arts, and the roles she sees them playing in her life.  While Eveille Cosplay is extremely talented and beautiful, she has no misgivings about becoming an overnight cosplay celebrity, or being able to retire off of the donations of Patreon admirers like some cosplayers.  What we have in Eveille Cosplay is a very talented young lady with professional prospects and aspirations beyond her cosplay and photography hobbies, that does not diminish her dedication to them.  Ladies and gentlemen, meet Eveille Cosplay.

Before you answer anything, I just wanted you to know that whenI saw your Storm for the first time, I wanted to mail you marriage papers. It wasn't as big and "out there" as a lot of Storms. It was a simpler Storm from the 80's, but you killed it.

(No Response)

How would you describe your style of cosplay?

Probably, I do what I want!  *Haha*  I don’t think I really have a particular style.  I honestly make whatever I like the best.  Though I have moved a lot more towards film and video games for costumes, and away from anime as I’ve gotten older.

What kind of subjects give you inspiration?

My biggest inspirations are my friends.  They’re all so talented and wonderful, and I love seeing what they make every day!

I see you're not afraid of body paint. How often would you say you body paint when you cosplay?

Wouldn’t say I have a sequence as to how often I do it.  I do it when I need to for the particular costume.

In the past there was a little controversy about racial body painting. What's your opinion on it?

You do not do it. Period.

You actually do a lot of gijinkas. 'Mostly Pokemon? What do you think makes Pokemon such great subjects for gijinka?

Variety! There are so many that there’s honestly something for everyone.

Do you craft any props or weapons?

'Only for my own costumes.

Do you have a crew that you tend to cosplay with?

Absolutely, my closest group of girlfriends are who I cosplay with the most.

Are there any cosplayers that you look forward to seeing at cons?

I hope to meet Kinpatsu at C2E2 this coming year!  Everything she makes is always amazing!

How long have you been a photographer?

I’ve had my camera for a few years now, but I mainly do it on the side for myself and friends and that’s about it.

How does being a cosplayer affect your craft as a photographer?

I understand what cosplayers want to look good and have a tendency to straighten costumes up before I take a shot.   I see things that sometimes I feel other photographers miss.

Does being a photographer ever affect your cosplaying or costuming? Do you choose certain fabrics or materials because you know they look better for photography?

No, usually I go what’s going to look best for that specific costume.

Has your style of posing or costume building changed because of photography?

No, 'not really.'

When you choose a cosplay subject or character, what tends to draw you? 'Sex appeal?  'Strength of character? 'The challenge? 'Overall cool factor? What?

I mean, it depends.  I don’t know if there is one overall thing that draws me into characters.  Everyone is different, and I like them for different reasons.

What do you think about the trend of Patreon and cosplay? Do you think that it is helping the cosplay community or hurting it?

I see no problem with people using Patreon with their cosplay.  In fact, I regularly support a few Patreons of cosplayers.

Do you think that the cosplay community is better now than it was 5 years ago? '10 years ago?

Honestly there are good things and bad things, then and now.  It’s an ever changing and evolving beast and I don’t think there was ever a “golden age” for the community.

One of the things that I think is funny is that in the past, I used to work in the adult entertainment industry, so I know all about how people can be around sexually charged jobs and people. In that industry, we had a very chill and open attitude about everything, and a lot less exploitation happened on a personal level than you might think. As I see cosplay becoming more sexually charged with Patreon and cosplayers feeling the need to give incentive for higher and higher tiers of support, I see it becoming very much like Adult Entertainment in the 90's-00's. The funny thing is that a lot of the cosplayers are not so chill, and seem to have this love/hate relationship with their patrons. Do you agree? Do you have an opinion on that?

What people do on their Patreons or with their cosplay is entirely up to them and all the power to those that have used it successfully. There are people who do lewds and people who don’t and most of those that I know that do it, do it because they love it and do not feel pressured at all to deliver more.  I just want younger girls to understand that you don’t have to do the sexy stuff to cosplay.  It’s entirely by choice.

Do you mind telling us what your "day job" is?

I work in video games.

What is your ultimate goal, career-wise? Does cosplay or photography play any part in it?

I have no goal career-wise when it comes to cosplay.  It is a hobby and that’s it.

What is the coolest thing that cosplay and photography has brought into your life?

'My friends.

Do you ever want to take a break? Do you ever take breaks?

'Not at this time.  I just love crafting.

What are some of the big cons that you are proud to say you have attended?

I wouldn’t say I’m proud to have attended any con.  This is something I do purely for enjoyment and which cons I choose to spend my money at is my personal decision.  It does not make one event better than another.

Any cons that you are shooting for?

I would like to someday do an international one.

If you had any message that you would like to give to your fans and admirers, what would it be?

Cosplay for you and you alone.  Do what you love, and don’t feel pressured to cosplay a certain way.  Cosplay is for everyone!

Eveille Cosplay is also featured in our Cosplayers section of Links.

Top Ten Movies to Watch Around Halloween

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I'm not going to go too far into all the reasons I love Halloween; there are a lot.  Let's just jump into the movies I love to watch around this time.  I don't necessarily watch them because I find them scary, but because my heart associates them wth the season, and I enjoy them.  Let's get started in no particular order.

1. Pumpkinhead

This was the first movie that I saw on regular broadcast television that could give me goosebumps in the daytime.  It was played on Channel 36, which had a reputation in my town for being a broadcast rebel with it's choice of scary and sexual movies. 

I remember being frightened not only by the large yet gaunt figure that Pumpkinhead posessed, but his eyes.  His lanky Xenomorph-like body could rip a person in two, but his eyes chilled you to the soul.  I remember feeling sorry for the poor bastard that was stupid enough to hide in the closet.  If I was him, I would just want it to be over with so I wouldn't have to look into Pumpkinhead's eyes. 

From what I heard, some crappy sequels followed.

2. Return of the Living Dead

This is my all time favourtie zombie movie.  Channel 36 also used to play this gem, and that is the first place I saw it, even though I have seen it in it's entirety so many more times.  The story was pretty decent and contained a lot of great nudity, thanks to the very nimble and nibbleable Linnea Quigley.  It even had a dead boob or two in it, some of which were also thanks to Linnea Quigley!  

In this series of movies, the zombies differed from the usual zombies in that 1) They were smart.  2) They could talk and reason with people.  3) Headshots didn't do jack but mess up their faces.  4) They only wanted your brain.  Since this movie, the typical zombie would be nerfed from this extremely formidible necro--creature.

To this day, if this is playing, it is one of those movies that I will just watch, unless something else spectacular is on.

3. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

My mother told me about this movie before I saw it.  As a whole that didn't mean much, because most so-called horror movies my mother watched were supposed to be scary.  I came to learn that she was not cut out for horror, and most of her recomendations disappointed...except this one.  My mother told me that it was based on a real family that sold barbeque in Texas, and the food was found out to be people.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre was actually based on the true murders by Ed Gein, a cannibal rapist that kept bodyparts in his home way before Dalmer

While the whole family was deranged, it was Leatherface that earned my fear and respect.  Yes, he was a huge murderous juggernaut with a chainsaw, but what scared me the most about Leatherface was that he could run...fast.  Leatherface held that big old heavy chainsaw and ran down little White girls running for their lives like Jesse Owens.  As a fellow fat guy, THAT is why he earned much respect from me...and fear.

4. Cemetery Man

This wasn't a very scary movie to me, but the mood is what I consider just right for HalloweenCemetery Man is a love horror story.  I won't ruin the plot by getting into it, but movies like this are very important to people that do not consider Halloween as just a time to scare people.  Some of us have a bit of Halloween that we carry in our hearts 365 days a year, and this beckons to us, not only in a morbid sense, but romantically as well.

I think this was one of Rupert Everett's first movies with a decent audience.  However, I never hear people mention this movie, even though it is one of my favourites; it's kind of like Legend in referrence to Tom Cruise.  No one, including those actors, ever mention those movies, even though they are great.

Another thing that I thought was weird was that Rupert Everett didn't look anything like himself in that movie, but then again, his look is one that constantly changes as he ages.

5. Bram Stoker's Dracula

I had already fallen in love with the idea of this movie when I was a senior in high school.  It also helped that the girl that I was absolutely head over heals for loved this movie and it's Eastern European romanticism.

I'm sure everyone sort of knows the story of Dracula, Vlad Tepes, and all of the characters and characterisations made of them inbetween.  This was one of the best.  It took actual facts from real life, elements from the original book, and elements about the character that had been romanticised by the British acting troupes that had made Bela Lugosi's interpretation iconic, but also added some originality.

Like it's fellow, Cemetery Man, it is not only a horror film, but a romance as well.

6. A Nightmare on Elm Street 3:  Dream Warriors

A lot of people in my age group thought Freddy was scary.  I thought he was funny.  Don't get me wrong, there are some scary elements to him, but what made the A Nightmare on Elm Street movies for me were Freddy's one liners and entertaining kills.  Yes, I loved the comedic aspects of Freddy, and I also looked forward to the inventive ways he woul dispatch his teens, sort of like looking forward to the hits in The Godfather series.

What I really liked about the third installment of the series was that the kids actually fought back, and they did it on Freddy's turf.  This made not only for comedy and horror, but something usually lacking in horror films:  action.  To this day, A Nightmare on Elm Street 3 is my favourite in the series.

7. Freddy vs. Jason

I know a lot of people watched the Hallowens and Friday the 13ths, and thought that Michael Myers and Jason Voorhees were terrors.  I did not.  I found most slasher movies unimaginitve and boring.  They were killers that babies could get away from, so long as they looked where they were going and walked at a brisk pace.  Killers that had a command over reality and were cunning and fast scared me.  While I was not afraid of Jason, I respected hin as the titan of terror that he was, and when the faceoff with him and Freddy was finally announced, I had to see it opening night in theatres.

This makes my Halloween because of body counts, inventive muders, sex, and all of the other things that horror movies in my era are famous for.  Freddy still gets his lines, but Jason gets his brutal and campy kills as well.  Not only is it a marriage of horror icons, but in styles of horror as well.

8. The Rocky Horror Picture Show

What can I say about this film?  it is legendary for so many reasons.  It is perhaps the greatest cult classic on this list.  It is a musical.  It is a comedy.  It is a romance.  It is a mystery.  It is a drama.  it's even got some horror thrown in, even if it's campy at times. 

The Rocky Horror Picture Show was the second movie I ever saw with Tim Curry, and I was blown away by his performance.  'His singing and acting were top notch, and should have earned him much more mainstream fame and wealth, but that's a rant for another time.  Many other very talented actors and actresses would go on to greater things in their own times, which is another awesome thing about The Rocky Horror Picture Show:  the cast.

There are links on this site not only to watch The Rocky Horror Picture Show, but to learn what to yell at the screen during certain parts.

9. It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

Did your childhood ever have certain things that you had to see on TV before you felt it was that time of the year?  For me and Halloween, this was it.  I looked forward to that swirling "Special Presentation" screen that always heralded Charlie Brown cartoons, and if it was October, it was It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!

In a way, It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown was like a warmup for Christmas, with Linus's unshattering faith in the rewards for believeing in the Great Pumpkin.  In another way, it also makes it a warmup for religious life as an adult.

10. The Crow

This in itself is one of the greatest movies of all time (in my opinion).  It's very settiing takes place on Devil's Night and Halloween.  It's very nature is about murdrer, rape, and vengence, all framed by the supernatural and divine that makes the vengence possible.  Besides having all of the elements of a great movie and being a Halloween treat, The Crow was also the swan song of Brandon Lee, heir to the martial arts and film legacy of Bruce Lee.

This tale of life, love, pain, and loss was actually based on a comic book that was the therapy for author James O'Barr, who was dealing with death and loss at that time.

The Crow has actually aged well, considering budget and available technology.

So...what do you think about my list?  Did any of mine make your personal list?  Feel free to comment below about yours.  If you think anyone would enjoy this, please feel free to Share.  If you liked it, then feel free to Like.  Oh!  Honourable mentions include The Lost Boys, Dawn of the Dead(2004)Land of the Dead, Return of the Living Dead 3, House of 1000 Corpses, The Devil's RejectsHalloween with the New Addams FamilyGarfield's Halloween Adventure, The Nightmare Before Chrismtas, Edward Scissorhands, Beetlejuice, and the Halloween and Friday the 13th series. Thanks for reading.

All movies are owned by prospective owners.  Any and all images were for review purposes only.  We make no claims on them.

Top Ten Questions I Have for the Latest Season of Doctor Who

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When it was announced  that the new Doctor would be female, a lot of women assumed that men wouldn't accept it well.  While I'm sure there might be some men out there that feel this way, I personally have not encountered them.  This is however, yet another in the trend of reboots of franchises with females taking over dynasties from what had always been male leads. There really isn't anything so terrible about this, but a lot of people feel that these reboots are unoriginal and offer nothing new to the well known and much beloved franchises they attempt to replace.  The best known was the Ghostbusters reboot, with which SONY tried to blame sexism as the reason for their failure, but that is another story for another time. 

As I said earlier, I really hadn't heard of anyone with a problem with the idea of a female Doctor. I still haven't.  I do think that many of us are concerned because we are afraid that Doctor Who would fall into the previously mentioned trend, but did not know how to express this without sounding sexist or misogynist.

I would like to go on record to say that while the casting of this Doctor's actor and character as a woman gives me concern that the writers will try to be hip and trendy, part of me is very excited to see if certain questions are answered by the Doctor being a woman.  Yes, there is a unique opportunity for many questions to be answered with this particular changing of the guard.  Here are my Top Ten questions for the new season of Doctor Who in no particular order.

I'd play Doctor with Jodie Whittaker.

1) Will being a woman affect The Doctor's love life (or lack thereof)?

I have always liked the times when there was a little sexual tension between the good hearted Doctor and his companions.  On that same note I have been disapointed at times at the lack of romance for him.  Would that change as a woman?  Would the Doctor feel more inclined to love as a woman?  Will the Doctor be more comfortable in her skin, now?  Will the Doctor actually have romance in the present rather than it just being hinted at in the future somewhere that we can't see with River Song?  I think that the Doctor will find many more suitors as a woman, but will she be receptive?

2) Will being a woman reveal something about The Doctor's sexual preferences?

Now that The Doctor is a woman, could she perhaps make a comment on how her sexual preference has changed or stayed the same as a woman, and thus shedding a light to not only how she feels, but how she felt as a man?  Perhaps this might even open a discussion on if changing genders makes a profound difference in a Gallifreyan's sexuality when they undergo a new regeneration cycle, or is gender just one factor that can change being no more important than eye or hair colour?

It's too far to say, but so far, she's been an effin' ray of sunshine.

3) Will being a woman change how The Doctor sees and attempts to solve problems?

There are incarnations where The Doctor has been more charming and fascinated with his experiences and problems.  The 10th Doctor was kind of a scrappy Doctor, which began a trend in The Doctor eliminating threats and enemies rather than finding solutions, for a while.  Will a female Doctor bring us back to a more Baker-esque Doctor?  If this Doctor, as a woman, sees problems instead of threats, and tries to solve rather than destroy, I could find myself being a bigger fan.  Perhaps she'll start using her brain again instead of that damned screwdriver so much.

Some think K9 coming back won't be so far fetched.  'Maybe even in his own spinoff.

4) Will The Doctor bring K9 back?

This has nothing to do with her being a woman.  I just like K9.  I've always liked K9.  I grew up with K9.  I would love to see some new stories with K9 coming to save the day.  'Just a thought...

I suppose she could also make an android cat...

Could this change the rule of female companions?

5) Will The Doctor's selection of companions change?

Will The Doctor have more male companions, now?  Her first new companion is actually a group:  two men and a woman, but will The Doctor want to have more of a workhorse companions or a scrappy companions for when she gets into scrapes?  How will a female Doctor affect the dynamic of The Doctor and Companion?  Will this feed relate to Question Number 1?

6) Will this change The Doctor's relationship with the TARDIS?

When The Doctor was a man, the TARDIS was his "sexy" lady.  Will she still be?

7) Will the TARDIS get an internal overhaul?

I think a moment as auspicious as this deserves a new interior for the TARDIS as well.  I know that some probably like the idea of the TARDIS having a combination of tech that outwardly appears from different times and eras, but I actually liked the futuristic looks the TARDIS has had.  I also like it looking bigger on the inside, but not so much bigger. (I know.  I'm totally a Baker fan.) Let's see the TARDIS with a lady's touch.

8 ) Will The Doctor's friends and enemies be able to recognise her?

Seeing how many of The Doctor's allies and adveraries have recognised her through the ages as different men, I would have thought that it would be more likely than not that she would still be recognised as a woman.  However, what brings this into question is when The Master had regenerated into a woman, and it was very difficult to realise that she was The Master.  In a way, this could also suggests that Time Lords regenerating as another gender is not so ordinary in it's occurance.  This also leads to the question of...;

Churchill...Her eyes are up here, Churchill..!

9) Would The Doctor's gender change also change how her friends and enemies see her?

This might be considered a subqustion of Question 8.  How would her change affect her friends and enemies?  I'd love to see an episode when The Doctor goes back in time and Churchill gets smitten.  I'd also love to see an episode where The Doctor is able to use her gender change to infiltrate her enemies' bases of operation.  Will it change her relationship with River Song?  Most of all I'd love to hear a Dalek comment on her gender change:  "You are...The...Doc...tor..?!"

                                                   "On our way to Great Adventure!"

10) Will the series finally end?

Will The Doctor find contentment as a woman and retire?  Will the series go ahead and end, or perhaps go on another hiatus?  I suppose there really is no reason that it should, but after such a character change, one has to wonder if the writers are doing this so that they can end on a unique story arc that will leave us wanting more, which is always the best way to end a series, in my opinion. 

A good series should answer most of the questions it raised, leave people wanting for more, yet end in a manner that a continuation is not out of the question, and with over 20 more regenerations in her pocket, Doctor Who could definitely qualify.

Doctor Who is owned by BBC.  K9 is owned by Bob Baker.